Forever Young

16 year old Bonnie is happy with her boyfriend Harry, her 8 best friends. Her family is perfect, her school career is amazing, her life couldn't get any better. Until she gets one unexpected result which she, her friends or family weren't prepared for. Now Bonnie has sort out her own problems and seeing what is for the better or for the worse.


19. coping? not so well

Harry's P.O.V.

It was weeks before Bonnie came back to school, nothing changed between us, he was avoiding me although she gave me regular updates about Ava through Zayn, giving photos of scans and how things are going. My whole life had changed since the visits to the hospital. Katie was screaming morning, noon and night wanting food, or wanting to sleep or wanting something.

Whenever the boys wanted to go out, I'd ask who's going if they said Bonnie I wouldn't go, she said she doesn't want to see me anymore, but I check up on her through Millie and Niall they say she isn't coping very well, I think she moved back in with her family and I think they are doing her good but Millie says she cries herself to sleep every night and she is becoming quiet and shy but in front of everyone she puts on a fake smile especially at school. She was having nightmares every night, the same one, the night she got attacked, it played over and over in her head, Millie says she wakes up screaming each night and Mel has to go in and comfort her. She couldnt live like this, struggling day by day, crying herself to sleep at night, she's harming herself, not physically but mentally and it's doing Ava no favours, I couldnt just sit around and watch and she faded away.
I had to talk to her, just us two, face to face. I rang Niall, he was the one she trusted most apart from Millie, I rang him

Niall's P.O.V.

"you girls make me die!" they were choosing a film for us to watch at the cinema

"what? It's a difficult decision!" Millie stuck out her tongue

"yeah imagine choosing between steak or burger! That's what it's like choosing between Channing Tatum and Zac Efron" Bonnie giggled


"hey buddie"

"hey how are you?"

"good Ta you?"

"could be better" the two girls giggled in the back ground, I walked off outside the cinema

"who are you with?" her asked

"Oh that's just Millie"

"Niall I know you're with Bonnie, I could spot her laugh a mile off!"

"sorry mate didn't want to upset you"

"so could you do me a favour?"

"yeah anything mate"

"I need you too ask Bonnie to meet up"

"but I'm with her now"

"I know Niall! I need you to ask her to meet up so I can talk to her"

"Harry that's lying to her, dont you think she's been lied to enough? Plus she trusts me a lot, we'd lose that!"

"C'mon Niall, you know how I miss her, please!"

"fine when and where?" I huffed

"tomorrow at the pier"

"fine see you there"

"cheers mate" and I hung up. I couldn't believe I was doing this.

I walked back in to see the girls buying their tickets

"so what are we watching?" I smiled at them

"Jonny Depp!" they both giggled

"haha! Ok come on then" and we walked into the theatre


Once the film had Finished we went to mac Donald's during the film I told Millie my plan. She agreed after some persuasion as we both loved Harry and Bonnie together, we had just sat down with our meals

"hey my brothers got loads of tokens for the pier rides from work and doesn't have the time to go so do you want to go tomorrow?" my brother doesn't have tokens in fact he doesn't even have a job so even if he did he had all the time in the world

"I'd love to babe but I've already got plans" Millie answered knowing my plan

"really what you doing?" Bonnie asked. Oh shit, hadn't thought this far into the plan

"er, family do! Cousins are down sorry babe" She kissed me on the cheek as a sign of you owe me

"what about you Bonnie? You up for it?"

"yeah if I didn't have this" she pointed down to her bump

"not even the slot machines? Come on I'll treat us to a doughnut!"

"fine but only for the doughnuts!" she giggled and carried on with her food, right now it was all up too Harry.

Bonnie's P.O.V.

I met Niall along the sea front at 1, and for some reason it seemed like my bump had grown an extra inch over night. God I hated people staring, it's like they've never seen a pregnant teenager before, most women gave me the look, you know the one where they are looking down on you like they're your mother. Like Niall promised he bought me a doughnut, in fact he bought me 2 and 2 for himself l, we were walking down the end of the pier

"do you miss Harry?" he asked finishing off his second doughnut. He knows the whole situation, me seeing Harry kiss another girl


"why don't you go back to him?"

"I'm scared he'll hurt me again"

"He never ment it Bon! You should see the state of him"

"he never ment to kiss another girl?"

"she kissed him"

"and he kissed her back, on the day he have me the ring"

"no he didn't, he pushed her away. He said he loves you! He was the one who heard Ava's heart beat, he was the one to save your life"

"well I wish he didn't" I was getting angry at Niall now

"no you don't, I know you miss him and he misses you" we were now walking around the end f the pier when I saw a figure leaning against the wall. He looked a lot like Harry, the way he stood, his hair, his dress sense as we got closer I realised it was him

"this is why you bought me here!" I looked at him is disgrace, but his eyes went all puppy like, I could never get angry at Niall for more than a minute
"I'm sorry" he whispered, that's when Harry noticed us

I walked over crossing my arms

"yeah it's me, what do you want?"

"I'm sorry"

"is that it?"

"I almost lost you, and I didn't know how I was going to live, she was a mistake, she is a looney, she kissed me! Just leaped onto me it was a shock but as soon as it hit me I shoved her off, and then when I found out you ran away, I spent the whole night looking for you, then Gemma said you were in the emergency room and my heart stopped, and then I saw you there lifeless and cold and I saw your heart monitor slowing fade into nothing and I couldn't believe I lost you, over a stupid mistake, and then I heard Ava's heart beat and I had a little hope that you could make it and when you did my heart skipped a beat, then you said you never wanted to see me again and my heart smashed into a million pieces." he started to cry

"aw Harry please don't cry" I wanted to give me a big hug but I couldnt

"you were the best thing that happened to me and I lost you twice in one day, because of a silly mistake, please forgive me?" my eyes started to tear up

"it's not as easy as that Harry, I can't just forgive you with a click of your fingers, you hurt me Harry"

"I understand that, I really do but please for Ava"

"don't bring Ava into this Harry! She has nothing to do with it!"

"she has everything to do with it Bonnie! She's slap bang in the middle of it!"

I said nothing and walked over to the railings

"Bonnie please, I miss you, I miss her, I miss everything" he walked until he was 3 feet behind me

"I miss you too, but I can never forget the feeling of seeing you kiss her"

"we can overcome that!"

Could I? For Ava's sake? To be the best mother I could, I guess I kinda have to.
He came and stood next to me and looked at my hand on the railings


"come with me and I'll show you" he tools my hand and we walked off the pier to the park on the island, he let go of my hand crouched down and picked up a rose stem all the petals were in a small pile, he took something off the stem in his hand, he opened up his hand to reveal my ring


"it's a good job I love you styles" we both chuckled and he placed the ring on my finger

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