Minnie is 17. She has blond hair that was bleached and is slowly going back to dark dark brown. She has wonderful green eyes. She loves everything. Except for One Direction. They are jerkfaces who are so full of themselves, she hates it. When she meets 5 boys her life and opinions are turned around, despite her looks that she hates.


5. Wait, they both are in love?

Liams POV

"That is the nicest thing any guy has ever done for me. Thanks liam.." she says. I hug her back.. Then I do something I didn't even think of doing, until I had already done it. I kissed her. I kissed Minnie Davies. I kissed her. Wait, I'm kissing her. She's kissing back. What the heck? We kiss for probably three minutes, and luckily, it wasn't awkward. Niall walks over, but I guess he doesn't notice.

"Hey Minnie, I saw some dresses over there, and if you want I would buy you one because they look really nice and I think you'd like them and HOLY CRAP!!!!" 

Minnie and I pull away and she turns around and Niall is crying. A tear rolls down his cheek, and he looks really hurt.

"Look, Niall, I can explain-" Minnie starts, but Niall interrupts her.

"No, it's fine, it's not like we were dating anyways.." Niall says, and he turns around and runs to the door, Minnie turning to me and she's crying as well.. Uh oh..

"I- I-" she starts, but then she just slaps me across the face really hard and walks away. I hold my hand on my cheek where she slapped me, and I think my cheek is swelling up.. I leave the store to go find ice, but then I realise that Minnie is more important than safety. I turn the other way and start following Minnie, who I guess is going to find Niall. But then I see out of the corner of my eye Niall, sitting in a plant. He's doing an awful job at hiding. I turn over to walk over him, an 18 year old sitting in a 3 inch tall tree, and grab his hand and pull him up. We walk over to a bench and sit down. Niall is still crying, it hurts me so much just to see him like this.

"Mate, look up at me. Talk to me, please," I plead, and Niall keeps his head down. A tear drops onto his jeans every second, and I just continue talking, I know he can hear me.

"Niall, I know you're listening. Look, I understand you are in love with Minnie, and so am I. I shouldn't have kissed her, it's just I couldn't help myself, she hugged me after I sang to her, and I just lost control of myself and I'm sorry mate," I say. Niall looks up at me, his face completely stained with tears, and he sniffles.

"Liam, it's fine. She clearly likes you better, because she wouldn't have kissed you if she liked me. She only kissed me to shut me up." Niall says.

"No, she slapped me across the face. Super hard, I was going to get ice but then I went to look for you and her. She loves you, she kissed you, I kissed her." I say, really hurt by the truth.


Nialls POV

After Liam said that, he looked really hurt.

"Maybe she hates both of us.." I say slowly. Liam nods.

"Let's go find her." Liam says, and we get up and start walking. When we reach the doors, we walk out and find something I never would have expected. Her and Zayn were sitting on a bench, her sobbing into his chest, and he is stroking her hair, whispering to her.

"It's going to be alright, Minnie.." Zayn whispered, looking up at us and giving us a dirty look.

"Let's get a taxi to take us back and you can get some rest." Zayn says while Minnie nods. With that, they get up, and Zayn calls the taxi man. We just stand there in complete shock, my heart feeling like it's been torn out of my chest, and then they get in the cab and it drives off to the flats. I walk back inside with Liam, and we go get Louis and Harry, wondering where they are. Sure enough, we find them in the bathroom, peeing on eachother.

"PEE FIGHT!!!!" Louis screams.

"YOU'RE ON!!" screams Harry. I facepalm, and then Liam shouts at the boys.

"BOYS! STOP PEEING ON EACHOTHER! THAT IS INNAPROPRIATE! WE ARE LEAVING! LET'S GO!" Liam yells, and we go back to the flat, driving in silence. I grab the hose and spray Louis and Harry with it, and we walk inside. We go up the elevator, and walk in. We all go sit with Zayn in the main room.

"Minnie is in Harry's room asleep, Harry, don't get any ideas.." Zayn says, while Harry turns around and walks back into our room. We all sit there, Louis sitting on Harry's lap so he can't get up, and then Minnie walks out into the room and sits on the floor with Zayn.

"So.." says Louis awkwardly, while he munches on a carrot. Minnie gives Liam a dirty look, and then smiles at me. I look away. She slapped my friend in the face. I get up and walk into the kitchen for a snack. Minnie followed me in, and so did Liam. Liam goes to hug Minnie, hoping that she'll forgive him, I assume.

"No, I want to hug Niall." says Minnie, walking over to me for a hug.

"No, I want to hug Liam," I say, walking over and hugging Liam. Liam hugs me back, and then Minnie rolls her eyes.

"Wow, jerk much?" she says to me, and I respond the only way I would.

"If loving your friend over someone who slapped him makes me a jerk, then I guess so." and with that Minnie walks into the other room. When we walk back in, I almost faint. No, she's not kissing Zayn, nor Harry. Yes, she was kissing Louis.


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