In Between the Love of Two

First Fanfic Hope you guys like it.
I don't know what it's about myself. I have an idea as to what it is but I change mind while I write so I won't write a summary til I finish it. Sorry. :) Enjoy!! xx Also I would also like to read your opinions so comment. It would help me so much thank you again! :)


16. Her Kissable Confidant


~After Dance Class~ 

Niall's POV 

Watching Angie dance made my entire day. Being able to spend all day with her was just perfect, and it was the highlight of my day. We made our way back to the hotel. As I drove, I asked, "So Angie, do plan on living in the hotel?" 

She laughed, "Actually, I wanted to ask you if you would accompany me to search for an apartment." 

She took me by surprise, "I would love to. When do you want to go?"

"Is tomorrow ok for you?" Angie asked.

"Tomorrow is perfect," I smiled.


Angie's POV

I asked Niall if he wanted to come to help me find an apartment. I loved being in his company. I felt at ease, and, truthfully, I wanted to spend more time with him. I guess this was a perfect excuse. 

Looking out the window, into the night sky, I suddenly felt my heart drop. I felt sadness in me. I don't what came over me that a tear started to trickle down my cheek. I tried wiping it away before Niall saw, but it was too late. Niall had his thumb on my cheek already wiping it away. 

"What's wrong, Angie? Are you alright?" I could hear the sincerity of his concern for me. Crap why was I tearing up? I didn't know the answer to that question. Was I ok? 

"Niall...I don't know really." That's the only reply I had. We arrived at the hotel. He came over to my side and opened the door. I thanked him. We walked inside toward the elevators. 

When the elevator came to a stop, doors opening, I asked, "Niall would you like to come inside for some tea?" I needed to talk to someone, and Niall was someone I could tell anything to. I know I don't know him that well, but I just trusted him. 

He came inside, and I put the water to heat up. "Niall. I don't have anyone else around to talk to, and I feel that I can tell you anything, " I continued, "I came to London to chase my dream. I've always been sheltered from having any real fun. My mother is very overprotective. I would do anything for her, but she smothers me too much. When I heard that there was an academy of dance here in London, I applied. I got accepted, but the only person I could really tell was my best friend. My mother has never accepted the idea of me being a dancer. She thinks it's a waste of time." I looked at Niall. He was very content and paying close attention to what I was saying. Tears started to fall, "I decided to not tell my mom about this. She has always known that I've wanted to come to England since I was little. I came here, but I didn't tell her about the academy." I trailed off breaking into sobs. I couldn't understand why I was crying. I never cried in front of anyone. Not even my family nor my best friend. 

Niall came over to my side and hugged me. I felt warm and me in his arms was the best feeling. I spoke, "I don't know why, but during those times in high school, I could be surrounded by many and feel so alone at times. I would go home, do my homework, and read books. I read books to escape my reality. I seriously don't know why I felt alone."

I continued,"When I was a freshman, in high school, my father died. That was a devastating time for me. I felt even more alone. When he died, I realized why his death affected me a lot. It not only affected because he was my father, but because he was the one who took me and the rest of my big brother and sisters in as his own children when I was born. He wasn't my biological father, but he was there for me since I was in the womb. He married my mother knowing I wasn't his child. I don't think most men would do that for a woman. He was a thoughtful, loving, caring and giving person. He would always find the time and way to help someone out.

When I was about 4 years-old, his right side of his body was paralyzed, and his speech was impaired. Over the years, I would be the only one that could guess what he wanted to say. But I felt like a maid at times. I would cook food for him. I would have to go to the hospital with him. I would have to translate to the doctor and many other people. Sometimes I felt annoyed because everyone always called me when they needed translating. He would always call me to help him for every little thing. He would anger me, but I loved him so much. 

He was and still is my hero. I felt guilty when he died. I wasted so much time complaining about helping out. I didn't appreciate the time I had with him. This hurt me to the point, where I almost considered of running away. I guess you don't know what you have 'til it's gone. I'm sorry for dumping my whole life story on you. I never cry in front of anyone, not even my family. You must think I'm an emotional, clumsy, messed up girl, huh?"


Niall's POV

I listened to her telling me about her life. When I saw her break down like that, I wanted to cry myself. I couldn't stand seeing girls cry. It made me sad. Because it was HER, I hugged her, and let her cry in my arms. Holding her in my arms, being this close to her, made me feel so close to her, physically and emotionally. 

I loved how she was comfortable enough to trust me and tell me her story. Knowing that I'm the first and only one that's seen her vulnerable side, makes me happy and feel a special connection to her. 

"No, Angie. You aren't messed up. You're perfect, smart, talented, and beautifully clumsy. I love that you confided in me to tell me your life story. Also I want to say this: Angie, I think you're the first girl I've ever shown interest in. You make me feel like all weird inside. Weird in a good way. You're different and unique." I didn't even let her respond because...

...I kissed her. 

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