In Between the Love of Two

First Fanfic Hope you guys like it.
I don't know what it's about myself. I have an idea as to what it is but I change mind while I write so I won't write a summary til I finish it. Sorry. :) Enjoy!! xx Also I would also like to read your opinions so comment. It would help me so much thank you again! :)


3. Headed to England

Beep! Beep! Beep! (Alarm Clock)

Finally the day is here! When I said that I was leaving after graduation, I wasn't kidding. Today I would be on a plane headed to England.  

I woke up and showered. My outfit was a grey, long sleeve shirt with light blue jeans. Along with that, a black leather jacket, a white beanie, white vans, and a brown bag. As I finished getting ready, Brianna texted me. She was on her way to pick me up. I got my two suit cases and headed downstairs. This time, I promise, I didn't kill myself going down. 

I heard a honk outside. I said farewell to my mother. I knew she wasn't happy about me going to London for a month alone, but she knew she couldn't keep me by her side forever. I kissed her goodbye. I promised her that I would call. 

I got my stuff inside the car, and we headed to the airport. "Angie, did you tell your mom?" Brianna said. 

"Tell her about what?' I asked confused. 

"You know...about the Dance Academy in London?" Damn, why did she have to bring that up. 

"Oh that..." I said quietly. 

Brianna looked at me with skeptic eyes. "Angie, please tell me you told your family?" I stared out the window watching dawn break into the sky. The whole way to the airport was quiet. 

We arrived at the airport. I told Brianna not to tell anyone about the academy. I told her I would tell my family soon. She gave me a big bear hug and wished me good luck in my new adventure. "Aww, I'm gonna miss you, love!" I managed to choke out. I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes. 

She was my best friend and partner in crime. I loved that she always supported me in anything and everything I did. I saw a tear make its way down her cheek. "Angie, just promise to become the best dancer and be happy with your life. OK?" 

I hated seeing other people worry about me. "I promise! Bye, take care. Love ya!" I walked off and waved goodbye as I boarded the plane that would take me to my new life. 

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