Forever Young

16 year old Bonnie is happy with her boyfriend Harry, her 8 best friends. Her family is perfect, her school career is amazing, her life couldn't get any better. Until she gets one unexpected result which she, her friends or family weren't prepared for. Now Bonnie has sort out her own problems and seeing what is for the better or for the worse.


23. 1......2......3.......

In the cab the pains were getting worse and worse in my stomach, Danielle told me to keep take quick deep breaths, as soon as we knew it we pulled up at the hospital. Millie paid the cab driver and we rushed into the hospital

"hiya my friends gone into labor" Danielle told the receptionist


"Bonnie Haines but we are from Brighton im not booked for here!" i pain came again

"that's fine hunny dont worry about that! how far along are you?"

"um 34 weeks yesterday"

"OK head right through those doors a doctor will be waiting for you" she pointed through a pair of double doors, i tried to take a step but i couldn't my legs wouldn't move

"girls" i called out "i cant walk" they found a spare wheel chair and wheeled me through the doors. it was only at this point when i realized how big this was and that it was finally happening. 

we found the doctor and he showed us to my room and left to get some notes from our local hospital, Danielle and millie both helped me put on my robe and lye down on the bed

"wheres harry?" i was frantic! i need him to be here,

"Eleanor just text me, they are just on their way!"

"did they get through their audition?" we left just as Simon was about to say his answer so we never knew

"i dunno Bonnie sorry babe"

"don't worry its not your fault! aaaaaaahhhhh! i think shes coming now!

the doctor walked in and introduced me to the midwife

"Danielle can you ring my mum, dad and sister? and Anne! i want them here"

"sure wheres your phone" she grabbed my phone and walked out the room then the midwife her name was ruby i think checked how dilated i was

"7cm almost there love! baby will be here within the next 45 minutes i'll be back in a minute, you need anything?"

"no im good thank you" and she walked out, Millie pulled a chair up next to my bed

"you alright?" she asked giggling

"couldn't be better!" 

"cant believe you're going to be a mum!"

"you better! within the next hour i am going to be a parent!" the door swung open



"babe i was so worried about you!"

"why? im fine, its about time we meet this little one"

"when we came off stage, they were mopping the floor and you had disappeared! then Dermot explained everything but we still had to have a interview so we couldn't leave sorry!"

"and with your audition?"

"4 yes's!"

"congratulations! aw im so proud of you i told you, you could do it didn't i!"

"thanks babe!"

"what for?"

"everything" the other boys walked in with the rest of the girls

"congrats guys! harry told me the news, off to boot camp eh?"

"yeah but we can talk about that later! how are you?" Liam asked with his arm over Danielle's shoulder

"just wish she would come now!" i sighed

"how long did the midwife say shed be?" Niall asked

"no longer than an hour!" all their gobs opened wide

"what 60 minutes!" Louis asked

"yes Louis 60 minutes or less"

"bloody hell!" Zayn said astonished

"so seeing as we have an hour to kill lets talk about your audition boys!" they just stood around "you can sit on the bed and there are more chairs outside!"

"oh right"  i think they were still a bit blown away with the whole 'shes coming in less than an hour' situation they grabbed chairs and sat around my bed, Harry came and sat next to me and Perrie and Eleanor sat on the end of my bed

"so how was it?" i asked

"incredible!" Liam said "we just felt like we were at home on there"

"yes absoutley, the audience were amazing too!" Zayn added

"if they react to us like that with one song imagine our album boys!" Niall said

"woah there nialler we haven't even passed boot camp yet!" Louis said

"we will though i sense it!" harry smirked

right then ruby walked in

"omg! a load of teenagers have appeared!" she looked at the boys "right so who's the father?" they all raised their hands in sync and laughed

"um he is, ruby this is harry, harry this is ruby" i pointed at harry

"ah right everyone needs to leave a minute we just need to run some scans"

"what scans?" harry sounded worried and grabbed my hand

"don't worry harry their probably just check ups right ruby?"

"of course but harry you can stay if you want" she nodded

"im not going anywhere" he squeezed my hand "right you lot shove off i'll see you in a minute" i said to the other joking

they all walked out and sat outside in the corridor

"right then lets see if you've dilated any more, okay well Bonnie you're 10cm, baby is coming any minute now!"

"but you said 1 hour!" harry said

"baby does her own thing!"

"but cant we wait for our parents?" i asked

"no sorry we should get her out quick before she gets hurt" Ruby started getting things ready

i wanted Mel and my mum and Anne to be here with me and Harry when Ava arrived but they weren't going to be here for another few hours!

"can a few others come in?" i asked Ruby

"yeah sure, only 4 though including the father" what only 4? 

"who do you think?" i asked harry

"its completely up to you babe"

"Millie, Niall and Liam?"

"want me to go get them?"

"if you don't mind babe thanks" he kissed the top of my forehead and left and came a minute later with Millie, Niall and Liam

"that came quick huh?"

"tell me about it!"

Niall and Liam stood on either side on me holding my hands next to them was Harry and Millie holding a leg each

"OK Bonnie on the count of 3 i want you to take a deep breath and as you breath out push as hard as you can until i say stop OK?"

the pain now was agonizing!

"OK 1.......2........3" i grabbed Niall and Liam's hands tight and pulled myself up slightly and pushed

"keep going Bon, c'mon almost there" Millie said

"and stop, right and again Bonnie in 1......2..........3 push" i tried again but harder

"almost there another 3 seconds" there was silence but it was broken with a cry, Ava.

"you did it Bonnie! you did it!" harry said his eyes we watering, everyone's was

"right who's cutting the cord?" ruby asked wrapping Ava in a small pink blanket

"Millie?" harry asked Millie took the scissors and cut the cord, ruby placed Ava on my chest. Liam, Millie and Niall stood by the door as harry came and stood next to me putting his head next to mine we were both crying now i pulled the blanket away from her head and saw her tiny little face with her tiny nose

"im so proud of you!" harry whispered to me

"shes perfect"





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