A Twist of Fate; A One Direction FanFic

Brianna and Zayn are in love. Through hardships and heartache, they will do anything to stay together. Until one day, Zayn gets in an accident. This changes their world. Will Brianna stay with him? Or will she give up?


11. My POV. Chapter 11.

Thank goodness all my friends are here, most of my family.. My parents passed away.. So scratch the mommy, daddy, dad and mom thing. Zayn's parents are my only parents. I love them so much. Mom is so strong. She's hurting really badly, yet, she keeps her feeling within herself. I walk over to Tricia to give her a hug, and there she goes. She starts crying.. I try to console her, but she won't stop. I can't blame her.. Her son is in a coma because some assy driver went at the red light. It hurts me, it hurts everyone to think that this could have totally been prevented.

Mom stopped crying. Liam and Lou finally came with the stuff. Everyone but Liam and I were left with Zayn, everyone went to either eat, go for a walk or change. Liam saw me crying again. I couldn't stand looking at Zayn.. It hurts so much. I start sobbing when Liam puts his arm around me and says, "Bree, it's gonna be fine. Zayn is one heck of a fighter." I cry a little quiter, and put my head on his shoulder.

This is what I love about Liam. He is as close as a brother to me. Danielle is totally fine about that too. I love that couple. Too cute. I excuse myself so I can go change.
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