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2. chapter two

Chapter Two

The euphoria from our successful auditions still hadn’t worn off a week later. Between auditions and Boot Camp we had 2 weeks to kill and bask in the glory of our amazing accomplishments. After only a week, both Harry and I were itching to get on with Boot Camp and meet the other expectant hopefuls.

In a cruel move by X-Factor, we received letters directly after our auditions informing us that we weren’t allowed to tell anyone except our immediate family about our tickets to Boot Camp. This meant that none of our mutual friends knew that we were going to be leaving in a week. Knowing that they didn’t know made hanging out with our friends rather difficult as the only thing on my mind was the upcoming Boot Camp. For this reason, Harry and I had been spending our spare time together, forming hilariously over the top predictions of what may happen in the X-Factor studies and generating stylised ideas of a future as singers.

It was on the Saturday after our audition that Harry and I found ourselves nestled into our traditional booth at the local café. The authentic feel of this old style café was one that intrigued my senses. The thick aroma of coffee beans and the windows that were always covered in a light frosting of condensation, even in summer, exemplified the culture behind the place. Harry and I had discovered it accidently, three years ago, when we were walking home from school. That day a boy I had really liked had rejected me and I had cried into Harry’s chest about the dismay I felt. Whilst walking, we had run into this small corner shop and nestled into the only booth available, one right at the back of the cramped café.

Ever since then, we had always returned to that same place and we had always found the seats to be empty. It was a sign that the place was our place and no one else’s.

I took the small spoon from my saucer and mixed the sugar into my tea. Taking the cup, I wrapped my small hands around its warmth and took a deep breath. Harry was watching me with a charismatic smile on his face. I poked my tongue out at him.

“Scar, we made it. I still can’t believe it” he whispered, his eyes leaving mine to look at the crooked wooden table beneath us. Even though we had spoken about it many times during that week, I echoed his disbelief. Our dreams were going to come true, I could feel it. I put the tea down and looked out the window.

I had seen, with my own eyes, the relationships and friendships that had faltered and fallen apart due to the introduction of success. We, as power hungry humans, have the tendency to be selfish. It was a fear that I hadn’t voiced to anyone, not even my best friend, but one that had recently manifested itself within me and grown to indescribable heights. Harry and I both wanted this so badly. We wanted to win, we wanted a career. We wanted to be successful, but I knew our relationship would be tested. I never wanted to lose his friendship. Whilst my fears invaded my mind, I failed to notice Harry’s concerned eyes upon me.

“Hey,” he started, nudging my face with his warm hands, “listen, no matter what, no matter what happens, we will come out of this as friends, okay?”  And as if he were reading my mind, he addressed my worries in the comforting way he knew how. I looked back at him and smiled, before leaning forward and kissing his cheek.

“I love you Harry Styles. You are the best, best friend I’ve ever had.”


Boot Camp week arrived soon enough and Harry and I were faced with a slight dilemma: transport. Our parents, who both worked long and hard hours to support us, were unable to take time off to accompany us down to London. It seemed the only solution was to take the train and then the bus. The long travel times were upsetting for me, but Harry didn’t seem to mind, stating that it would be a great way for the “two of us to get to know each other even more”. I had scowled at him by this point and he had sheepishly looked at me. Despite my dismay, the train was eventually the only option and so on the Sunday before Boot Camp started Harry and I found ourselves on the train at six in the morning.

Needless to say, I was exhausted. There should be a law against being awake so early.

The first couple of hours of the train ride went fairly fast, mostly because I skipped the picturesque views from outside my window and opted instead to fall asleep on Harry’s shoulder. Luckily he didn’t object. When I woke up, an hour had already passed. I stretched and noticed that Harry and I were the only two in the small cabin. The seats were green and rather comfortable and the window overlooked the beautiful countryside that we were passing. I stood up and walked over to the window, contemplating the week ahead.

Behind me, I heard Harry stir and yawn and I turned around.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you.” He shrugged me off and rubbed his eyes. He was so adorable when he was tired.

“You were keeping me warm,” he whined, giving me his irresistible puppy dog eyes. Rolling my own eyes, I returned to the position I was in before and found that he was, in fact, quite warm. I smiled.

We spent a few minutes idly chatting about mundane topics before Harry boldly suggested we play a game of truth. Quizzically, I examined him and wondered why he’d want to do that. If he wanted to know something, all he had to do was ask. I agreed nevertheless, hoping that it was just for the laughter associated with stupid truth questions.

