I was supposed to be perfect ***COMPLETED***

My life was perfect, I had everything. A gorgeous boyfriend, a very sweet bff.

This is the story about how Valentinas life changed in a week, how she handles it and how she gets over it!

(A/N This story, IS written by me, but i originally posted it on Wattpad)


6. Friday - Chapter 5



I know its been a while since a updated and im sorry.... 

BUT i made a trailer tell me what you think??  

And you'll be in for a surprise or two and a POV change.. 


Frejzze xx

Friday - Chapter 5


I woke up with a smile, yes a smile, feel free to laugh now... 

Then I remembered, it was last school day, and my smile got wider. I was actually looking forward to this day.

I got dressed , and decided that i would walk home from school and then only getting driven to school.

In school i talked too no one, well no one talked to me so why should i talk to them.

Dancing class went great my teacher even told me i did great, and it never happens, she never says if we do good, only if we do horrible, so i must've done really really good... 

All the other students looked at me with clear shock in the eyes, I laughed quietly to myself.

So far the day had been really good, so I stayed optimistic. 

Thinking that this day couldn't get ruined.

The classes went well, all the test were that day except dance, that was later that afternoon so I wouldn't get to go home till late. 

School ended before I knew it.

I was excited about my dance eksams, I couldn't wait to be done with schooland leave for L.A. I can't wait to leave New York. I know a lot of people would kill to live in New York, but right now, for me it's hell.

Soon my name is called and it's my turn, I step inside the room, and onto the stage. ''Valentina Helena Augustina, Odettes dance, Swanlake.'' My voice fill the room, and the music starts. I begin to dance, i dance my heart out, I give it my all. I do the last piruettes and the jump. I go back to the middle of the stage, and bow down. I look up and see that the judges/teacher are standing and clapping. I'm amazed, a standing ovation. This can only be good. I walk out of the room with a smile on my face.

I hurry home so i can tell my dad about it.

When i opened the door, I yell ''Dad, i'm home'' no response?? He promised he would be home. I go into the living room, and i scream.

There on the floor is my dad. He's dead. I know.

There's a letter and an empty bottle next to him. I take the letter and read it to myself:

My dear beautiful Valentina

I'm sorry i made this decission, but i had to, when your mother passed away, i could bear to live without her, i only did it for you, but now i've made a deal.

First i have some things to tell you:

1. I lied when i told you i got transferred to L.A. I got fired and there was nothing i could do about it.

2. You have a twin brother whom you never met. He lives in Italy, with one of your uncles. His name is Valentino. He will be moving in with you.

3. I am very proud of you. You are the strongest girl i have ever met.

4. You and Valentino will be moving to L.A. together with the uncle he's been living with.

5. You'll be moving tomorrow. So pack your bags and get ready, as soon as you're done with this letter and have made the calls you have to make.

6. Your mother and I will be watching you and Valentino. And when your time comes, hopefully that won't be soon, we will be waiting for you in heaven.

Forgive me dear Valentina, that we haven't told you about Valentino before.

I love you with all my heart, Dad <3

When i read the last line the tears were streaming down my face. I HAVE A TWIN BROTHER...

Does he know about me?

I called the hospital...


***In the meanwhile in Italy***

Valentinos POV

My uncle came into my room ''We have to talk, I have something to tell you'' he said, i was getting confused, but we went down to the livingroom. He motioned for me to sit down, okay now he was scaring me. ''It's about your parents'' he started, i stiffened, we never talked about my parents ''Here'' he continued and handed me a letter. I read it out loud.

Dear Valentino

Your mother and I are very sorry we haven't been there your entire life, but now.. You are either old enough to know or some circumstances have accoured so that you have to know. There is a few things that you need to know:

1. You have a twin sister. Her name is Valentina. She doesn't know why we couldn't keep both of you, so you have to tell her. When i read that i was shocked, i looked at my uncle, he motioned for me to continue

2. We wish we could have kept you both, but your sister was ill, she was born with a brain tumor. The doctors couldn't remove till she was 2, so the first two years of her life was in and out of the hospital. We decided it was no life for a little boy who was perfectly fine. Your uncle agreed on taking you in. We also decided when you were old enough or if something should happen to us/your parents, you should now.

3. You and your uncle will be moving to L.A. with your sister. Tomorrow.

4. Your mother and I are both dead. Your mother died in a plane crash, and I took my own life.

5. We trust you with Valentina. We trust you to look after her and make sure she is alright, her life hasn't been easy. If you are wondering, you are her older brother by one hour. Protect her from anything that can hurt her she has been hurt a lot this past week. She's very fragile, this past week broke her. We are sorry to leave you with a broken girl, but please, mend her heart.

6. We love you and we are very sorry that we couldn't be with you.

With all our love, your Mom and Dad <3

I'm crying. I feel sorry for my sister. My sister, my twin sister. I look at my uncle only to see he's crying to.

What has she been through this last week that could possibly break her?

''Uncle, what happened to my sister this week?'' i ask him ''I don't now Tino, i don't know, but i hope she'll tell us so we can help her'' is his answer. I can't wait to meet her. ''What are our plans for tomorrow?'' I ask my uncle ''We will be flying to New York to pick her up, she will meet us in the airport, our plane leaves in abot 6 hours, so you better start packing. From New York we will fly to L.A.''

I will meet my sister tomorrow. I hope she will tell what happened this week, I am a bit sad that I never got to meet my parents, how horrible must't be to lose both parents that you knew in a week. I'm crying again but this time for my sister. I can't wait to meet her!

I go upstairs to pack my bags and go to bed.

***Back in New York*** 

Valentinas POV

After all the policemen and doctors left, I started to pack my things. Somehow my dad already made arrangements on his funeral and he had sold the house. All I had to do was leave the house and never come back, that was easy. My dad didn't want a funeral, he just wanted to be buried next to my mom. so that is what will happen in a few days, I won't be there, but no one will.

I went to bed, but all I could think about was Valentino.

Will he like me?

Will he hate me?

Will he blame me?

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