Forever Young

16 year old Bonnie is happy with her boyfriend Harry, her 8 best friends. Her family is perfect, her school career is amazing, her life couldn't get any better. Until she gets one unexpected result which she, her friends or family weren't prepared for. Now Bonnie has sort out her own problems and seeing what is for the better or for the worse.


45. all ends in tragedy

my alarm beeped loudly, im surprised Ava didn't wake up before it, its the first time she hasn't maybe she suspected something can babies do that? i know animals can

so yeah last night me and Harry didn't talk i don't think he even saw Ava or Katie which really upset Gemma. it was only 2 weeks into the competition and he had turned diva. Sunday was what i was dreading the most what was Harry going to be like? what was i going to do with Cher? i supposed it had to happen sometime

it was the evening the show had just finished  the boys got through of course they did they were brilliant even if Harry did mess up. Niall came through the door like he did the week before but this time so did Louis. before they embraced their families i did a group hug with Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn and congratulated them. Niall gave me a hopeful smile he knew i was upset about Harry he knew something was wrong. as they were leaving me and walking towards family Niall brushed past me

"you'll be fine" he whispered and he walked to Maura and Bobby

Harry walked out after the boys with another contestant Aiden Grimshaw i think he was a few years old than us but they were in full conversation until he saw me, he saw me smiled and walked to the other side of the room to where Cher and Katie waisell were and began a conversation with them, he looked happier than yesterday but wasn't talking to me

"he hasn't spoken to us all day" Louis came up next to me passing me a drink

"but on the show you were like normal"

"its all for the show, he's been like it all week"

"i wanna talk to him"

"i wouldn't if i were you i tried earlier and we just argued"

"what you two argued? you never argue!"

"he's different"

"well im going to try! he cant treat us like this it isn't fair!" i walked over to the crowd Harry's back was facing me i stood slightly to the side to see his face

"Harry can i talk to you?"

"what?" he faced me

"in private"

"aw Harry does your Bonnie want to talk to you in private? now isnt that cute" Cher giggled

"cant we just talk here?" he asked

"whats with you?" i muttered

"you're just pathetic Bonnie" i heard him mumble under his breath

"oh im pathetic? Harry you haven't seen your 6 month daughter in 2 weeks, Gemma was hurt yesterday because of you and you think you have the right to call me pathetic?" Cher laughed aloud then covered up her mouth with her hand

"she'll get over it"

"well don't come running to me when you haven't got anyone because they realized how much of a jerk you are."

"OH JUST FUCK OFF BONNIE!" he shouted loud enough for everyone to hear. i stepped backwards a couple of steps my eyes filling up with tears. 

"i guess you'll be wanting this back" i pulled the ring off my finger and left it on the table and walked away i walked over to where Ava was Niall was holding her while talking to Gemma

"hey what was that about?" he asked his face looking puzzled

"nothing can i have Ava please?" i picked up her nappy bag and carrier and put it on the table

"Bonnie listen to me!"

"Niall give her to me!" i grabbed her under the arms and put her in her carrier she started crying and fidgeting so i couldn't strap her in

"oh for gods sake Ava!" i raised my voice

"Bonnie where you going?" 

"home" i walked out the door and back entrance and got into the waiting taxi strapping Ava in the seat next to me i told the driver the hotel and he started driving

in the back of the car my head went over what had happened in the past 10 minutes, Harry making me feel humiliated in front of everyone, me leaving, the ring. Ava was quietening down and was gripping her hand around my finger my other hand wiped away my tears it was hot in the car i pulled my hair off my neck, my neck with the locket on it, the locket of me, Harry and Ava, the one he gave me when he left for x factor i pulled it off my neck and opened it the photo we look so happy not just with our smiles but in our eyes just the memory of it made my eyes water more. i closed the locket in my hand and clasped my hand around it and that was the last thing i remembered before the driver losing control and swerving to try and regain it but it didn't the car rolled twice landing on its roof glass flying everywhere i wanted to cover Ava with my body but i couldn't move my body was lifeless 

"AVA!" I shouted

"AVA BABY!" she was silent




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