A Twist of Fate; A One Direction FanFic

Brianna and Zayn are in love. Through hardships and heartache, they will do anything to stay together. Until one day, Zayn gets in an accident. This changes their world. Will Brianna stay with him? Or will she give up?


17. My POV. Chapter 17.

It's 12:30 and its time for Eleanor, Louis and Safaa to watch Zayn. I'm at the park with Danielle, so I gave Lou a call to remind them. "Hey Lou, I think it's time for you guys to switch," I said, "Tricia said they were gonna cover for us, they wanted more time with Zayn, so you guys can come back at around 3:00 and Doniya, Niall and Harry will stay over night starting at 9:00" Lou said. I agreed and hung up.

Danielle and I walked around the park probably 5 times talking about what happened, and other things. I teared up time to time, but I had to control myself from crying, I didn't want people to think something about me..

It was about 2:00 when Danielle suggested we go out for late lunch. It was her treat. I agreed, but we ended up taking another lap deciding where to eat until we settled for sushi. The sushi place we went to was called "Super Scrumptious Sushi." The boys, El, Danielle and I go here all the time. We ordered some tuna sashimi and other stuff. While we were waiting for it to come, we talked about the most random things ever, and surprisingly got my mind off things. We finished at around 2:50, so we had to hurry back to the hospital. We got there at 3:21.

We apologized to mom and dad for being late, and then went to get Liam at the cafeteria. We quickly found him, given that he was wearing red pants. We went back to his room and watched over Zayn for six hours, which none of mind at all. Occasionally a doctor came in doing some tests, and checking his monitor.

At 9:00 Harry, Doniya and Niall came in to switch. We gave each other hugs and left. I went to the family room with the other 2. Mom and dad took Waliyha and Safaa to dinner, and Eleanor and Louis were outside walking. We talked for the next two and half hours.. We had some laughs, we all teared up, but we all supported each other.. We all went to bed at around 11:00 to 12:30. I still woke up in the middle of the night. This was gonna be a really long night.
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