Forever Young

16 year old Bonnie is happy with her boyfriend Harry, her 8 best friends. Her family is perfect, her school career is amazing, her life couldn't get any better. Until she gets one unexpected result which she, her friends or family weren't prepared for. Now Bonnie has sort out her own problems and seeing what is for the better or for the worse.


25. buggy

it's been 2 days since Ava was born, we stayed at the hospital in London until Ava was old enough to go home. Mel, Danielle, Eleanor, Perrie, Millie and the boys apart from Harry went back down on Sunday morning, i couldn't wait to get home, i just wanted to take Ava home to the Brighton air and the beach. Harry left with his mum on Sunday evening, to get ready for school. Ruby told me i could leave on Monday with Ava and i didn't want harry to lose anytime at school it wasn't fair on him. Mum and Dad stayed in a hotel next door to the hospital so they could come over when i needed them. it was Monday morning Ava had been up for hours wanting to be changed or wanting milk. i was feeding her when my mum and dad came in

"ready to go home?"

"uh-huh let me just finish feeding her, can you get my things ready, I've got to go sign us both out" i finished off with Ava and put her in her baby carrier strapped her in and carried her out to the reception

"name?" the receptionist asked, she looked up and reconsigned me "oh you're leaving hows the bubba?" i looked down at Ava sleeping in her carrier

"she's really good thank you!"

"may i have a look, i just love babies!"

"sure i lifted up the carrier and put it on the desk

"oh she's a beauty, you must be very proud"

"yeah i am just cant wait to take her home"

"whats her name?"

"Ava Marie"

"well its was lovely meeting you Bonnie and you little miss Ava" she tickled Ava's hand

"thank you for everything"

"hey don't worry about it" its my job!"

i picked up my bag and put it over my shoulder picked up the carrier and hanged it over my elbow and left smiling before i turn away at the receptionist, in saw mum and dad outside the car sorting out the seats so we can fit Ava's carrier in the back seat next to me for the journey back. im was really grateful my parents were there, if they weren't it would have taken about 2 hours to fit Ava's carrier in and buckle it properly, it took about 5 minutes with mum and dad. i got in the other side of the car and we headed back home.

the whole journey i was panicking about Ava's safety. i made dad drive slower than usual and every 5 minutes checking if she was warm enough or if she was hungry. and this is only the beginning of motherhood! imagine when she starts to walk! I wanted to tell harry that we were coming down now but i also wanted to surprise him, wait outside the school and see him walking out with the boys. i had Ava's buggy in the back and i'd get Mel to come with me, i haven't spoken to her just us two for ages. We got home unpacked the car and our stuff and sat down and had a cuppa, it felt so good being home and with Ava for the first time, i looked at my watch 3:00 i told mum that i was going to take Ava out for a walk and asked if Mel would come she agreed.

"mum can you keep an eye on Ava for me a minute?" i got up form my chair

"of course darling"

"thanks" i ran upstairs, brushed my teeth, tied my hair in a plait and put on one of Harry's hoodies and ran back down stairs and saw Mel all ready to go. we set Ava's buggy up and put on her coat and hat and placed her into her buggy and strapped her in and set off out the door

"so where are we going?" she asked

"meet Harry outside school"

"does he know we are meeting him?"

"um no but Liam and Niall do so they are making him walk with them to meet us"

"you're unbelievable!"


"i'd never do that for a guy! you're so sweet!"

"stop stating the obvious! c'mon lets hurry up" we sped up a bit. it was amazing how normal we sounded, like we were sitting in her room talking about everything and anything the only thing that was different is that i was pushing my daughter.

We arrived at the school just in time, no one was out yet but we found a spot where i asked Niall and Liam to take Harry and heard the school bell ring, suddenly the front of school was flooded with teenagers

"just think in 15 years time you'll be picking Ava up from here!" Mel whispered i just laughed that's when i saw Harry with Liam, Niall, Zayn and Louis. i dont think he had seen me but he had a constant smile on his face. was that from Ava? its incredible how much happiness a baby can bring! as they got closer he reconsigned me, his face was utter shock!

"what are you doing here? i thought i was coming to see you later?"

"oh thanks i'll leave then" i smirked

"oh stop it" he laughed and put his arm around my waist and kissed me, i still had one arm on the buggy, i broke away from him and looked into his eyes, Ava was a spitting image in her eyes

"and hows my little princess?" he looked down at Ava fast asleep and stroked her cheek softly he put his hand next to hers and she grabbed his little finger while she slept

"shes good, just a bit tired, its been a busy day today"

"tell me about it!" he grasped my hand

"Bonnie!" i heard from a distance i span around to see my form tutor jogging slightly towards us

"oh hey miss Hathaway!" i love my form tutor! shes also my drama teacher and we get on like a house on fire! she had a baby last year so has been checking up regularly on Ava

"Niall told me you were coming to surprise harry with Ava and i just had to come and have a look" she started to slow down to a walk

"oh sure, here she is" i moved the buggy towards her and she peered over

"god! doesn't she look like you! the both of you!" she looked up at me and Harry i squeezed Harry's hand in a 'haha told you' way 

"well im proud of you Bonnie! and i know the rest of the tutor want to meet her!"

"why don't i come into tutor tomorrow then for like 20 minutes! it would be good getting out the house and i can pick up any course work i missed!" 

"that's why you are my best student! cant forget about your exams!"

"well they're not my forst priority but they will help Ava's future so i may aswell try my best"

"that's what i like to hear!"

"OK well we better get her home but i will be in tomorrow"

"okay Bonnie see you later guys!" she waved and walked off

"you are coming with me!" i said to Harry 

"course" and smiled took the handle of the buggy and pushed it one handed as he put one arm round my shoulders and we walked to his house just talking like we always do


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