I was supposed to be perfect ***COMPLETED***

My life was perfect, I had everything. A gorgeous boyfriend, a very sweet bff.

This is the story about how Valentinas life changed in a week, how she handles it and how she gets over it!

(A/N This story, IS written by me, but i originally posted it on Wattpad)


7. Saturday - Chapter 6


Hej Mennesker....
Når jeg er færdig med mine historier starte jeg på en One Direction Fanfiction, vil i læse den?
Og det her er næst sidste kapitel, kun et mere + en epilog :D
Jeg har også fået lov af en der hedder Emily til at oversætte hendes fantastiske historie til dansk også dele den med jer, Glæd jer!! 


Saturday - Chapter 6 

******Valentinos POV******

I'm meeting my sister today. 
I can't believe I have twin sister, that no one told me about. EVER. I'm so excited.

We are boarding the plane that is supposed to take us to New York and my sister.  Our plane is taking of now, better get some sleep, while I can.

******Valentinos dream******

''Mommy, why is Tina sleeping all day?'' I saw my 4 year old self ask my mom. ''Tino, you have to understand that Tina is sick, really sick. She might never wake up'' my mother answered. ''B-But mommy I want her to wake up, I miss her. I want to play with Tina again.''  I watched as my 4 year old self started to cry. Tears streaming with fullforce from his eyes, and a look of worry in them. ''We all do.. We all do Tino..'' My mom mumbled into my hair.

Suddenly all the machines Tina were hooked up on started to beep like crazy. My mom looked scared as hell. The tears started to roll down my 4 year old selfs cheeks faster ''Mommy what's happening, to Tina, I'm scared mommy''  I scream though the sobs.

She started singing a lullaby to me, and I fell asleep. 

******Dream ended******

I woke up on the plane with my uncle looking worried at me. ''What?'' i asked him, ''Why were you crying?'' he asks while studdying my face. Im crying? I touch my face, and sure enough they are wet.
''She was really sick wasn't she?'' i ask my uncle. The only response i got  was faint nod. ''I had a flashback or something'' I continue ''I was about 4, and we were in the hospital. Valentina, we called her Tina, was on the bed hooked up to all sorts of machines'' my throat begins to close and the tears well in my eyes ''I talked to my mother. She told me that Tina might never wake up. Then the machine started beeping like crazy.'' by then of my sentence i was crying. Again. I cry an awful lot these days. My uncle embraces me in a big hug. ''She is probably fine now, and if she isn't, you have to be strong. For her''  my uncle says and lets go. I simply nod. And my mind begins to wander. Back to Valentina.

I wonder how she looks. 
Will she look like me? 
Will we be alike?
Will she talk to me?
Or will she ignore me completly?
Will we fight?
Will we get along perfectly?
So many questions and only time will tell.
But I can't wait till I find out.
I wonder if she's thinking about.
With that in mind i fell in a peaceful sleep.

******Valentinas POV a little later in New York******


I can see a little girl lying in a bed.
My father is sitting next to the bed.
I walk closer to them, and read on the bed.
Valentina Halena Augusta Reda
The little girl is me, but she looks so fragile and ill, i've never been in the hospital.
Suddenly a little boy walks in the room, and sits on my fathers lap.
He takes the little girls, my, hand and starts talking.
''Please wake up Tina, I miss you. Who am i going to play with if you dont wake up? Tina, Wake up, I love you, Tina, please''
I look at the little boy as he starts to cry. My father tries to comfort him ''Don't worry Tino, she will wake, then you can play together again. We all miss her Tino''
Tino..... Valentino.
The little boy is my twinbrother. But i still don't know why im in the hospital?

*****Dream end****'

I woke up actually looking forward to the day. 
Wondering about the dream.
Why i was in the hospital. 
I'm meeting my twin brother today.
Maybe he will know something?
I can't believe i have a twin, i have never seen. 
How could they i even hide the fact that i have a twin?
Why did they sepperate us in the  first place?

