Minnie is 17. She has blond hair that was bleached and is slowly going back to dark dark brown. She has wonderful green eyes. She loves everything. Except for One Direction. They are jerkfaces who are so full of themselves, she hates it. When she meets 5 boys her life and opinions are turned around, despite her looks that she hates.


4. About that kiss...

Nialls POV

We arrive at the mall. All I can think about is that kiss..

"I'M GOING WITH HARRY AND ZAYN TO JOURNEYS!!" yells Louis excitedly. They all walk away, and then it's just me, Minnie, and unfortunately, Liam.

"I have to use the loo.." says Liam as he walks away to the toilet.

"Let's go sit over there," says Minnie as she walks over to a bench.

"So, Minnie... About that kiss.." I start, but Minnie interrupts me.

"I know, you hate me, and I'm hideous, and I used to hate One Direction and I bruised your shin and I'm fat and ugly and annoying and stupid and-" I interrupt her by hugging her.

"You're beautiful, smart, and I love you, don't let anybody tell you different," I say into her back because I'm hugging her still. She hugs me back and whispers

"Thank you." We stay like this for what could have been forever, but then Liam comes back. He walks up and Minnie pulls away.

"Uh, sorry, was I interrupting something..?" Liam says. Obviously, stupid.

"No, no, of course not," says Minnie.

"Oh, okay." says Liam. Disgusting, ruining my moment. She's my princess, I love her.


Liams POV

I walk back over to find Minnie and Niall hugging. I feel like I have been stabbed in the heart. I love Minnie, but she loves Niall, and Niall loves her. Minnie thinks of me as no more than a friend. And I need to learn to accept it. I should find myself another girl, to take my mind off things.. No, that's wrong.. But Minnie wouldn't care, so why should it be wrong? Hmm..


Minnies POV

Well this is awkward. I figure I should speak up..

"So, guys, wanna go to American Eagle..?" I say awkwardly.

"Uh, yeah, of course.." says Liam shyly. Aw, if I hurt him- No, I wouldn't have hurt him, Liam doesn't like me that way, we're only friends... That cuddled on the floor last night... Maybe I was sending him mixed signals.. No, we're only friends. That was nothing. We walk over to the esculators and step on. Niall's face lights up and he turns around, grabs my hand, and he starts running down the 'up' esculator. I start laughing and then he stops and we go up the esculator laughing, and Liam just standing there, looking deep in his thoughts, I guess. We reach the top of the esculator, and walk down the mall until we reach American Eagle. We walk in, and they're playing One Direction. I decide to give their singing a chance. I don't storm out of the store, I just walk over to the jeans and look at them. Next thing I know, Liam is singing to me..

"Is your heart taken? Is there somebody else on your mind? I'm so sorry, I'm so confused, just tell me, am I out of time? Is your heart breaking? How do you feel about me now? I can't believe I let you walk away when, when I should've kissed you.." Liam sings, blushing like crazy. I start blushing and smiling and I look at my shoes. I can't believe... Does he feel about me that way? The song continues and then I don't know what to say.

"Sorry, Minnie, I'll leave, I'm so sorry.." Liam says starting to walk past me. I grab his wrist and he spins around and I hug him. He stands there stiffly and I say,

"That is the nicest thing any guy has ever done for me. Thanks Liam.." I say. He hugs me back, and then he does something I wouldn't expect him to have done.

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