Forever Young

16 year old Bonnie is happy with her boyfriend Harry, her 8 best friends. Her family is perfect, her school career is amazing, her life couldn't get any better. Until she gets one unexpected result which she, her friends or family weren't prepared for. Now Bonnie has sort out her own problems and seeing what is for the better or for the worse.


55. back for good

From Mils xx"

My heart stopped. We hadn't spoken in 6 months. I text back

"Thank you. I miss you"

It's true i did miss her. Going from spending pretty much every minute of the day with each other to not seeing each other or speaking for half a year. No contact not even a smiled if we walk past each other. I missed my best friend. I told her everything I felt about Ava and Harry from when me and harry fell out to what happened at home. She knew it all she was my support and when she left I just fell back on everything but i had to keep up the happy me.

"Me too! Can I come round soon? I need to see you"

"Yeah I'm not busy"

I wanted her to come. I wanted to have a massive catch up with her I wanted to tell her everything but then I didn't. I didn't know if we would be the same as we were before. We never argued but after that I knew we were different

"Okay I'll be there in 10 that okay?"


I walked down stairs still in my pyjamas I checked to see if the baby stuff was gone cause I didn't want to see it and waited on the sofa watching tv until I heard the knock on the door

I walked to the door and opened it slowly. And there she stood looking down at her hands, she looked up and smiled gently

"Hi Bon" a massive smile grew on my face and I flung myself towards her wrapping my arms around her neck and gripping her tight. She wrapped her arms around my waist and squeezed

"I've missed you" I whispered

"Missed you too"

I welcomed her in ad we sat down and we got massive cup of tea each as sat on the sofa

"how is everything?" She asked me sitting against the arm if the sofa facing me with her feet tucked under mine

"Um yeah it's been really really difficult like in the hospital I was going insane but I'm slowly getting there I think we all are really" I sighed heavily thinking about everything that's happened

"It must be so hard on you, on everyone. I'm sorry for not being there. I was so stupid and selfish, I can't believe I missed out on seeing Ava too!"

I winced at her name. I hadn't heard it since the hospital, I couldn't even say it aloud. My eyes started welling up, sniffing the tears away

"Oh bonnie I'm so sorry! Lets change the subject yeah?"

"No I've got to do it one day!"

"Yeah I know but I just I don't know"

"It's fine I understand its awkward" I gave her a hopeful smile

"So you been watching the boys?"

"I watch the videos on YouTube but seeing all the sets and studio just reminds me of her so I just watch their performances otherwise I get in a state like this"

"Aw babe! Watch it tonight with me yeah? You can do it! Plus it's the semi finals!"

"Yeah Harry's been ringing me every night, he's so excited bless him"

"Aw so you'll watch it yeah?"

"I'll dabble that okay?"

"Of course my little chum! God I've missed you. Don't ever let anything get in the way of us again and please if I act like that slap me!"

"Millie! C'mon I completely understand where you were coming from!"

"But that's not how someone should treat their best friend!"

"Okay if you act like that again I'll tell you so snap out of it then slap you? So you kinda have a chance to miss it?"

"Love you bonnie"

"Love you too" she leant over for a hug, we weren't as close a we were before but she's put a smile on my face within half an hour and that's saying something. I guess it was because I got my best friend back
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