Green Eyes

Emma's life is a total wreck. She lives alone. Has no friends. Her perants were killed when she was only eight and all before she even graduates highschool. Emma hasn't cried since her perants death but instead of sadness, she has hate.
But when she meets the love of her life, Harry Styles, will everything work out?


5. Revenge

"And I got paired up with Mickala!" I yelled at Harry. I've explained the entire gym situation to him but, he looks a little tense.
"Please. Just don't send her to the hospital. We don't need you getting expelled." oh that's what he's worried about. 
"Huuuuh...I'll try not to....." I huffed sadly.
"Thank you." he gave me a quick hug and I have him a peck on the lips. I wish I were his girlfriend.
*At PE* 
The matches dragged on slowly. Nobody was really that good. But people thought I was going to be a real wimp. I've been acting like I could hit to save my life. So I hardly did anything at PE. Instead I go home and punch the punching bag with as much force as possible. Look out Mickala. 
"Cline! Codds!" it was our turn. Mr Poke looked unimpressed.
People kept shouting out stuff like 'Kill her Mickala!' or 'Shes not even a challenge Mickala!' oooooh! She is going down.
"Ok! Don't beat her too hard Mickala! Fight!" shouted Mr Poke. Wow did he really just say that? Yeeesh! I guess I'm a better actress than i thought.
Mickala threw a couple punches that I dodged easily. Then SMACK!!! I hit her hard in the face. Down with one punch. Everyone was quiet.
"Whoa. Next!" he shouted. The winners from the previous match came up. All the girls went down easily. A couple boys took a couple of hits. 
"Well...uhh...I guess our winner is Miss Emma." said Poke, dumbfounded. Not a single person was glad. Mickala and a couple people Booed and hisssed. I just smirked and walked to the locker rooms. She's just mad I gave her a black eye. Nobody expected a girl to win. 
"How'd it go?" asked Harry.
"Ummm I kinda got first." I said with a weird smile.
"Wonderful! So do you want to watch that movie today?" we had to cancel the previous movie day, due to me practicing.
"Course! Pick me up at five!" I said smileing like an idiot.
"Ok great." he said smiling eaquily as large.
We decided to watch some scary movie. To be honest, I scare easily. So half way through the movie, Harry had his arm around me. Every scary part, my face was buried into his chest. 
"Someone gets scared easily!" he said as we walked out from the movie. 
"I'm a wimp when it comes to movies." I replied punching his arm. "Uuuuh. I'm hungry." I complained.
"Wanna grab some Nandos?" he asked pulling me to the car.
"Ooooh! Nandos!" I said gleefully. When we got there Harry stopped me before I got out from the car.
"Quick question!" he said. "Will you be my girlfriend?" 
Did I hear him right? Me? 
"Yes." was all I said. I was overwhelmed. Truth be told, I've never had a boyfriend. His entire face lit up. 
"Then you wouldn't mind if I did this?" he leaned in and kissed me. I felt fireworks go off in my stomache. It was a gentle, long kiss. I swear I couldn't be happier. We broke apart and put our foreheads together. 
"I really like you." I whispered. 
"I really like you too." he whispered back. Then my perfect boyfriend, kissed me with his perfect lips. Then we got out from his car, and he looked at me with his perfect eyes. Then he said in his perfect voice, "I promise I'll never hurt you."
He's perfect.
Hearry wrapped his arms around my waist. I sighed. 
I haven't been this happy in a long time. He is mine. I will never let him go. He made a promise I know he will keep his promise.
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