Minnie is 17. She has blond hair that was bleached and is slowly going back to dark dark brown. She has wonderful green eyes. She loves everything. Except for One Direction. They are jerkfaces who are so full of themselves, she hates it. When she meets 5 boys her life and opinions are turned around, despite her looks that she hates.


6. She's certainly Torn

Liams POV
She's sitting there, on our own couch, practically making out with Louis. What the heck!? What a player. Honestly. I clear my throat and she stops kissing him, and looks over at me.
"May I help you?" she asks innocently.
"Yes, would you mind keeping your lips off of Louis' for long enough to get out of here?" Niall says rudely.
"Haha, no." she says and kisses Louis again. Louis just kisses her back. I walk over and pick her up and set her down on the floor.
"No more kissing people, it's innapropriate," I say, and she just rolls her eyes. She is being such a jerk! I can't help myself, and I know I should get thrown in jail and painfully murdered for this, but I slap her across the face. I just hit a girl. I am ashamed of myself. Louis jumps up and punches me in the face. I needed that. My nose starts bleeding like crazy, and I let it drip. Harry, who has been oddly quiet, jumps up and pushes Louis back.
"Woah, woah, WOAH! Guys! Stop! How are we supposed to have a boyband if we aren't even friends!? What are we supposed to do! We can't do anything! Nothing! We can't! We are becoming enemies! Minnie, you and Zayn go out into the hallway and sit there, and calm down while Louis stays in here with me. Niall, you go into the kitchen with Liam and clean up. We will all chat, and then come back in here for a group discussion." Harry shouts, surprisingly forceful. I go into the kitchen with Niall and he starts cleaning up the blood.
Harry's POV
How did I just come up with all that? Smart. But I had had enough! We might as well.. break up.. if we are going to just fight.. I can't believe I just thought that. I walk over to Louis who is sitting on the couch. I sit down with him.
"..Minnie was so sweet, now she's such a jerk. What got into her?" I say, earning myself a really dirty look from Louis.
Woah, mate, what's gotten you so mad?" I ask him. No girl has gotten him this mad before, other than.... Eleanor..
"That was my first girl I had talked to since Eleanor, other than crazed fans. And she kissed me. And I thought she liked me, but then I realised she was only mad at Liam and Niall. And now, I am mad at Liam and Niall. And we are about three years in age difference, but still.. I don't know, mate.. What's gotten into me? I am some kind of monster!" Louis says, ending with almost a shout.
"I don't know, Louis. I honestly don't know.." I say, deep in thought.
"How about you stick with being single for a while? Focus on friendships.. We need that.." I say, and Louis nods.
Nialls POV
I just finished cleaning blood off Liam, and he has probably broken his nose. I tell him to try shoving Kleenex up it for now, and we'll get to the doctors later. He nods, and then we start talking about what we think we should do about Minnie.
"Look, Liam, we've got to figure something out about Minnie," I say.
"Yeah, I loved her, but I think I was just missing Danielle, we broke up not long ago, I want to stay single for a bit," he says truthfully.
"I feel like she was mad at us and that's why she kissed Louis. I really still do like her, if she isn't just some player," I say. I hope she's not some player, I don't like them.
"You two look cute together, mate," Liam says with a smile.

Zayn's POV
"Are you okay?" I ask her.
"Yeah, Liam didn't slap me hard at all," she says.
"I didn't expect Liam to slap you," I say.
"I deserved it, I don't know what got into me," she says, a tear rolling down her cheek.
"Look, Minnie, Niall is in love, he tells me when he's in love. I can tell by the way he looks at you," I tell her.
"I love him too, I just think how poor Liam likes me too," she starts, and I interrupt her,
"Liam isn't in love, he thought he was, he just misses Danielle, trust me, same with Louis, you threw us all off guard with your little 'make out session' on the couch with Louis," I say.
"Yeah, I think I wanna go back in there and set things straight," she says. And with that, I stand up and extend an arm to help her up. She takes it, and I pull her up. We walk inside, and walk into the main room to find everybody sitting on the couches and chairs and floor. Louis and Harry sharing a chair, Liam on the couch, Niall on the floor. I sit next to Liam, and Niall gets up and sits next to me. Minnie sits on the other chair. We all kind of just stare at the ground.

