A Twist of Fate; A One Direction FanFic

Brianna and Zayn are in love. Through hardships and heartache, they will do anything to stay together. Until one day, Zayn gets in an accident. This changes their world. Will Brianna stay with him? Or will she give up?


18. My POV. Chapter 18.

It's 3:00am and I'm still awake. I don't know what to do, so I get up and go to Zayn's room. I walk in to find Niall snoring loud as a pig, Harry's sleeping quietly, and Doniya has a pillow over her ears. I wave to Doniya and she asks me what I'm doing.. I explained to her that I couldn't sleep. She nodded. I walked over to Zayn and talked to him.. I probably talked to him for 20 minutes. I asked Doniya if she wanted to switch with me. She shook her head because she said it wasn't fair, "I know you can't sleep with Niall's snoring, and it's fine, I can't sleep without Zayn, so it's fine." She smiles and she goes off into the other room.

I wake up at 6:00 to a door opening. It's the same doctor from yesterday. She smiles at me and I give her a small wave. She checks his monitor, and does something else, but I'm not sure what for. "Well, Lianna," she said, "It's Brianna," I correct her with a laugh, "Oh sorry, Brianna. Well Brianna, Zayn has been showing wonderful signs of improvment, his heart beat is regular, blood pressure is fine. I think it'll be from 9 weeks now to 7." She smiles then excuses herself. I'm freaking out on the inside out. I accidentally kick my chair and wake up Niall. "WHAT HAPPENED," Lou says. I tell him the news and probably reacts just the same, minus the chair kicking.

I walk over to Zayn and grab his hand. "You hear that Love?! You're getting better! Babe your getting better! You're gonna be up in seven weeks!" I run over to Louis and bang my elbow in the process, waking Harry. He mumbles my name, then opens her eyes. She asked what happened, then I made Niall explain. I run to the family room, and everyone was finally awake, thank God for that, Liam asks me why I'm smiling and I tell them the news and the all react the same, smiling like the Cheshire Cat.
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