I was supposed to be perfect ***COMPLETED***

My life was perfect, I had everything. A gorgeous boyfriend, a very sweet bff.

This is the story about how Valentinas life changed in a week, how she handles it and how she gets over it!

(A/N This story, IS written by me, but i originally posted it on Wattpad)


2. Monday - Chapter 1



Please let me know what you think, i really don't know if this story is any good..

Ohh... this is dedicated to madhuraXforeveryours, because she was the first who told me that ''It sounds interesting'' and she also told me that i should updated! x It can only be dedicated on Wattpad, but it's still dedicated to her.

-Frejzze xx


Well it all started this monday.... I woke up, convinced it was going to be great day, I went down in the kitchen to get some breakfest, I was the only one home. My mom already left on a buisness trip, this morning at 03:00, if you call that morning, and my dad left around three hours later, so there was just me and the househelp left. Before I go tell you about this, I might should introduce my self. I go to The School Of American Ballet, my name is Valentina (I'm half italian). I loved to dance, I don't know what I would do if I couldn't dance, so I loved my school but only because of the dancing part, I hated every other part of it.

I loved my freinds and my boyfreind, they were what kept me going, I wouldn't be me without them. I'm one of those students who does extremely well without even trying, but I did everything not to let it show. Just because I didn't want to be known as nerd or geek. The class I did best in was of course dancing, I was one of the popular girls, I always have been. So to start the day, I of course was late to school, and my teacher gave me detention. I know what you are thinking, ''Detention?... For being late?'' but the teachers here are very, very, VERY strict about that. I've never gotten detention before, so I know for a fact that my parents, well my dad is going to kill me. Then again it was dance-detention, so I didn't really mind, it just ment that I didn't need to go home. I loved my home but it was empty, no one to talk to.

If you get detention, you somehow get respect on this school, but aperently that didn't count when it comes to me. My freinds were laughing at me every time i did something wrong, not because it happened a lot, no because they had this expectation for me to be perfect all the time and in everything i did. I also think that the less times I did something wrong, the longer time they would laugh at me. I remember this one time I got an B, they laughed a month, A MONTH, I mean come on, but this I think they can laugh at this at least to months.

You may think that this doesn't sound that bad, but this was just school, when I got home...

I got home to an empty house (of course), being an only child and having to workaholic parents, may sound like fun, but it really isn't, and in my house the only thing you get from that is a feeling of being lonely. That feeling will then slowly, yes, but surely eat you up inside, it will tear you apart, it WILL destroy you on the inside, until you can do nothing but break down and cry. That feelling has been following me for a long time now, breaking down every now and then, but still having to pretend everything is fine. Having no one to talk to, sure I have freinds, but they wouldn't understand, they would tell me to go shopping. Yeah right, that helps.... NOT.

When my dad got home we ate dinner, and he asked me, how school had been. Oh shit now I had to tell, I would've hoped that he just didn't notice that I was home two hours later the rest of the week So I did what I should do, I told him and he got mad, really, really mad. So now I was also grounded for a week. Yes a week for getting a weeks detention, my dad is also very, very, VERY strict about those things. He expected me to be the perfect daughter. So now my life was over, first this really big party was on saturday and I could NOT miss it, no way. I just had to sneak out then. You might think that it's just a party, and that there will be others. You're wrong. This was the party of the year. The one everyone who is something talks and knows about, because I am me I had to be there. It was also my BFFs birthday party, so you see why I couldn't miss it?

I didn't argue with my dad, because then he would just figure out that there was something wrong. He is smart so he would find a way to hold me ''prisoned'' if he found out that there was a party.

So this was the worst monday of my life, but then again, it can always get worse, am I right? xx 

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