A Twist of Fate; A One Direction FanFic

Brianna and Zayn are in love. Through hardships and heartache, they will do anything to stay together. Until one day, Zayn gets in an accident. This changes their world. Will Brianna stay with him? Or will she give up?


5. My POV. Chapter 5.

Thank goodness I remembered. If you guys don't already know, Zayn is part of a band called One Direction. Liam is such a nice guy, with a big heart. I don't think ayone would want to miss his birthday, he'd be crushed. If you don't know what that looks like, just imagine a big man baby with a slight beard. HAHAHA.

Zayn and I were talking the whole car ride through, like always. When we finally got there I walked to the trunk and got his present out. We knocked on the door and Danielle and Eleanor answered. I love Danielle. She's so sweet. Perfect for Liam. I adore El! She's so beautiful, and she can control Lou. I gave Danielle and El a big hug, like Niall would, and we went in. Liam walked down the stairs and we yelled out "HAPPY BIRTHDAY." He blushed and said thank you. Zayn gave him the present and Liam thanked us, again. Man was Liam raised well.

We walked into the living room, we weren't alone! Niall and Lou were on the couch. Obviously, as the children those two are, they weren't sitting down, they were arm wrestling. Lou won and Niall let out a scream of pain when Lou pretty much banged Niall's arm onto Liam and Danielle's, they live together, table. I tried to control my laugh but I couldn't, obviously. Niall threw a pillow at me and I threw it back. I walked over and gave the two a hug, but made sure to squeeze Niall's arm.

Liam came running from the kitchen saying, "WHAT HAPPENED?! DANIELLE CALL THE AMBULANCE!" We all started laughing and once Niall stopped laughing, he said "Liam, a little there buddy." He explained what happened and Liam blushed. I was looking around and Zayn whispered, "Babe what are you looking for?" I told him, "Where did Lou go?" I excused myself and walked to the hallway, where I see Lou standing at the top of the stairs. He called out my name, "BREE UP HERE" stupid Lou almost gave me a heart attack. He laughed at my reaction and told me to come up. I went up and he told me to call Niall there, but don't tell him he was there.

"Niall Horan to the front desk" I called laughing and he came over. I told him to follow me. I walked to right about under but back towards where Lou was. He asked me what was happening, I smiled, and said, "This is what's happening" with the huge grin on my face and ran. I heard screaming again and this time we all rushed towards him. Zayn asked Niall what happened in a serious manner, but I could tell he was controlling his laughter, he said Lou dropped a bunch of stuffed baby penguins on him. We all laughed it off.

We were all in the living room again when we heard a doorbell. Danielle answered it, but I followed her to the door. It was Harry. He had some huge ass smile on his face. He gave Danielle and I a hug, and went to the living room. He sparyed Liam with crazy string! Now I know why he was smiling.
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