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3. chapter three

Chapter Three

The hotel was amazing. My jaw actually dropped several thousand feet when I saw my room. Lavishly decorated with amazingly intricate pieces of furniture, I felt as if I had stepped into a Princess’ room from a fairytale.

I had been to London before, but only on day trips. The majority of my time was spent in Cheshire and to be honest, I’d never really travelled much. This was a new adventure for me and I couldn’t even begin to describe the excitement I was feeling. I dropped my bag in the centre of the room and launched myself onto the bed. The mattress engulfed me, caressing me until I had almost fallen asleep. The uncomfortable vibrating coming from my pocket jolted me out of my dream filled state.

Oh my god, the rooms! I feel like I’m in heaven

Smiling, I quickly replied to Harry agreeing with him and then looked at the schedule that was attached to my ticket. We were expected to arrive in London a day before Boot Camp so that we could meet the rest of the contestants during dinner. I presumed there were quite a few hopefuls and I was wondering how this evening would work. The attire required was semi formal, so I took out my favourite green cocktail dress, the one I had worn to the formal last year and put it on my bed.

Unlike most girls, I didn’t have a passion for fashion. I liked to look stylish but generally, I just threw on whatever I had. I suppose that it would be a flaw I’d have to fix for the show and my future. I needed to have a distinct style in fashion. Putting that thought to one side, I stepped into the shower and washed myself off. Even the shower was majestic with about 30 different bottles of shampoo available. Picking a fruity smelling one, I rubbed it through my sleek black hair.

My thoughts returned back to my appearance. I was lucky enough to have the body that I did. Sleek shiny black hair, tanned skin and brilliant hazel eyes. I really couldn’t have asked for any more. It made getting ready an absolute breeze.

The only thing that I was truly uncomfortable about was an ugly scar I had just to the left of my left eyebrow. A freak accident in which I’d fallen off the playground and hit my head on the wooden platform below had resulted in ghastly scar that was pale white against my tan skin. Generally, I tended to cover it with make-up. It was a memory I wanted to erase. I dusted over it with some brown foundation and rearranged my side fringe to cover it as much as possible. Donning my dress, I beautified myself a little bit, before stepping outside my hotel room and meeting Harry.

We went down to the hall together. It was comforting knowing that I had someone there with me in case things went wrong. Upon entering the dining hall, we were confronted with around 200 other people. My eyes must’ve widened because Harry started laughing at me. I punched his arm and looked around. There were people everywhere and they all seemed to be gathering around an erected board. Pulling Harry along with me, I went to look at it.

“Allocated seating” Harry groaned as he looked over heads to see the signs. His slight 3 cm advantage was something that annoyed me and he played on it often. However, little did he know, I actually liked being short.

“I don’t think anybody will really abide by it anyway… am I on your table?” I quizzed, looking around and trying to see if there were people my age.

“Ah, no. We’re on separate tables. You’re on table… 9. Hey, that’s your lucky number!” He nudged my side. I smiled at this little fact that I had told him three years ago that he still remembered. “I’m on table 8. Okay, let’s go find our tables. Oh, by the way, can I put my phone in your clutch?”

We found our tables and sat down. Harry’s table was near mine, so I wasn’t too worried. My table, which seemed to be smack bang in the middle of the hall, was already filled with people that looked to be around my age. I sat down in the only remaining seat next to a young man with strawberry blonde hair that resembled Justin Bieber’s. On my right was a woman with dark skin who was intently texting on her phone. Not wanting to interrupt her activities, I turned to the young man, who was now looking at me and smiling. His face appeared to light up when he smiled.

“Hi, I’m Liam Payne, it’s nice to meet you.” In a slightly old fashioned way, he stuck his hand out at me and I shook it. I smiled warmly at him.

“I’m Scarlett Thomas. It’s a pleasure to meet you too. How old are you?”

“Sixteen… well, seventeen sort of. My birthday’s actually this Friday… the day we find out if we’re through or not,” he chuckled nervously. I saw through his laugh, his nerves were definitely overcoming him. And it was good to know that he was my age, which meant that we had plenty to talk about.

Conversation easily flowed between us as dinner was served. I met the other people on the table too, however, none of them stood out as much as Liam, who had instantly captured my attention. His quirky sense of humour and archaic manners had me swooning.

On the other end of the spectrum, the girl on my right never ceased her texting and any conversation with her was futile.

“Hey, it’s nice to meet you. I’m Scarlett Thomas, what’s your name?” I asked politely. She refused to look at me.


“That’s a really nice name, where are you from?”


“Oh wow, so you didn’t really have to travel far. I love it here, it’s so amazing. I kinda wish I lived here.” After that, I received no reply, so I stopped talking. Turning around, Liam was laughing at me and I playfully glared him down.

