Minnie is 17. She has blond hair that was bleached and is slowly going back to dark dark brown. She has wonderful green eyes. She loves everything. Except for One Direction. They are jerkfaces who are so full of themselves, she hates it. When she meets 5 boys her life and opinions are turned around, despite her looks that she hates.


2. Brotherly Hate

Nialls POV

I have my arm around Minnie, and then I slowly move my arm so my hand is now brushing against hers. I slowly move my hand so we are now holding hands. She just stays still, hopefully this isn't awkward. Louis suggests we go back to the flat we are staying in for the next year off. I start walking, still holding Minnie's hand.

Liams POV

I run up to Niall and Minnie. I can't flirt with Minnie, because I get all shy and stuff. So I invite her over to watch movies with us. I will choose scary movies, then maybe she'll cuddle up with me when she gets scared.. If I don't get scared first.

"Okay, I've just gotta text my mom that I met some... friends, and that I'm spending the night there.." she says hesitantly.

"If that's okay!" she says.

"That would be wonderful.." Niall says, winking at Minnie, Minnie looking back at me with a creeped out look on her face. Niall facepalmed himself with his free hand. I just looked back down at Minnie. Minnie lets go of Niall's hand and pulls out her phone and types in a message and sends it.

Minnies POV

I pull away from Niall's hand and start texting my mom. 'Dear Mom, saw some friends and am staying the night there. Night night, see ya 2morrow. :) xx', send. I look up and smile at Liam, and we start walking. Liam keeps reaching his hand out, brushing it against mine, then jerking it back quickly. I realise he's trying to hold my hand but can't work up the nerves. Awww. I reach out and grab his hand, and he freezes, and his eye twitches.. I think of letting go, but then he settles down and doesn't stop smiling until we reach the car. Niall on the other hand couldn't stop frowning. Oh dear.. We get in the car and I release Liams hand. I look around to find everyone in the car staring at me..

"I'm Minnie, for those who I haven't been properly introduced to.." I say.

"I'm Harry." says the Curly haired boy.

"I'm Zayn." says the guy from Bradford.

"I'm Louis, but you already knew that.." he says with a wink. I look away, and nod.

"Yes.. I did... My friend loves you, so I hear her talk about you long stop.." I say.

Then my eyes meet Nialls, and he stares at me. I look away, and he rubs my thigh.. I think this is the most awkward car ride I have ever been on. Niall rubbed my thigh the whole time, and Liam kept looking over at me, and everyone pretty much stared at me, and I thought for a second they were planning my death or something.. We finally arrive at the apartment building, and I walk between Zayn and Harry, because they are the least awkward. When I walk into the apartment, everything is everywhere. Clothes are laying everywhere. The boys all scramble in, shoving things under the couch until I can see the floor. Everyone sits down, then Harry says,

"Minnie, go get popcorn." I roll my eyes, walk into the kitchen, and start looking for popcorn. I reach up into the cupboard, and on the top shelf, there is popcorn. I see a hand reach up and grab the popcorn for me and I spin around to find Liam super duper close to me. Liam stumbles backwards until he slams into the wall then says,

"I just saw you, uh, struggling.. Uh, sorry.. I'll uh, go, uh, wait with the, um, others.." He mutters and runs back into the T.V room. I smile at his reaction, so adorable.. I pop the popcorn, and put butter on it, and put it in bowls. I grab a bunch of sodas, and I walk into the room. I see each boy cleared a spot for me next to them, except for Zayn. I walk over and feel Niall grab my waist and pull me into his lap. I yelp, and then slide off his lap into the seat next to him between Niall and yes, you guessed it, Liam. Liam blushes and shifts in his seat. Harry mumbles something about "calling dibbs" and such, and Louis says "I wanna sit next to her, no fair, next movie I get a cuddle bug!!" and I look over at Louis and he shrugs, grabs the remote, and hits play. Friday the 13th starts playing. Oh dear, I wonder who picked this out... I sit back in the couch. Niall leans over and whispers into my ear "Don't worry, love, I'll be here to protect you.", but that was a lie. Niall ended up cuddled up with Louis, and they screamed every five seconds. I suddenly got freaked out, and Liam and I both screamed super loud, and we ended up cuddled into a heap on the floor scared to death. Liam blushed, but I wanted to make him blush more. I rested my head on his chest and wrapped my arms around him, and Liam stiffened up.  I grinned and eventually he cuddled back. Once that movie ended, I was moved over to the end of the couch with Louis. We watched Child's Play, and that movie doesn't scare me. Louis started the movie and snuggled up to me. I just sat there awkwardly and looked over at Niall. He was laughing at me and Louis. Louis ended up falling asleep in my lap, after him trying to kiss me multiple times. Awkward.. Once the movie ended, I shoved Louis onto the floor, and he woke up, and then Harry walked over, picked me up, and made me sit in the chair with him while we watched Toy Story. That was the most painful Toy Story ever. Harry kept on whispering things into my ear like

