I was supposed to be perfect ***COMPLETED***

My life was perfect, I had everything. A gorgeous boyfriend, a very sweet bff.

This is the story about how Valentinas life changed in a week, how she handles it and how she gets over it!

(A/N This story, IS written by me, but i originally posted it on Wattpad)


3. Thuesday - Chapter 2


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- Frejzze xx


When I got up that morning, I got dressed (http://www.polyvore.com/valentina_tuesday/set?id=54280990 if you want to know how se dresses), packed a bag with dancing clothes, eat breakfast and walked to school. I had a half an hour until my first class started, i was only here because my dad forced me to go earlier, so that i didn't get detention... again.I was bored so i decided to text my BFF Marissa. (M: Marissa V: Valentina)

V: Heey Girlie! xx M: Hiii Sweetie xx Whaat's uup?xx V: Nothing muuch... Just chillin' at school.... xx  M: Why are you at school..? xx Nothing's up except my baby sister is trying to steal my make up xx  V: My dad is making me go earlier, 'cause i got detention xx Why does she want ur make up?xx M: She wants me to paint her as a butterfly..? xx Was he mad??? xx V: A butterfly..Why?.. With ur make up?.. How?.. xx He was furios....! xx M: I'm just as confused as u r!! xx How long are you grounded for..? xx V: All week.... XX M: I'm at school now, see u in a bit, this conversation isn't over xx

Just when I got the text she walked through the door. ''VAL!!'' she yelled, even though she was right next to me, ''MAR'' i yelled back. We looked at each other, and started to laugh, not quiet, no. We don't do quiet. The other people that was at school and could hear us, just stared at us, but i guess we are used to it.

Marissa is beautiful. She has black, curly hair down to her waist and the most blue eyes i have ever seen. But of course like every other beautiful girl, she doesn't believe you, when you tell her she is beautiful. I still told her every day.

The first two classes were fine, but then again it was dancing, so I kinda expected that they would be. Suddenly i remembered that my mom was supposed to come home today, i couldn't wait to see her..

My phone started ringing, or vibrating (because we aren't allowed cellphones in class), in my pocket. I picked it up ''Is this Valentina Helena Augustina??'' an unfamiliar voice asked ''Uhhm..Yes..'' I answered back slowly, not sure why or how he knew my full name ''I am sorry to inform you that your mother has been in a planecrash, with no survivors, I am truly sorry...'' he said and hung up. I couldn't process what I just heard, so I froze, literally. I just stood there, didn't move, didn't talk. Not even when Mari started jumping up and down i front of my face. ''VALENTINA HALENA AUGUSTA'' she screamed in my face. I could feel a single tear falling from my eyes and rolling down my cheek, and falling towards the floor, I could see it hitting the floor, and burst into tears. ''WILLIAM DAVIDS GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE, YOUR GIRLFRIEND IS CRYING AND SHE WON'T TELL ME WHATS WRONG'' I could hear Marissa yell at my boyfriend. We normally call him Will, but when, he's in trouble or something. He ran over to me, he just looked at me ''You want to get out of here, babe?'' he asked. I somehow managed to nod, he picked me up, bridal style, lifted me outside, to get some air. ''Wanna tell why you froze and cried, like you were getting whipped or something?'' Marissa said before i could even breathe properly again. ''My mom....Plain crash... No one survived..'' I managed to say between my loud crying. I could see that Marissa had tears in her eyes, she knew what my mother meant to me. She convinced my dad to let me go to this school, in the first place.

I wanted to become a dancer because I love it, but that's only one of the reasons. It shall be no secret that my dad, did NOT want me to become a dancer. ''It's to risci, there is no garantee taht you will make or get a job'' he always said to me. I wanted to show him, that following your dreams isn't a bad thing, i wanted to show him that fancy clothes and money isn't everything. I wanted to show him that i could do something on my own. There was also other people who thought that because my family had money, I got everything served on a silver plate. To them I wanted to prove that i wasn't just another rich girl, that I could fight for the things i wanted, that my life wasn't easy just because I had money. I earned my scholarship, and I damn well deserved it. I was a good dancer, that was why they gave me the scholarship, to them it didn't matter if i was rich. They only saw the talent. I wish other people could see me like that, not the rich girl, but the dancer. That was of course to much to hope for, so to a lot of people i was just the rich girl, who happens to be a dancer.

I cried for, i don't know how long. I didn't even realise that Will had carried me to his car. ''Marissa, i'm gonna drive her home, cover for us, please?'' Will asked Mar, ''Fine, but hurry up'' she demanded.  We drove to my house in silence. When he parked the car he said ''Babe...  I know it's hard, but you know i'm there for you, right?'' I simply nodded, walked into my house, stormed up the stairs and threw myself on the bed, only to start crying again. I must have fallen a sleep, because the next thing I know, my dad is standing next to my bed with red and puffy eyes, he cried to. ''I know what your mom meant to you, I also know that i haven't supported you enough, with your dancing, I will try to be there for you okay?'' he said while looking in my eyes , I nodded. I haven't said a word in about 5 hours, it wasn't typical me, I could talk for hours. He hugged me and we cried together. I cried more that day than i did the past year.

When we ate dinner ther was complete sillence, none of us spoke, but the silence wasn't awkward. It was... uhmmm... peaceful, yeah that would describe it was a peaceful silence..... I went  straight to bed, not even bothering to change into my pj's. I fell into an anything but peaceful sleep.....

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