Just The Baker Boy

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  • Published: 15 Aug 2012
  • Updated: 19 Jul 2013
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Camille Amaya has always loved the baker boy that worked with her. She worked at Holmes Chapel Bakery side by side every Saturday, until he decided to furfill his dream on becoming the next big singer. A couple years later she has seen the baker boy she'd loved, turn into the hearthrob in a boy band called One Direction. When he comes back home from his world tour and calls her to hang out like they used to would he be the same boy she fell in love with years before?

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17. Under Dark Skies

Paul picked us from the shop around 5 hours ago and now we were back in the beach house and the sky's pinks, orange, reds, and yellows were fading onto darker cooler colors warning us that night came. On the ride back to the beach house Paul gave us a speech on never going out without alerting Paul and without security. Paul actually didn't seem as pissed as I thought he was going to be. I'm guessing he was just tired and didn't have the energy to be mad at us.

When we arrived back to the beach house and all of our group agreed that we should go swimming in the beach when the sun came down. Paul didn't really agree with the plan, but he went along with it, knowing that we wanted to have fun before management took over us. I looked out my window as I saw the sun begin to dissapear in the horizon far away. I decided to watch all of  beautiful colors slowly becoming darker because this wasn't a view you would get in England, especially by the sea.

The sunset finished around 7pm and I knew it was time to get ready for the beach so I quickly slip on a white strapless-tummy covering swim suit.  I really wasn't comtherable with my body even though I was 18 and should be over it, I just felt that if your uncomtherable with a bra and panties, what was the difference with that and a bikini? While putting a yellow sundress over I hear from the nightstand a familiar cell phone ring. I walk over the nightstand finishing adjusting my dress and see my mum's smiling face on my ringing phone. A smile quicklyappeared on my face and I quickly picked up the phone and placed it on my ear.

"Mami!" I say into the phone excidently. "Hija! Como estas?" she asks how I am. "It's great! I met my friend Harry and his friends. I forgot to tell you that Harry is in this world famous band called One Direction." My mum laughed from the other line and responded "Mija. You really think I didn't know that? You have a poster of those boys in your room!" The poster on my back wall pops up in my head. I hear my mother's sigh and she says "I just wanted to check up with you and see if your safe. So when does the internship begin?" For a secound I'm confused,  but I forgot of the lie I told Conner and mum about the Television Production intership. Crap. "Umm...about that. One Direction is going on tour in the US and they asked me to join them. I realized that traveling and exploring another country could be beneficial to a future in the media. Especially with a famous group like One Direction."

I heard another sigh from my mami "So your going to go around los Estados Unidos and enjoy yourself this summer and not do the internship? I support you since it seems like you could view how the media is in with celebrity. Conner called and asked if you can call him. He really misses you, mijita." I sigh at the thought of Conner. Eventually I was going to have to follow Louis's advice and hurt his feelings for true love. "Okay mami. I have to go, I'm heading to the beach now. Go to bed, it must be very late over thier in England" I reply looking out the window over the nightstand. "It is, mijita. I just coudn't sleep without worrying about you. Have fun and be safe. Te quiero" my mother says softly. "Te quiero" I says softly back while hanging up the phone.

I sighed as I placed my phone back on the nightstand. I sit down on the bed and begin to ponder on how much my mum and Conner missed me. My mum was suffering a restless night. Conner called my mum to tell her that he missed me. When was I going to tell him the truth?

I look up when I see Harry outside my door with his V-Neck and swimming trunks. "Hey. Want to start heading down?" he asked with a flip of his hair. I smile and nod. I get up from the bed and follow Harry all the way onto the beach.  From my view, I see Louis Eleanor, and Niall splashing in the water. Liam, Zayn, Danielle and Perrie are sitting on the sand laughing. Torches are lit by the rocks near the show bringing light to the scene. The sounds of the ocean played in tthe background of the stereo that sat in the sand playing pop tunes. The moon was brightly lit with white that reflected on the ripleling water. The stars twinkled around the moon, which filled the dark sky of the night. Everything seemed so beautiful.

 For the night we went into the cold water, playing with the others with a colorful volleyball, and maybe some kissing... But what I really loved about this night was when all of us sat in a circle on the sand,  Niall grabbed his guitar from inside the house, comes outside and starts playing a familiar tune. Everyone stops talking as a light soft vibration of the strings played among the waves. Liam looks up to Danielle and starts singing the familiar lyrics.

"I’m broken, do you hear me? I’m blinded, ‘cause you are everything I see, I’m dancin’ alone, I’m praying, That your heart will just turn around,"

Danielle smiles and grabs Liam's hands. Liam smiles back and continues to sing the melody.

"And as I walk up to your door, My head turns to face the floor, ‘Cause I can’t look you in the eyes and say,"

Harry, who sits on my left turns to me while I turn to him as he sings with his clear voice, with his green eyes focused on me.

"When he opens his arms and holds you close tonight,

It just won’t feel right,

‘Cause I can love you more than this, yeah,

When he lays you down, I might just die inside,

It just don’t feel right,"

I look into his eyes as he sings to the sounds of the guitar and the ocean. The breeze hits us and his brown waves begins to move as he takes a breath of his next line.

"‘Cause I can love you more than this, Can love you more than this"

Niall begins to sing as Harry grabs my hand kisses it softly. My cheeks begin to blush as he gives an innocent smile. Little did I know, the song ends as the boys finish the song.


I close my eyes as my mind goes to sleep, waiting for my eyes to open for a new summer of adventure. But what truthfully stayed on my mind was how was I be able to tell Conner, a boy who loved me as much I loved Harry, that my heart doesn't belong to him.  

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