Minnie is 17. She has blond hair that was bleached and is slowly going back to dark dark brown. She has wonderful green eyes. She loves everything. Except for One Direction. They are jerkfaces who are so full of themselves, she hates it. When she meets 5 boys her life and opinions are turned around, despite her looks that she hates.


8. Twitter hate breaks Daddy

Minnie's POV

I wake up and I am alone in my cold bed. I get up and check the bathroom, nope. Bedrooms, all empty. Kitchen? Sitting room? Nothing. I get nervous, and think they all left me here. I sit on the couch and tears roll down my cheeks. Why am I crying? They probably got some business call or something, they don't hate me. The door opens and I sigh in relief expecting them to show up, but it's my mom. What?

"Hi, sweetie.." she says slowly.

"Hey mom.." I say.

"Look, you met some friends and your father and I are moving to Hawaii.. Would you like to stay here?" she asks, woah..

"Sure, bye love ya," I say hugging her. She hugs back.

"Love you too, text me daily babe," she says and with that she's gone. I'll just stay until they kick me out, then I'll get an apartment. The door flies open and the boys walk in. Niall sees my tear stained cheeks and his smile wipes off his face.

"Minnie, sweetie, what's wrong..!?" Niall asks concerned, running over and sitting down, pulling me into a cuddle.

"I thought you guys left me.." I mumble.

"Babe, I would never leave you! You mean the world to me, love," says Niall, and then Louis looks at the others and they all nod, and with that they all climb onto the couch and form an awkward group hug. I'm laying in Niall's lap sorta, and then they are all just piled on top of me. The door opens and my mom walks in.

"Oh, uh, just wanted to give you the hotel number.. Didn't know you guys were uh, busy.." she says and slides a piece of paper onto the coat rack and rushes out.

"Crushing me guys.," I say and they flop off of me. They got McDonalds for breakfast, so I started eating my breakfast sandwich. We all go on twitter. After a bit of me scrolling through useless hate, Liam chucks his phone across the room and storms out. The boys look up, shrug then look back down. I slam my phone down onto the coffee table and run to Liam's room. I rush in and he's face-down on his bed, sobbing. I run over, shut the door, sit down on the bed and start rubbing his back. He looks up and notices it's me, then he sits up, his face stained with tears.

"What's wrong Liam?" I ask.

"Them.." he says. I grab his laptop and within minutes I'm on his twitter. I go to his mentions.

"@idontlike1d: Lol @Real_Liam_payne is afraid of spoons? What the hell? They are 100% harmless.. Haha chicken."

"@meandtrollin23: lol @real_liam_payne stick with one hairstyle, like wtf leave your ugly greasy hair alone."

"@onedirectionatorftw: if I ever saw real_liam_payne, I'd kill him on the spot. I wouldnt care what my punishment was as long as he's dead,"

I can't read anymore. I slam it shut, and turn to Liam. He is in tears.

"I am better off dead, aren't I.." he says.

"NO! Never ever," I say. He runs into the bathroom, and I chase him but he locks the door.

"Liam, I will call the police!" I yell, and before I know it everyone else is at my side.

"What's going on?" asks Louis.

"He's killing himself!" I scream.

Liam's POV

I grab a sharp razor and place the cold blade against my wrist, and it stings. I push hard and run it along my wrist. I keep cutting, getting deeper as I go, blood pouring out and onto the floor. The last thing I do is unlock the door before darkness takes over me.
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