In Between the Love of Two

First Fanfic Hope you guys like it.
I don't know what it's about myself. I have an idea as to what it is but I change mind while I write so I won't write a summary til I finish it. Sorry. :) Enjoy!! xx Also I would also like to read your opinions so comment. It would help me so much thank you again! :)


10. Unwanted Distraction


Angie's POV

I walked until I found my way back to the hotel. My body was tired. I needed a good nights rest. I had to wake up early for my first day at the academy. As I passed the check-in counter, the receptionist called out my name. "Excuse me, miss De La Garza? I have message for you." How weird? I never told anyone where I was staying. The only other person that knows where I'm staying is Brianna. Could it be from her?

"Yes, who's it from?" I asked. 

"It's from a gentleman named, Fabian Cardenas." Wait...who did she say it's from? 

"Wwhat did you just say?" I couldn't even say the words. 

"Fabian Cardenas." she repeated again. How the hell did he find me? 

"What does the message say?" 

She read the message to me, "He said 'Meet me at Starbucks at 9 o'clock.'" Oh goodness. 

"Is that all?" I asked. "Yes, he also left these for you." It was a large bouquet of white lilies. After all this time, he remembered my favorite type of flowers. I glanced at my watch. It was 8:55. Starbucks was just down the street.

No, Angie think about this. You can't fall for his game again. He did the same thing back home and only broke your heart. Don't fall for it. 

Fabian was the main reason I left my thoughts about guys behind. The only things that were left for me was to focus on my studies, dance, and music. My mother's intuition was right about him. I just didn't want to listen back then, but now I knew better than to fall. 

"This bouquet, please throw it out or do with them as you please. If the same gentleman comes back, tell him that I moved out and that I didn't leave a forwarding address. Thank you." I said irritated just thinking about him, "Oh and tell him I'm no longer interested." She looked at me with confused eyes. 

Gentleman? Pshhh, please! He was far from being one. The thought of him is just disgusting and bothersome. Jerks and dumb asses like him need to be taught a lesson. Boys were just a distraction. What I need to do is focus on my studies, dance, and music. 


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