Green Eyes

Emma's life is a total wreck. She lives alone. Has no friends. Her perants were killed when she was only eight and all before she even graduates highschool. Emma hasn't cried since her perants death but instead of sadness, she has hate.
But when she meets the love of her life, Harry Styles, will everything work out?


1. How I Met Him

It was a beutiful sunny day. 
Great. Sunshine. Happiness.
Just the opposite from me. My life is a total wreck. My perants died years ago. My best friend is now my worst enemy and all her little followers try to make my life even more miserable than it already is. Now I live alone. An eighteen year old girl that has not graduated highschool yet. And eighteen year old girl that hasnt been loved in ten years. Yep. That's me. I go everyday putting a fake smile on my face just to make teachers and other idiot adults happy. Then I go home and get all my hate out. To be honest, I haven't cried in years. Instead of crying like anyone else in my position would do, I go to my basement and hit punching bags until my knuckles bleed. 
I lugged to the bus were Mickala was. Why does she hate me so? I walked down the aisle to an empty seat in the back of the bus.
"Where did you get your outfit Emma?! Did the dollar store have a sale?" shouted Mickala from the front of the bus. 
"Not sure…but I'm guessing that's where you got your wig?" I shot back. Everyone 'Oooooh'd and 'awwwwed'. I plugged my headphones in and waited for the hour long bus ride that was soon to come. After about ten minutes, I could hear Mickala's obnoxiously loud attempt at flirting. Ugh. She's probably got him under her spell. I turned my attention out the window. New house. Probably just another new kid. As soon as I reached that conclusion, there was a tap on my shoulder. I turned my head to see big, beutiful, green eyes.
"Is this seat taken?" asked the owner of the green eyes.
"Nope." I answered, forcing my eyes to the iPod infront of me.
"Thanks. I'm Harry Styles." he said holding out his hand. I shook it.
"I'm Emma Cline." I answered. Harry had fair skin and really curly hair. But I really could not get over his eyes. They were just so…
"Mind if I ask what grade?" asked Harry snapping me back to reality.
"Senior." I answered. Why was he talking to me? Usually everyone steers clear of me. 
"Same!" he said beaming. Wow. His teeth were W-H-I-T-E!!! 
"Why are you talking to me?" oops. I didn't mean to say that.
"Oh sorry. You were just sitting here alone and…" he looked hurt.
"No I didn't mean it like that!" I apoligised,"It's just nobody really...talks to me."
"Oh. How come?" he said raising his perfect eyebrows.
"I'm...a...ummm...undesirable?" I said with a funny look on my face.
"A pretty girl like you shouldnt get ignored!" he said poking my nose. Me? Pretty? Yah my eyes were a pretty blue but that's about it for me.
We spent the rest of the bus ride talking and laughing. When we were at school and Harry and I said goodbye, Mickala appeared inches from me, red with anger.
"What was that?!" she asked.
"What was what?" I said inoccently.
"You made a fool of me! First that dumb comeback and then getting that new kid to sit with you instead of me!" she yelled.
"One. You had it coming to yah. And two. He sat by me. I didn't force him too!" I said raising my voice. She just shriecked and headed to home room. Gotta get to my locker first...or maybe I should skip out on school. Mickala was already proving it to be hell. I was just about to make up my mind when I saw a pair of green eyes approaching me. 
Maybe today was going to be alright after all…
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