Minnie is 17. She has blond hair that was bleached and is slowly going back to dark dark brown. She has wonderful green eyes. She loves everything. Except for One Direction. They are jerkfaces who are so full of themselves, she hates it. When she meets 5 boys her life and opinions are turned around, despite her looks that she hates.


10. Good news, bad news, and apologies

Minnie's POV

I slide my eyelids open. I look up. I see Louis. He wakes up.

"Goodmorning, love," he says smiling.

"Goodmorning," I say. I smile at him. We roll out of bed and I make toast. We each have toast with butter and milk, very simple. We sit on the couch and eat.

"What exactly happened between you and Niall?" Louis asks me. I turn to him and cross my legs and he does the same.

"Well, it started with us cuddling in bed. We were talking about Liam. I said how it was my fault, and that I should have been the one in the hospital," I say.

"How was it your fault?" Louis asks.

"I read more tweets on his laptop after he stopped because he couldn't read more. Anyways, Niall screamed at me, telling me not to say that ever again, and that neither of us should be hurt, and then he got carried away, and screamed that life got really bad ever since I showed up.." I explain and start crying.

"That was certainly uncalled for, both of you," Louis starts.

"You are my sister, I love you, don't you ever say or even think you should be hurt. And Niall is like a brother to me, and he shouldn't at all have told you any of that," he says and walks into my room. I follow him. He's on his twitter. I sit on his lap and he scrolls down his mentions.

"@Istayupallnightwith1d: @NiallOfficial @MinnieLovesYou is cheating on you with @Louis_Tomlinson. They slept together last night, he stayed in her hotel, good thing you told her." Louis groans.

"Why the hell do people do this? They're not directioners.." Louis says and goes google. He simply types in 'Louis Tomlinson'. The top news story is: "One Direction's Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan fighting over girl, Minnie?" he clicks on it. We read.

"We all knew Niall was getting a thing for Minnie, who they met at Canada's Wonderland several days ago, but Louis Tomlinson was caught walking into the Holiday Inn, and tweeting Harry that he is spending the night with his girlfriend, Minnie. We chatted with Louis before he went into the hotel.

Interviewer: Louis, who are you going to visit here?

Louis: My girl friend, Minnie Mouse.

Interviewer: Have you guys kissed yet?

Louis: Yes.

Interviewer: Anything more than that? *winks*

Louis: *chuckles* Yes. *winks back*

He then walked into the hotel. I guess that means Louis started dating her, and judging by the fact he never left the hotel, they spent the night together.


There is a picture of Louis walking into the hotel on the website, and there was also a picture of me running down the street yesterday.


"What actually happened?" I asked.

"They asked me where I was going, and I said 'To visit a friend,' they asked who, I said Minnie Mouse, they asked me if we made out, I said no, and called them dirty people, and said that we're just friends, brother and sister even. That was it. No more, no less," he says.

"Urgh, I'm straightening this crap out," I say logging onto twitter. I ignore my death threats and crap.

@MinnieLovesYou: @Louis_Tomlinson and I aren't dating, I'm single. We did sleep together, but nothing like that. Only like two siblings would, just cuddling. We have no love interest in eachother, the media lied about the interview. K, bye." I tweet. I read that Louis just tweeted something.

"@Louis_Tomlinson: Guys that interview was turned around. Yes Minnie Mouse and I slept together, nothing dirty happened. She's my sister from different parents. Please stop starting crazy rumours, and I suggest you stop tagging that dirty trend of yours."

Dirty trend? I read whats trending.






Happy Birthday


Cheesey Rumours


Wait, what? Minnie did the tommo last night? Ugh. Are you kidding me.

"Saw that, huh?" Louis asks.

"Ew, yep." I mumble. Louis gets a text.

From: Nialler

Um Louis I think you and Minnie should come to the hospital right now.. :/

To: The Tommo

"Oh shit.." I mumble.

To: Nialler

Oh god. We're coming right now. Is he okay? :(

From: The Tommo

We shut off the computer and run out the door. We get into Louis' car and speed off. We get to the hospital.

"Liam Payne?" is all Louis says to the lady at the front desk.

"Ah, yes.... He is in ICU, so you'll have to wait outside in their waiting room for now. Floor 19, room 21."

Oh gosh... NO.

Louis and I run to the elevator and it was just closing. I stick my hand in opening the doors and we rush in. We push '19' and the doors shut. I start crying.

Louis' POV

Minnie starts crying, so I pull her into my arms and hold her tight. She cries into my tshirt, and I don't care. I stay strong, and don't cry. We reach floor 19 and step out.