Harry's POV
Everyone just kinda stares at the ground, except for me. I clear my throat, and everyone's heads shoot up.
"So, we clearly have a fair amount of discussing to do," I say, getting things moving along.

Minnie's POV
I hate myself, I should just commit suicide and never talk to these boys again, I'm the reason One Direction is breaking up. Harry hands me the remote.
"Let's start with Minnie," he says giving me a smile.
"Uh.." I start.
"I dunno what to say.." I say, tossing Harry the remote.
"Thank you for cooperating with the speaking stick, and who do you like in this group as a love interest?" Harry asks, tossing me the remote.
"Uhm, Niall..." I mumble, tossing Harry the remote.
"Okay, Niall?" Harry asks Niall tossing him the remote.
"Uh, uhm.. M-Minnie..." he mumbles, and I blush.

Niall's POV
Uh, uhm.. M-Minnie..." I mumble, then prepare for rejection. I look up and she is blushing, and my face is red as well, I can tell. I hand the remote back to Harry. We end up discussing a whole lot about respect, love, keeping the band together, and then we end up laughing. We are all getting along again. Everyone except for Minnie and I pull out their phones and go on twitter.
"I'm going to the kitchen.." I say quietly, and leave and enter the kitchen. I sit on the floor with my head and back on the cupboard door, and put my face in my hands. I'm an idiot. Just then, Minnie shuffles in and sits next to me.
"So, you uh... Like me?" she teases me. I look up and she's smiling.
"Yeah.." I say.
"Sweet.." she says, tapping my nose with her index finger.
"I'm gonna get it all out..." I say, and she looks at me and listens.
"I know I barely know you, but... Will you be my girlfriend?" I ask her, preparing for a no.
"Yes," she says, and hugs me. I hug her back, and I bury my face in her neck. We pull apart, and our faces are not even an inch apart. We both lean in, and our lips crush against eachothers. We keep kissing, I could stay like this forever. She pulls away, and smiles at me. We sit side by side and pull out our phones and check twitter.

@NiallOfficial: I love my new girlfriend @MinnieLovesYou101 xx

@Real_Liam_Payne: After a hard and dramatic day, everything turned out alriightt! :) x

@Harry_Styles: That went well, love you five!

@Louis_Tomlinson: Busy day! Congrats Niall, heard the news about you and Minnie! ;) Xx

@zaynmalik: Love everything you have, you never know what you have until it's gone.

@MinnieLovesYou101: Made five new friends today, although one of them is more than a friend ;) xxx

@EleanorJCalder: @Louis_Tomlinson I'm coming over tommorow to get the rest of my things. Then I'll be done, still sorry about that.

@1D1rectioner: Ew, @NiallOfficial why would you choose an ugly slut like @MinnieLovesYou101 ? When we meet, we'll fall in love, hang in there babe. x

@MinnieLovesYou101: @1D1rectioner Can I come to the wedding? :)

@NiallOfficial: @1D1rectioner Leave Minnie alone, she's beautiful, I love her, goodbye.

I log off. I have received so much hate, I just don't care. I'm just gonna be nice and that'll annoy them. I get up and walk into the main room.

"Why are you guys just sitting there? We're going Go Karting!" I say, and they all jump up. We go tell Niall and then head off. In the car ride there, we make teams. Me and Niall, Harry and Louis, and Liam and Zayn. We are doing it like a relay, one person will do a lap, and then the next member will do the next. We get there, and we're the only people there! Once we get our helmets on and Niall is in the car first racing Liam and Harry, I realise this will be so much fun, I love these boys.
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