In Between the Love of Two

First Fanfic Hope you guys like it.
I don't know what it's about myself. I have an idea as to what it is but I change mind while I write so I won't write a summary til I finish it. Sorry. :) Enjoy!! xx Also I would also like to read your opinions so comment. It would help me so much thank you again! :)


5. Arriving in London


~9 1/2 hours later~

"Ladies and gentlemen, please return to your seats and put on your seat belts. We'll be arriving to Heathrow Airport momentarily." 

In just a few minutes, I'll be on British soil! I'm stupid getting worked up because of where I would be living. I was so excited. Everyone back home would always say, "You're gonna go and find out that it's not what you imagined." I know that not everything is what we expect, but even if this trip isn't what I want, I'll make sure to make the best of it. 

~Few Moments Later~

As I got off the plane, you can guess what happened. I tripped. I’m so damn clumsy! I went to get my luggage and flagged down a cab. I told him to take me to the Renaissance Chancery Court London Hotel. It was an hour drive, but I didn't mind. This was my chance to enjoy the scenery for a while. 

We arrived at the hotel. I paid the fair. I had reserved my room at this hotel since I got my letter of acceptance. I had enough money to last me a few years. Yes, I've been saving since I was little.

I got settled in. My room looked like an apartment (flat). Kitchen, living area, a full bathroom, and a king size bed. Awesome! I get happy at the smallest things. 

I was going to make sure this was going to be the best year. I had dance and my favorite city to explore. Little did I know what awaited me here....

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