A Twist of Fate; A One Direction FanFic

Brianna and Zayn are in love. Through hardships and heartache, they will do anything to stay together. Until one day, Zayn gets in an accident. This changes their world. Will Brianna stay with him? Or will she give up?


14. My POV. Chapter 14.

It's the third time I woke up in the middle of the night. At this point I know I won't be falling back asleep even though its only 3:17am. I lie down for a few minutes until I decide to visit Zayn's room. I put my slippers on and go. I accidentally kicked the door and Danielle woke up, she mumbled, "Who, what's there?" I shushed her and it surprisingly worked.

I walked over next door, to Zayn's room. I turned on the lights to find that Waliyha was sleeping in the chair. I turned the lights back off. I walked carefully towards Zayn, and grabbed his hand. I put my other hand on his cheek. I started talking to him, "Zayn, I can't sleep," I say, "This is too hard. I feel that if I go to bed, something is going to happen, Waliyha's in here, so I'm gonna sleep here too. Anyways, babe, I know I already told you this, but we want and need you to get better. We are all hurting.. Waliyha, Mom, and I are all having the most trouble. Mom has been really strong though.. She's hurting, but she doesn't want anyone to know.. I love you so much, words can't expla-," I was cut off, I started crying and I stopped talking so I wouldn't wake Waliyha up.

I walked back to the other room and grabbed three pillows, two for Waliyha, just how she likes it, and one for me, and grab one big blanket and a regular blanket. I get back into Zayn's room, to see Waliyha crying. I gave her the stuff and then asked her what was wrong, "I heard what you said to Zayn," she said, "Bree, I know mom, you and I have all been having trouble with this, and I just wanted to say, thank you.. I love Zayn so much, he always takes care of me.. and it would kill me if something worse happened, so thank you for taking care of him..." She puts her head on my shoulder.. I smile at her and kiss her forehead, I told her to sleep, but she said the chair was too hard, so I got out the mini mattress and let her use it. We went to sleep finally. I guess I just need the security of Zayn being there with me.
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