In Between the Love of Two

First Fanfic Hope you guys like it.
I don't know what it's about myself. I have an idea as to what it is but I change mind while I write so I won't write a summary til I finish it. Sorry. :) Enjoy!! xx Also I would also like to read your opinions so comment. It would help me so much thank you again! :)


18. Fun Introductions



~A week later~

Liam's POV

I really want to see her again. I miss those dark eyes of hers. I sure do feel like a douche for not acknowledging that I knew her that day. How is it possible that I'm falling for a girl that I've only ran into, literally, twice. The way she is, is real. I don't know if that's what I mean, but I just know I have to see her again. 

Now that I'm thinking about it, how does Niall know her? I need to know. Does he like her? Does she like him? It's selfish of me to not want him to like her because I already have Dani. It's really not fair to Niall. I need to know right away though. I'm curious. 

We were currently eating lunch at Niall's flat. Perfect time to ask. "Hey Niall, so what’s up with you and Angie?" 

"Well, nothing really. That day she invited me to her hotel room. We just talked the whole night. She’s a lovely girl. For right now, at least, we’re friends." Niall added. What does he mean ‘for right now’? Is he considering her as a girlfriend? I shouldn’t be flaming up inside right now. *sigh* Why must I feel this way? 

"Wait a sec Liam, who's Angie? Why haven't I heard about her?" Louis interrupted. Suddenly all the boys came into the room. All eyes attentive on me and Niall. "Angie is a friend of mine that I met last week in London. She came from the US to come to the Academy of Dance." 

"When are we going to meet her?" Harry asked curiously. If only they knew that I already met her not once but twice. I really want to see her again. Agh! I feel so terrible for having this feeling towards her. 

"Well, Niall when are we going to meet her?" Louis insisted.

"How about we go now boys?" Zayn interrupted. Wait what? How are we all going to appear at her door step without notice? 

"Can we go Niall? Take us to meet her." Harry, Louis, and Zayn pushed. What is all this curiosity come from? They must have nothing to do. 

"I'm not sure boys."Niall hesitated. 

I want to see her. Niall come on! Say yes! I dislike the fact that your close friends with her, but you're my only excuse to be near her. "Fine boys, let's go see her. By the way she's a dancer. By the time we arrive at the school, she'll be in her dance class. So please boys, behave. Oh god! I sound like Liam now." Niall and the boys turned to me and laughed. I just scoffed a laugh out. I wasn't really paying attention to them. All I was aware of is that I was going to see her once again. 

~ 1 hour later~

It was a long car ride full of questions and curious minds. Niall wouldn't say anything about her. All he would say was "You'll know once we get there. You have to see for yourselves." Then all he would do is laugh. 

We finally arrived at the academy. Good thing it's well off from the city. Not too many people. Now what we need to worry about is fans spotting us.

We quietly walked through the campus carefully not to attract attention to ourselves. The dance studio was far from the rest of the building. We managed to get there unspotted. We peeked inside. The class was barely ending. Angie said goodbye to everyone that was leaving. She stayed behind. Everyone else came out and we dashed to hide.

We looked back inside. Angie was wearing black booty shorts made for dance. She had on a white T-shirt tied behind in the back. It revealed part of her stomach. She was very fit, I might say. I know I'm not the only one that thinks that. The boys just stared in awe. I broke the silence whispering, "Well, are we just going to stand here and stare?" No one moved nor answered. 

We stood there a good full 10 minutes just watching her dance. She's an amazing dancer. I looked over at the boys just staring. I know she's beautiful, but they do have girlfriends besides Niall and Harry. Then I remembered, I too have a girlfriend. I looked back at her dance, she was about to land from a leap when she fell. I chuckled a bit. She is clumsy even in dancing. 

She yelled in frustration. “Dammit! Why can’t I get this? It’s just one damn leap!” She huffed out a sigh then settled her self against the mirrors. She got out her phone and then, *RING RING RING*. Niall’s phone went off. She was calling Niall.

“Ah, crap!” Niall said. “Hello, Angie. How are ya?” He nervously answered. 

“Oh well, Niall, I’m doing just dandy. How about you come in instead of just creeping through the window?” We heard her say. Wow, what? How did she know we were out here?

We rushed inside tripping and all. She looked at us an utter shock. “So you five were the ones gawking through window. Oh goodness, I would have never thought.” She got up and walked up to Niall and gave him a peck on the cheek, “Hey Ni what brings you guys here?” 

“Not much love, just thought you might want to meet the boys.” He smiled. 

“Certainly. Hello boys, my name is-

“No introductions love, we know who you are.” Harry in a swift move grabbed her hand and kissed it. “I’m Harry.”

“Quite a charm and cheeky boy you are Harry. I guess that parts true.” Angie joked. 

“I’m Zayn. Glad to meet you, Angie. Lovely name by the way.” Angie smiled blushing a little. 

“I’m mischievous, loud, fun and hell of a good looking lad. My name is Louis.” Louis laughed. Great introduction Louis.

She laughed, “Well hello there Mr. Mischievous, Loud and Fun Louis. Such a great name!”  

Then her smile faded when she inquired, “Oh hey Liam. How are you? How is Dani?” 

“Oh, umm, I’m fine thank you. Dani is doing great as well. How are you?” I was quite surprised she talked to me. I could tell she was forcing a smile a little.


Angie’s POV

“I’m well. Adapting here and there. So, Ni what are y’all doing today?” I tried to sound cheery but Liam’s presence pervaded me with great sadness. Enough of this sappy stuff. Happy thoughts Angie, happy thoughts. 

“Did you just say y’all?” Harry added. Oh gosh I didn’t notice. My Texan accent is showing. 

“Yes, I did Harry. I’m from Texas. It’s an occasion when my Texan accent comes out.” I laughed. 

“I love Texan accents!” 

“Nice to know Harry. Ok, boys how about coming over to my apartment and having a movie night?” If only Brianna was here to see this. She would have never thought that I would meet my precious boys. Only she knew how big of a fan I was. Niall knows just doesn’t know how big of a fan I am.

“That sounds great Angie. We would love to.” Niall answered. 

“Alrighty guys I’ll see you there at around 6. You know the way right Niall?” I assured. 

“Yeh, of course. See you then Angie.” 

“Bye boys see you later.” I waved goodbye. 

They were gone. I couldn’t keep this facade any longer. My leg was killing me. I knew they were watching me for sometime now. They saw me fall. Well, what can I say, I am clumsy. But lately this has been happening for sometime now. I keep having these sharp pains in my leg. After every run, workout, or practice, my leg hurts. It’s unbearable. It’s currently 3:00PM. My doctor’s appointment is at 4. This is good I have time to go home, shower, eat then leave. Please, God I beg you, don’t let this be what I think it is.  


Louis’s POV 

Angie is quite a genuine girl. She would get along with Eleanor quite well. Can’t wait to introduce them to each other. 

I noticed her hesitance towards Liam back at the dance studio. I think I’m the only that noticed. Liam was staring at her with lovey-dovey eyes. I know when I see them. He knows her somehow. I have to find out. I can also tell Niall likes her a lot. Niall will be heart broken if he finds out about Liam. Liam can deny everything, but I know what I saw. He loves her. I have to speak to Liam soon. 

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