"I heard you're spending the night here.." and disturbing things I don't want to cross my mind ever again. I eventually got up because Toy Story was over, and Liam was yelling about how much he wants Toy Story 2 on now.

"Before we put it on, who's turn is it?" Louis asks.

"Mine, because Liam broke into my turn.." Niall said. Niall pushed everyone off the couch and made me sit with him. I walked over and sat next to him. Everyone was in a chair or on the floor, then Niall and I on the couch. Niall put his arm around me, saying he'll protect me.

"From what, Sid?" I say.

"Nevermind.." Niall says. The movie ends, and Louis and Harry decide to share a turn with me. Sarcastic Oh Joy. Niall gets up and Louis and Harry sit on the couch, one on each end, me in the middle. They stand up and start jumping on the couch, then jump over me, switching spots. I yell at them

"SIT DOWN OR ELSE NOBODY GETS A TURN!!!!!" And Harry and Louis sit down. The movie starts, and Harry and Louis keep inching closer to me. Closer. Closer. Louis grabs my hand and Harry puts his arm around me. They both lean in to kiss me on either cheek, then I lean back and they kiss eachother on the lips. I laugh and stand up, walking over to Liam. Harry and Louis sit there in shock, then start cuddling on the couch.. Gay.. Liam perks up when he sees me coming and says

"This is my favourite movie!" I nod and rest my head on his shoulder. When the movie ends, I stand up, and say

"Time for bed, it's 12:30."

"Oh no, I wonder where sweet, poor Minnie will sleep!!" Louis exclaims.

"I'm going to sleep before this crap starts.." Zayn says getting up and going into a room.

"I'm willing to take one for the team.." Harry says while walking over to me flirtingly. I step back into the wall and Harry gets closer until he leans in to kiss me. He kisses me, and I slide along the wall until I'm far away from him.

"No thanks, Harry, no need.." I say, wiping my mouth off in disgust.

"Me! Me! ME!!!!" says Louis, grabbing my wrist.

"I think I'm good on the cou-" I start, but am interrupted.

"I believe that she would like to sleep in my bed, duh." Niall states, while stepping towards me.

"No. I'm sleeping on the couch!" I say and jump past Niall onto the couch.

"Respect her privacy, lads, let's go to sleep." Liam says, and with that everyone goes into rooms and I am left on the couch, face down. I sit up, and lay back down. I hear footsteps and it's Liam.

"I thought you might want a blanket and a pillow.." Liam says, handing them to me.

"If you need anything, I'm the first room on the left. Have a good sleep." Liam says and walks away.

"Thanks" I say and I lay my head on the pillow, and wrap myself up in the blanket. After a few hours of laying awake, I decide to go see if Liam is asleep. I creep into the first room on the right, which is what I believe he said was his. When I walk in, Niall is laying in the bed naked. Glad the blanket is at least below his waist.. I slowly back out when Niall sits up and says

"Minnie? Come on in, can't sleep?"

"Yeah.. But you look like your.. busy... so I'll get goi-" I start, but am interrupted.

"No, it's fine, I can't sleep either." Niall says. I walk over and sit on the end of his bed. This is awkward.

"Look, Minnie, I really like you, and I know you probably like Liam, because I'm a jerk, and no girl anywhere close to as good as you would ever want to go out with me. I mean, I'm mean, I kicked your legs, and I pushed you down the stairs, and-" I interrupt him by kissing him.


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