A Twist of Fate; A One Direction FanFic

Brianna and Zayn are in love. Through hardships and heartache, they will do anything to stay together. Until one day, Zayn gets in an accident. This changes their world. Will Brianna stay with him? Or will she give up?


8. My POV. Chapter 8.

I was putting the stuff I bought away. I sat on the couch and watched some TV. I was half way into the show when I got a call from Tricia. Tricia is Zayn's mum. I answered. She sounded like she was crying, I said, "Mom*? What's wrong? What's happening?" She said, "Zayn's gotten into a horrible accident. His dad's going to come pick you up in about 5 minutes to bring you here to the hospital." I said was speechless. I started crying, and just sat on the couch.

I heard a knock on the door. It was Dad.* He had a very serious face. He gave me a hug and we walked to his car. It was a quiet ride for the first bit, until I asked him, "Dad, what happened?" He told me he got into a car accident. Someone sped the red light and hit him. I cried even harder. We were finally at the hospital.

I saw Mom, she was all three of his sisters. I ran to her and she gave me a big hug. We walked to his room. I was horrified to see what happened. He had a ventilator, and had bandages all over. He was bloody. I ran rowards him and held his hand. No response. I just kept talking to him. A doctor came in a few mintues after. The doctor said "We are so sorry, but Zayn is a coma. At this point, we can confirm he has no brain damage, so we won't be suffering from amnesia, if he ever gets up." I cry harder, and mom gives me a big hug. Mom tells me to call the boys. I call them and tell them to come over. Thank God they brought Danielle and Eleanor. They give us, dad, mom, Safaa, Doniya, Waliyha and I hugs. I cried really hard. We all sat down and Danielle and El were trying to make me feel better. Nothing could make me feel better.

*Dad is Zayn's Dad, daddy is mine.
*Mom is Zayn's mom, mommy is mine.
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