Just The Baker Boy

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  • Published: 15 Aug 2012
  • Updated: 19 Jul 2013
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Camille Amaya has always loved the baker boy that worked with her. She worked at Holmes Chapel Bakery side by side every Saturday, until he decided to furfill his dream on becoming the next big singer. A couple years later she has seen the baker boy she'd loved, turn into the hearthrob in a boy band called One Direction. When he comes back home from his world tour and calls her to hang out like they used to would he be the same boy she fell in love with years before?

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14. Waffles in the Morning

My eyes flutter as I wake up by the sunlight that shines in through window above the bed I slept on. I yawn while rubbing my eyes. I sit up straight my back leaning against the cold wall as I welcome mysle fto the day. I rub my eyes again with my fingers. I blink twice before I realize that I had slept in Harry's room! I look around to my right where Harry layed the night before, but he wasn't there. I'm guesing he woke up before me and left the room trying not to wake me. Aww. I yawn again until I hear a small voice from my left saying softly yet quickly, "Good morning, love." I quickly turn to my left to find Louis laying on the other bed his messy morning hair resting on a white pillow and the rest of his body covered with the messy sheets on the bed."Good morning, Louis" I say throwing Harry's pillow to Louis's face.

Louis laughs and smiles. "So I see you lovebirds slept in the same bed...hmmm" Louis said giving a funny sexual face and his fingers rubbing on where a beard would be. "Yeah..I was actually thinking that after the movie I go back to my room and sleep there, but I just got tired and just slept here" I say putting my fingers through my hair trying to take out the knots from sleeping. Louis gave that face again "You only 'slept' ?" he said putting on quotations with his fingers.

I nodded my head "I promise on Zayn's hair and I'm pretty sure it's still there!" Louis laughs and looks to me awkwardly "Okay so I kind of need you to leave, now." I raise my eyebrows confused "Why?" Louis points underneath the blanket and says "The only piece of cloth on my body are theese sheets." I roll my eyes and get off the bed. I grab my pillow and throw it Louis while he laughs. "Your so gross!" I yell walking out the door. "Harry would too if you weren't here!" Louis yells back as I make it to the hallway and shut the door behind. 

I walk to my door, knock twice, and walk in. If Eleanor was naked too I would pronouce Louis and her to get married already. I walk inside and find Danielle sleeping on my bed. I giggle as Eleanor comes from the bathroom already ready for the day. When she lifts her head to look at me she gives me the smae look that Louis gave me earlier. "I see you didn't come back from Harry's room" she said poking my shoulder. "I promise you, nothing 'wild' happened in there" I say heading to the walk-in closet. I open the door ready to choose my secound-day-in-California-and-going-out-with-a-world-famous-boy-band-member outfit. I walk in, but stick my head out to yell "And Louis was in the room naked! Don't worry I didn't see anything!"

I walk back into the closet  while hering Eleanor's laugh. "Not suprised!" she yells back. I look into the closet to see what I would wear today. Since I was still tired I didn't debate much about my outfit. I decided to wear a light green dress which hugged my waist. It also made my boobs look great (I didn't say that!).  Still lazy I really didn't feel like taking a shower so I didn't. I place green Toms on my feet and head out of the closet. Eleanor sits on the bed waiting for me. "Let me help with your make-up!" Eleanor say excidently while standing up fromt he bed. I nod and we both walk over to the bathroom where it had a large mirror over the two sinks.

Eleanor did my make-up and did I say she was incredible at it. I actually looked to the mirror and thought to myself. 'Damn, I'm hot.' Eleanor smiles as she puts my hair on a side ponytail. Eleanor was too kind. After I washed my teeth Eleanor and I jumped on my bed waking Danielle up. She didn't get mad, but she wasn't too happy anyway.

Eleanor and I go downstairs where we find Niall and Zayn (Zayn did indeed have his hair! Take that Louis!), still in sleeping clothes, on the couch where they was munching on waffles while watching another soccer game. These boys were so typical! My nose wrinkles of the sweet smells of waffles that overpowered an other scent in the first floor. Maple syrup and butter on some warm recently made waffles made my mouth water. I was totally jealous of Niall and Zayn.

Eleanor and I keep walking toward the kitchen where we find Liam and Harry, also with sleeping attire, flipping a waffle maker. Harry turns and smiles once his green eyes met my glance. Eleanor says good morning to the lads and heads to the couch to sit with Niall and Zayn. Harry comes towards me and places his arms around me "Good morning babe. You look great" he said softly still with a sexy morning voice. Liam in the background smiled at us and said "Waffles ready for Camille." Harry lets go of his embrace and I grab the orange plate from Liam which had two waffles. "Thanks Liam!" I say walking out of the kitchen toward the table behind the couches.

Eleanor looks to her back where Liam brings her waffles aswell. She gladly recieves the waffles and comes over to table to sit next to me. "These look so good!" Eleanor says grabbing a fork. Liam quickly from the kitchen places a pouring cup filled with a gold liquid inside it layed and a plate with yellow butter accompannied with a knife had. "Thanks Liam" Eleanor and I say in unison. We both laugh in unison aswell.

I pour the syrup and spread the butter on the waffle, on my plate, while Eleanor leaves her's plain. I takethe first bite and feel the sweetness of the syrup compliment the plainess of the waffle itself. The butter brings it all together with it's calming neutral taste calming down the sweetness. It was absolutely delicious. I have already finished my first waffle when Harry comes with 2 waffles, ready to eat. Right after Harry sits infront of me, Liam comes with a plate with atleast 10 waffles topped on top of eachother, for eachother people who would get to the table later or anyone who wanted extras. And by anyone we all knew Liam means Niall.

We laugh as Liam tells us Donkey Kong puns or at Zayn and Niall's excited actions for whenever the soccer ball would make it near a goal. As I nearly finish my remaining waffleI point at it with my fork and ask "Who made these?" Liam points with his thumb to Harry. I look to Harry and smile "Really?" Harry nods and after he finishes chewing his piece he says quietly looking to both sides "The secret is instead of using milk you use orange juice." I laugh and he nods. "It's true!" Harry said taking another bite.

We all stop talking when we hear the front door open without warning. Paul walks in with his security shirt and all the boys in the room go "Eyyyy Paul!!" Eleanor, Paul, and I laugh at the boy's strange welcoming.

"Good morning boys" he says to Niall, Zayn, Liam and Harry. Paul turns to us "Ladies. Please get ready and get everyone downstairs to disscuss about today's plan" he says firmly while leaning against the wall next to the soccer game airing.

The boys rush upstairs and in my head I ponder on how my first official day in California would be like. 

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