"Want a piggy back?" I ask. She nods and jumps on my back, crying into the back of my neck. Poor girl. I start rushing until I see 21. The sign says ICU. I walk in and see the lads crying in the chairs. I rush over and Niall looks at Minnie on my back and frowns and look away. I set Minnie down, and I sit down. She sits down in my lap, cuddling up to my like a little kid would cuddle up to their parents. I pull her into a hug and she sobs into my chest.

"What happened?" I ask them.

"Liam.. he, uhm, you see...." Zayn mumbles between sobs.

"What!?" I demand.

"Liam has a kidney infection," says Harry, and Niall weeps.

"WHAT!? NO!" I scream.

"He woke up, and, uhm.." Niall starts, but stops when he sees Minnie curled up in my lap. He looks like his heart just got torn out of his chest.

"He was better, he will just have a scar on his wrist permanently.. But then we found out he has a kidney infection," Harry sobs.

"He will  be alright, but he might have to get a kidney transplant.." says Zayn.

"I hate kidneys! They kill him legally for five seconds because he had one, and now he's got some stupid infection in the only one he's got! It's not fair.." I sob.

"Minnie?" asks a nurse.

"She's over here.." I say. The nurse comes over.

"Liam Payne is okay. He will have to take two pills daily, the pharmacist will explain that to you when you pick up his medicine. His kidney is fine, he won't need a transplant. He is awake right now. He said he wanted to see Minnie first," she says. I sigh of relief. Minnie fell asleep in my lap. I shake her.

"Minnie, you get to go see Liam. Wake up, love," I whisper. She slowly wakes up and stretches. She gets up and follows the nurse in to Liam's room. She dissapears through the door.

"Why did you stay at Minnies last night?" Niall asks, sounding hurt.

"Because after you made a mess of her heart, I was the one stuck cleaning it up," I snap at him.

"Oh.." Niall mumbles and tears form in his eyes.

"You hurt he really bad," I say.

"I know. I didn't even mean it, I didn't even want to say it. It came out from nowhere, I didn't even think that. I didn't notice what I had said until I read her note," he mumbled, letting the tears roll down his face.

Liams POV

Minnie steps in and rushes to my side.

"I'm sorry Minnie.." I apologise. I feel awful, I shouldn't have done that, it wasn't safe, smart, nor necessary.

"No, I'm sorry. It's my fault Liam!" she says.

"No it wasn't.." I mumble.

"I'm just glad you're okay!" she says hugging me. All the others walk in.

"YOU'RE OKAY!" shouts Niall happily. Everyone crowds around me.

"Uhm, Minnie, can I talk to you out in the hall..?" Niall asks and him and Minnie go out into the hall.


Nialls POV

We step into the hallway. Minnie leans against the wall, and so do I. I slowly slide down into a sitting position, and so does she.

"I didn't mean what I said. I didn't even think that. It came from nowhere. I wanted to curl up into a hole and die once I realised what I said," I say.

"It's okay, it's just that hurt my feeling so much. I couldn't believe you said that. It didn't sound like something you'd say," she says. I turn to face her.

"Why are you forgiving me so easily?" I ask her, shocked.

"Because I understamd that you are sorry and you honestly didn't mean it. I love you, I know you wouldn't do anything to hurt me," she says. We stand up. Our eyes meet. Her beautiful green eyes soften and she leans in and I lean in too. We close our eyes, and our lips meet. She wraps her arms around my neck, and I wrap my arms around her waist. We kiss there passionately, not caring who sees. She tangles her fingers through my hair, then pulls her arms back down to my neck. We pull away at the same time and hug.

"I love you, Minnie, don't you ever forget it," I whisper.

"I love you too, Niall. Don't you ever forget that," she whispers. I lock my fingers with hers and we open the big heavy door and walk back into Liam's room. We are both smiling like idiots, but I don't care.

"Aww, did you guys make up?" asks Zayn, smiling.

"Yep.." I say.

"We're back together," she says, smiling, and squeezing my hand.

After a few hours of catching up the nurse informs us we can leave, including Liam! Yaaay! We go down to the pharmacy. The pharmacist explains everything to us and hands us the pills. We pile into the two cars and then we drive back to the apartment. Louis, Niall, and I are in one car, and Zayn, Liam, and Harry are in the other. We get into the apartment and settle in. Niall and I are cuddling on a chair, Liam, Harry and Louis are on the couch, and Zayn is sitting in the other chair.

"I'm bored.." I groan.

"Truth or dare!" shouts Zayn excitedly and we start playing.

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