My Little Eevee

It's more like "if pokemon was real"


1. Go Orenji!

Hi, I'm Maple. I live in the west of Kanto Village. The Home Of Many First Generation Pokemon. "Go Orenji!" I screeched towards my apposing mate, Orenji was the name of my level 10 Eevee. It was the choice now, I didn't have much choice as most of my Pokemon were left at home, I wasn't expecting to be challenged today, "Don't worry, I wont hurt her. just hope that there is a poke center near by" she laughed "Go Growlithe!" She threw a great ball to the floor, she had windswept ginger hair sweeping to the side "you first, I insist. It's not like you have a choice against fainting" She put her hands on her hips and laughed at her own joke. I swallowed hard, before I could open my mouth Orenji began to growl with a hint of hissing, she started towards the Growlithe, pulling out her small sharp claws and stuck them into Growlithe's large meaty leg. Blood began to pour from the side, a small scar left behind. Before leaving she lifted her back legs into his face, I stood there awestruck, my mouth wide. "You're not level ten, you liar!" She jabbed a finger in my direction. I stepped gingerly back. Orenji pounced on to me, licking my face "no, Orenji, don't...I'm not in the mood" she stood on my belly with her small claws still poking out. "Growlithe use Dig Claws!" Tanni the trainer called, Growlithe's mouth filled with rabid saliva. Orenji swiftly moved to the side, showing up behind Growlithe. Sharp teeth jammed shut in his right leg.

The Growlithe let out a screeching howl "Growlithe, return" Orenji's teeth still had hold of part of Growlithe as he vanished, a horrible skin patch from the Growlithe's lower calf, dripping wet with red blood. "Orenji, what had gotten into you?!" I picked her up, as she still munched on the flesh patch. it slowly made it's way down to the insides of Orenji's belly, soon to be burned in her stomach insides. "Orenji, why?" she nuzzled her head into my chest, her blood stained fur rubbing onto my yellow pattered cotton shirt. "That little insane monster of yours nearly killed my Growlithe, he would have been like all those poor pokemon in lavender town, your insane. Later" she said, running with the shiny great ball in hand, looking for a poke center, I bet.


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