Forever Young

16 year old Bonnie is happy with her boyfriend Harry, her 8 best friends. Her family is perfect, her school career is amazing, her life couldn't get any better. Until she gets one unexpected result which she, her friends or family weren't prepared for. Now Bonnie has sort out her own problems and seeing what is for the better or for the worse.


30. boot-camp

It was the weekend the boys were going off to boot camp up in London when i first saw the "gang" i'd seen them all individually and saw Harry everyday but since Ava was born we hadn't gone out as one group like we used to. It was the Friday morning the boys got the day off to get prepared for their leave Friday evening. Harry wanted to spend the entire day with me and Ava so we went over to help him pack

"morning babe" he said when he answered the door

"morning how are you?" we kissed quickly before letting me

"im so nervous"

"you'll be fine! look at your audition!"

"i suppose your right and hows my little bubba" he picked Ava out of her buggy and held her to his chest

"she misses her daddy, she would not stop crying last night hardly had 2 hours sleep, i think she misses her daddy at night"

"you should have rung me, you cant function on 2 hours sleep!"

"i know but you have other things to focus on"

"Bonnie you and Ava mean 8 million trillion times more to me than any competition, why don't we have Ava for a few days let you have some sleep"

"no it's alright i'll be fine"

"no im worried Bon, im worried about your health. you and Ava are staying round here for a while. i just want to make sure your safe."

he pulled me in for a hug with his free arm, i rested my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes. i'd forgotten how much  ive missed him. in his arms i felt calm and relaxed and at home. Ava was starting to wake in his other arm making bubbles on her lips and blowing tiny raspberries. me and harry both giggled. i pulled away to go and make her some milk and walked upstairs with Harry following we walked into Harry's bed room and i see a suitcase open on his bed with all his clothes folded all round it

"ah yeah i didn't know what to take"

"haha sit down and give her this" i handed him Ava's bottle and started going through all this clothes, we spent 20 minutes going through half his clothes me holding them up to him, if we agreed for him to take them then i folded them back up and put them back in the suitcase, and the rest of the clothes i put back in his wardrobe

"so have you spoken to Millie?" he asked rocking Ava to sleep 

"uuummm no, i don't think i will" he got up and rested ava between two pillows on his bed and walked over to me

"why not?"

"because shes different, she said she never wanted to see me again" i moved away from him keeping myself busy 

"that doesn't mean she meant it! she was angry people say things when they're angry why don't you talk to her, she's sending us off later"

"if she didn't mean it how come she hasn't spoken to me"

"maybe ....... i dunno"

"exactly you don't know"

"no what i was going to say was maybe she wants to see if you really care about her, see if you would go and talk to her"

"how come shes friends with Georgia then?"

"you haven't seen her around school Bonnie! i see Georgia and her mates walking around school with Millie wandering behind looking like shes just lost a million quid. you know how much she hates Georgia"

"you're just saying that harry, just never mind i don't need her I've got you and Ava"

"and what will happen if me and the boys go through to live shows, we'll be away from home for months"

"I've got the girls and mum and Mel and your mum"

harry walked up to me and out his hands on my shoulders looking in my eyes

"i just hate seeing you like this, its like my best friend has disappeared, you cant do this on your own"

"im not on my own"

"bon its not like that!" he put his forehead on mine

"i miss the care free bonnie, the girl that would do any dare goven and wouldnt give a shit, the girl that wouldnt go down without a fight to stand up for their friends, someone who wouldnt let anyone get in the way of her and her friends"

"well i'm sorry harry but she grew up, right after she had her" i directed my eyes in Ava's direction. my eyes started to water, how long had harry been feeling this? First Millie and now Harry, was everyone thinking it and just pushing it to the back of their minds when they saw me? i couldnt believe harry thought it, he knew everything i told him everything and he thought that?

"Bonnie please don't cry, you know i didn't mean it like that!" i wiped my tears away and carried on folding his clothes

"me cry! c'mon harry im a big girl now"

"you're still the girl i love"

"and you're still the boy i love never stopped, never will."

i carried  on crying but tried my best to hid it, harry just carried on playing with Ava looking at her hands clasping air. i finally finished folding his clothes when it was time to leave i zipped up his suitcase and carried it down stairs, harry soon followed with Ava in his arms and put her in the buggy and put his shoes on.

i went into the bathroom to check my hair and makeup and put my jacket and shoes on and we walked to the station my pushing Ava and Harry pulling his case, we walked in utter silence until we arrived at the station and everyone was already there hugging the boys good luck. Millie was there hugging Zayn good luck, she didn't even look at me. i put on a fake smile

"hiya guys!" i hugged all of them apart from Millie instead i gave her a small smile she didn't return

"so we ready to go?" Louis asked

"i think so you ready mate?" Liam asked Harry

"yeah just checking i have everything"

"right then we better go get our tickets" Zayn said, leading off another round of hugs, i hugged Liam, Louis and Zayn then Niall came over and hugged me tight 

"good luck" i whispered in his ear

"you'll be fine" he whispered back, did he sense something between me and harry was it that obvious

"im fine honest"

"ring me tonight"

"okay" i broke off from Niall and saw Harry cuddling Ava. was it my fault that there was so much stress? if it wasn't for me the boys would have never audition for the x factor and they would of never had to leave

"i'm going to miss you" he whispered to Ava "you going to miss dad eh?"

"she isn't the only one" he puts Ava back in her buggy and walks over



"listen i'm so sorry about earlier-"

"don't not now, we can talk when you get home and tell us that you get through to judges houses"

"okay i love you" he pulled me in for a hug while i had to hold back the tears

"love you too" he kissed me on the lips picked up his case and walked onto the platform he turned around and waved then got on the train and sped off.


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