The dinner was delicious. An entire three course meal served beautifully. However, I found that paying attention was difficult due to the engaging nature of most of the individuals on my table. Once the main course had been served, there was a band that began playing, prompting people to come onto the dance floor and groove.

At the instant that the music started, Harry was at my side, dragging me over to the floor. I excused myself from Liam, who was only able to stare, and I embarrassingly moved to the music with Harry on the floor.

Several songs later, my heels were cutting into my ankles and I laughed as I left Harry to go sit down. He pouted at me and puppy dog eyed me, but I refused to fall for that this time. Instead, he chose to use his flirtatious skills to track down another dance partner. Leaving him to it, I went and sat down.

“Boyfriend?” Liam asked, chipping away at the chocolate mousse dessert which had been served. I watched his silver spoon for a second cutting at the rich texture of the delectable plate.

“Nah, just my best friend.” I picked up my spoon and took a piece of my lemon meringue. Putting it in my mouth, I almost sighed as the dessert melted on my tongue. If being famous meant that I could access this food, I would’ve tried much harder to reach stardom.

“You like lemon meringues?” He asked curiously, watching me devour my food in a slightly unladylike manner. I chuckled.

“Like? Try love. Why, you don’t like them?”

“Well, erm, I’ve never tried them.” My mouth dropped.

“You’ve got to be kidding me, they’re the nicest things in the world!” Shoving the plate towards him, I force fed him some of the lemon meringue while he sat there laughing and then swallowing, to ensure that he wouldn’t choke.

“Haha, okay, okay! I surrender, it’s pretty good.” I raised my arms in victory. However, my result was short lived as he took that opportunity to shove some Chocolate Mousse in my mouth. I licked my lips seductively and I laughed. He joined me.

Later, once the desserts were collected, the music started again. My feet had recovered from their previous escapades and as the rest of our table refused to dance, I pulled Liam with me onto the dance floor. There we danced crazily and joined the large dance circle that had formed. Whilst dancing, we managed to make some new friends, ranging from our age to those several years older than us. Generally everyone was in a happy mood and it saddened me to think that in a few days, the group would became a lot smaller than it was right now.

Finally, as the night was dwindling down, the music’s tempo changed to a slower one. A slow dance song. I considered opting out of dancing and I was going to use my feet hurting as an excuse, however, Liam managed to beat me to it.

“Can I have this dance?” He asked daintily, holding out his hand in anticipation of taking mine. I beamed at his chivalry and took it, pulling him close to me. He smelt amazing. We swayed to the music. Talking wasn’t necessary.

The night ended after that and we were told to return to our rooms, in order to rest up for Boot Camp tomorrow. Liam offered to walk me up and after grabbing my clutch, we made our way up to the rooms. I briefly wondered where Harry was, before I pushed it out of my mind. He’s a big boy, he would survive. And knowing him, he’d probably already found a girlfriend.

“So, I’ll be seeing you tomorrow then?” He asked as we reached my room.

“Definitely, haha, wouldn’t miss it for the world,” I replied. Kissing his left cheek lightly, I thanked him for an amazing night and entered my room, waving him away. Plopping down onto my huge mattress, I threw my clutch on the floor and instantly began to fall asleep. However, my quest for dreams were interrupted much too soon when someone kept banging on my door. Rolling my eyes, I got up and opened it.

“Harry? What the hell are you doing here and why aren’t you in your suit from this evening?” I questioned. It had only been ten minutes since the event had ended and I knew Harry was incapable of changing that fast.

“Oh, I came up about an hour ago. I wasn’t feeling too good.”

“What? Oh no, now’s the worst time to get sick!” I exclaimed, putting my hand on his forehead to make sure he was okay. He didn’t feel too warm and I relaxed a little bit. Grabbing my abandoned clutch, I returned his phone to him and went to pick up some pyjamas.

“Thanks for looking after my phone!” he called from my bed, as I went into the bathroom to get changed. “By the way, you looked gorgeous tonight! I’ll never tire of seeing you in that green dress.” As I was stripping it off, I smiled and placed it delicately on the bathroom bench.

“Thanks Harry, you’re such a charmer. So how was your night?” I continued my pre-bed rituals, like removing my make-up and cleansing my face. He didn’t reply and I assumed that he would wait for me to come out of the bathroom. Finishing my little clean up session, I turned off the light and closed the door, before facing my bed, only to find that Harry had fallen asleep. Smiling at my best friend, I locked my hotel door and joined him in the bed, falling asleep fairly quickly from both pure exhaustion and the extra warmth provided by Harry.  


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