Green Eyes

Emma's life is a total wreck. She lives alone. Has no friends. Her perants were killed when she was only eight and all before she even graduates highschool. Emma hasn't cried since her perants death but instead of sadness, she has hate.
But when she meets the love of her life, Harry Styles, will everything work out?


2. A Perfect Friendship

It's been two weeks since I met Harry Styles. Now he's my best and only friend. Harry is a huge flirt. But he's also funny and really cool. Mickala has been trying her hardest for Harry to like her, but she hasn't succeeded. 
"Hey Emma!" it was Mickala. "Did you hear? Halloween isnt for a month."
"Congradulations! You finally learned to count days! Your not as stupid as you seem!" I shot back and continued writing my essay. I could not wait til this hour was over. Then it would be lunch! I could escape the hate with Harry for another hour. For another ten minutes I wrote until the bell rang. I nearly sprinted to the lunchroom. Harry was sitting there in our usual spot. I grabbed an apple and sat next to him.
"Sup Styles?" I asked. 
"Nuthin. Just wanted to know if you want to hit the cafe after school." he said while roughing his hair up. 
Gosh I love it when he does that.
"Sure thing. How about four?"
I asked.
"Yup, sounds good. I'll pick you up at four then." Harry said. With that Mickala walked over to us.
"Hey Harry!" she said batting her eyelashes and taking no apperant notice of me at all. "Wanna catch a movie later?" she asked winking.
"Sorry. Got plans with Em." he replied smirking. She shot a nasty glare at me and left. Harry is really great.
*At 4:02*
I heard Harry's car coming up the driveway. My long brown hair was down freely and blue eyes unusially bright. I was wearing a plain black tee with a white hoodie over it. I was wearing my denim jeans and favorite black converse as well. Here we go. I ran out to his car and plopped in the front seat. 
"Cafe here we COME!!!!!" shouted Harry as we backed out from the driveway.
At the cafe we ordered a couple of really hot coffees. They were too hot so we sat there and let them cool. Harry was just staring at my face.
"Uuh, whatcha looking at?"
"Huh? Oh, just trying to count your freckles."
"Good luck. I've reached five and got tired." I said rolling my eyes.
"Your right...way to many." he said and we laughed. 
"Emma…" he said after a minute of laughing.
"Yes?" Oh ma gosh those eyes...
"I really like you…" did he really just say that?! I really like him back.
"Good! I really like you too." I stated. His eyes grew wide. But not as wide as his grin.
"Really?!" Harry said beaming.
"Yes, now calm yourself." but to be honest, I haven't been this glad in years. 
"Uh oh. Dont look now but, as savage Mickala at seven o'clock." he said smile fading. 
"Hey Harry!" she said winking. His expression was completely bored.
"What do you want?" he asked tiredly.
"I just wanted to ask you about that movie again." she replied not a bit thrown off by his reaction.
"As you can see I'm with Em right now." he answered coldly.
"Really? I think she'll have to go home! I mean look at her clothes! They're all ruined!"
"What do me-" I started but stopped when she took my still piping hot coffee and poured it down the back of my shirt. I nearly screamed it hurt so bad. But I'm not like that. Instead I stand up and run to the one person bathroom. I had to strip down my clothes because they were almost as hot as my back. In the mirror, my entire back is red and blistered. Ouch.
"I'm in here." I said straining to keep my voice steady.
"Emma? You all right?" called Harry on the other side of the door.
"No. I can't wear my shirts..." I trailed off.
"You can wear my sweatshirt." called Harry.
"Thanks." I said as he slipped the sweatshirt through the cracked door. I pulled it on and whoa. It smelled do good. Whatever his cologne, I like it.  I walked out in Harry's overly large Jack Wills sweatshirt. People gave me funny looks. Who cares? But as I got into Harry's car, my back stung so bad I nearly screamed. 
"Harry it really hurts." I whispered looking over at the drivers side where he sat.
"Don't worry. Let's get you home." he said grabbing my hand and squeezing it reassuringly.
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