“Okay, I have my iPhone here. I can look some up, yeah?” I mentioned. I felt Harry nod. My head was still nestled into him and I couldn’t see his face, but I felt him smile. His arm lay lazily on my arm, idly drawing patterns. The position was very comfortable.

“Okay, first question… erm… wow this is hard… I already know everything about you Styles. Haha okay, this is fairly tame, how long have you gone without taking a bath?” I asked.

He smiled and answered (7 days) and I cringed. We continued to ask each other stupid questions. When we reached a point where the silly questions had run out, I began to ask more personal ones. He replicated this behaviour.

“Okay… erm… this is kinda awkward, alright? Erm… do you masturbate?” I questioned. My eyes remained focused on my iPhone screen. By this point, I had migrated to the seat opposite Harry so I could see him, but I refused to look at him whilst he answered. From the corner of my eye, I could see his face had gone red, but he was laughing nonetheless.

“Scar, you are silly. I’m a guy, what do you think? I look at porn too and when I’m with other guys, I discuss how fit girls are. It’s normal, yeah?” I groaned at his answer. Why had I asked if I didn’t want to know the answer? But his response had prompted another question.

“Oh okay, so like, when you and Matt and Daniel all get together back home, do you discuss how fit… er Rebecca and Charlotte are?” I missed my friends from back home already. We had told them last night about where we were going and they had wished us luck before admonishing us about keeping it a secret. I made a mental note to call them later.

“Of course. Scar, you wouldn’t believe the number of conversations we’ve had about how fit Charlotte is. She’s seriously sexy,” he replied nonchalantly, as if it were no big deal. This, however, was news to me. My interest had peaked.

“So have you ever discussed how fit my sister, Annabelle, is? I mean, she’s only a year older than me…” My iPhone had disappeared and any attention I had been paying on our surroundings vanished from my mind. Whilst Harry didn’t seem to find this conversation all too intriguing, I was honestly interested in what he had to say.

“Annabelle? She’s amazingly fit.” He was staring at his fingernails now, picking at them and refusing to meet my eye. To be honest, I always presumed he thought Annabelle was attractive as he’d sometimes flirt with her when he came over, so it was no real surprise. I, myself, wondered why I’d never brought this conversation up before.

“So who else have you, Daniel and Matt discussed?” His eyes left his nails and deadpanned on me.

“Are you seriously asking me this?” I nodded enthusiastically in reply.

“But Scar,” he whined, dragging out my name and avoiding the question. “We’ve spoken about so many girls, it’s uncountable.” I leaned forward and slapped him head lightly.

“Okay, okay,” he resigned. I always managed to get my way with Harry, it was excellent. “There was Grace and Ruby. Oh and Olivia, she’s smoking. Emily and Jess, they’re quite good looking too. Sophie and Chloe and Hannah. I think that’s all from our group of friends. Oh and you.” He said the last part very fast and I smirked at him. This was the perfect time to make things uncomfortable.

“Really?” I dragged out my questioning. “Me? What sort of things have you said?”

Harry, who was well aware that I was playing games, looked me square in the eye.

“Oh, you know, a bit of this and a bit of that.” I knew that he was going to be responsible for some girl’s broken heart in the future.

I raised my eyebrows.

“Daniel and Matt reckon that you’re the fittest girl in our group.”

“Is that so?” My voice was sultry, purposely teasing him for the answer I knew he would give. “And you?”

“I disagree. I don’t think you’re the fittest girl at all.” My eyes widened and I launched myself at him, playfully tackling him. “Hey!” I yelled in indignation. An old couple passing by our carriage stopped and glaringly stared at us. We laughed some more. The moment was soon forgotten as we continued to fake tackle each other. Our playful fighting turned into a conversation about who we would meet at Boot Camp and soon our game of Truth was seemingly forgotten.

However, a few hours later, on a subsequent bus that would take us to our classy upscale hotel, I began to fall asleep on Harry’s shoulder. Travelling always wore me out and whenever I was on a train, bus or plane, I was likely to fall asleep. With my head on Harry’s warm shoulder, I let my eyes flutter closed. To those looking on, it would’ve looked like I was asleep and Harry appeared to think this was the case. He stroked my head lightly.

“I don’t think you’re the fittest in our group because, well, honestly I think you’re the most beautiful.”

My eyes remained closed, but a small smile managed to grace my face.


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