I finish packing, the last few things, in no time, and  get a cab to take me to the airport. Their plane will be landing soon. I look at the ticket and the note i got with it. 
Their plane will be landing at gate 3 - Love Dad.
I walk to gate 3, and just in time to see the people come in from the plane. Two guys walk past me talking italian. Luckily my father taught me before he died. I walk up to the oldest looking of them and tap him on the shoulder ''Uhmm...Excuse me are you perhaps looking for a girl named Valentina?'' i ask in american. ''Yes have you seen her?'' the oldest one asks ''I am Valentina'' i say suddenly shy.
I didn't need to be shy or nervous though. The young one, i assume that's Valentino, embraced me in a hug. I took me by surprise at first, but i hugged him back.
Then i did what i hopped wouldn't happen, I broke down. Crying. In my new found brothers arm.

*********Valentinos POV*********

A girl comes up and taps my uncle on the shoulder. ''Uhmm... Excuse me are you perhaps looking for a girl named Valentina?'' she ask in a small voice, she looks so fragile and broken, she looks like she needs a hug. ''Yes, have you seen her?'' my uncle asks her. ''I am Valentina'' the petite girl says sounding shy. I don't even think i just hug her. My twin sister. I think i took her by surprise. At first she just stood there but then she hugged me back. Suddenly she begins to shake. She's crying. I stroke her hair and try to comfort her. She pulls back. Wipes her eyes and mutters ''Sorry''. ''There is nothing tobe sorry for, Tina, everyone needs to cry'' i say. I notice she stiffens when i used her old nickname. I wonder if anybody used since we were young.

''The Plane to Los Angeles is boarding'' came from the speaker. Me and my uncle started walking. Valentina just stood there. ''You know, we are supposed to go that way'' she says and points the oppsite direction of where me and my uncle were heading. ''Uhmm.. of course'' I say awkwardly. She doesn't laugh or anything, she just walks in the direction she was pointing. 
*******Skipping boring plane ride were the all slept and no one talked *AWKWARD************

 We landed safely in L.A. Valentina asleep in my arms, as we drove to our new home. And it was HUGE.
Let me tell you about me while we are unpacking.
My name is Valentino Hernadez Augusto Reda.
I've lived with my whole life. 
I've never  fitted in, i've always felt different, like something or someone was missing.
I think i've found out, i mean, i have a twin.
We finished unpacking and headed to bed.

******************************************Valentina's POV Dream********************************************

I was standing in a plane.
Very confused i looked around.
 To my left i saw my mom.

No, no, I don't wanna see this, no, no.
The plane started to shake, no.
 ''We are having some difficulties'' 
The plane dropped.
''so please return to your seats''
The plane dropped yet again.
''fasten you seatbelts and take on the masks''
 Sounded the pilote over the speakers.
At the end of his sentence the plane dropped another few feet.
I could see the panic in my mothers eyes, as the tears start to fall from my eyes.

The plane started to shake, violently, and the tears fell with more power from my eyes.
The plane  started going down.
''I am very sorry, but both motors have failed''
Screams and cries of panic and fears filled the plane.
''The plane is going down''
My mother started to cry, i've never seen her cry before.
''I'm sorry, Valentina, i'm so sorry'' she whispered.
The tears that had dried, flowed again.
The plane hit the ground seconds later, and screams filled the air.

I watched as my mother  got impaled by a metal beam.
And my scream mixed with the others.

********************************************Valentinos POV************************************************** 
I woke up to the sound of sobs.
Who cries in the middle of the night?

But what would make her upset in the middle of the night?

I walk to her room. There she is lying in bed, crying her eyes out, but why?
''No, No, No'' i hear her mumble.
And suddenly she screams.
I run/speed walk to her.
I somehow managed to wake her up, when she opens her eyes and sees me, she burst into more tears. ''Shh, Tina, it's gonna be alright, everything is gonna be fine'' i whisper in her ear  while stroking her back. ''No, it's not, it's never gonna be okay, i'm so sorry, Valentino, i'm sorry'' she whispers back in her small voice ''Of course it is just wait and see, and why are you sorry? you haven't done anything wrong'' i answer her. What does she think she has to be sorry?
''I'm sorry you never got to meet them, i'm sorry''  she whispers and cries into my shoulder.
I keep comforting her, and somehow we fall asleep. 

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