In Between the Love of Two

First Fanfic Hope you guys like it.
I don't know what it's about myself. I have an idea as to what it is but I change mind while I write so I won't write a summary til I finish it. Sorry. :) Enjoy!! xx Also I would also like to read your opinions so comment. It would help me so much thank you again! :)


15. Lunch with Niall...or not.

Niall's POV

I was curious about this girl. I wonder if she knew who I was. I wanted to ask her, but what if she freaked out and started to scream? I wouldn't be able to handle that. I detest when girls fangirl overboard. The squealing, jumping, and hyperventilating just isn't my style. Angie brought me out of my deep thinking.

"So what's this amazing place you speak of?" She asked. I noticed her reluctance to ask. 

"Well, it's my favorite place to eat. Also, I can eat anything and everything off the menu. Very delicious!" I said with a proud smile. 

We had arrived to Nando's. When she saw the place, she smiled. Did she know this place? I got out of the car and went to open the door for her. She thanked me for being such a gentleman. I asked, "Angie, I want to know something.... Do you know who I am and what I do?"

She kept silent for a while. I wonder what took her so long to respond. She finally said, "Yes. I know who you are and what you do. But, honestly, that doesn't matter to me. Who cares if you're in a huge famous boy band named, One Direction. I know you're cute, talented, have beautiful eyes, and wanted by many girls and older women. I'm not interested about what you do. I'm interested in who YOU are really. Do you know what I mean, Niall?"

We got settled into a booth. What she said about getting to know the real me, just warmed my insides. I admire her for being so honest and truthful. Angie was something real. 

"Yes, I know what you mean." Wait, did she just say I was cute? I smiled, "So you think I'm cute and talented huh?" She blushed a little and laughed a nervous laugh. Seeing her blush was cute. To me that shows the genuine side of a person. 


Angie's POV

After I gave him my speech on who he really was and what I thought about it, I realized that I had called him cute. Oh god! I hope he didn't hear it. 

Then he said, "So you think I'm cute and talented huh?" Damn! He did hear. I could feel my cheeks were warm. I was blushing.I laughed nervously. 

I loved looking at his eyes. I mean he's cute, talented, very nice, a gentleman, and really sweet. I couldn't stop staring at him. I smiled like the fool I was. I think I could be falling for him. What about Liam? I liked him, too. Is it possible to fall for two guys at the same time?

"Oh look! Liam is here with Dani." My heart stopped. Did he just say Liam was here...with his girlfriend? Oh crap! Why?! Why today, why now at this moment? I couldn't find words to say. I was mute. I felt my heart re-beat again but faster. I wonder what Liam would say if he saw me. Would he say that he knew me or pretend to not know?

"Hey, Liam, Dani! Come eat with us!" Niall yelled over at them. Oh no, no! Please don't. 

Niall looked over at me and asked, "Angie, are ya ok? You look pale." His concern warmed my heart. All I could do was, nod my head and smile. I waited until they came over and sat. I looked up and saw Liam holding hands with Dani. That right there just crushed my heart. Why was I feeling this way? He didn't like me. I just needed to stop feeling this and move on.

"Hey mate. This is Angie. She's a friend." Niall introduced me to them. For some reason, I expected for Liam to say, 'Oh yeah! I know who she is' but of course that's just what I wanted to think. He looked at me and just stuck out his hand and said, "Great to meet you. This is my girlfriend Danielle, but we call her Dani." He just smiled and motioned to her. 

I shook his hand quickly and I moved on to Dani. "Hello, nice to meet you Dani." She was sweetheart and beautiful of course. We sat down and spoke over lunch. 

Dani then asked me, "Is Angie short for anything?" 

"Yes. It's short for Angela." I said smiling. 

She also asked, "What do you do?"

"Oh I go to the Academy of Dance. I'm a dance major. I also take music and psychology." I added. 

"Oh really, I'm a dancer as well." I knew she was a dancer. I mean I do know who One Direction is dating and what their girlfriends do. I am a directioner you know.

Throughout the whole lunch, Liam was quiet and content. He avoided looking at me. I knew this was too good to be true. I should've just never met him. I wouldn't be feeling this way. 

Darn those looks and accent! I glanced down at my watch and saw that I had half an hour left. "Oh, I'm sorry to say but I need to make my way back to the academy." I said. 

They understood that I needed to leave, so they decided to part ways as well. "Nice to meet you Angie!" Dani yelled over as she and Liam left. I waved goodbye to her.

"That was a pleasant lunch. I enjoyed it." I told Niall. I meant what I said about enjoying it besides Liam. 

"It was a nice lunch. Come on I'll take you to the academy. Could I sit and watch you dance? If that's ok with you?" Niall asked. I felt comfortable around Niall.

"Of course Niall. I would love for you to see what I do." I smiled. Then it was off to the academy. 


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