Just The Baker Boy

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  • Published: 15 Aug 2012
  • Updated: 19 Jul 2013
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Camille Amaya has always loved the baker boy that worked with her. She worked at Holmes Chapel Bakery side by side every Saturday, until he decided to furfill his dream on becoming the next big singer. A couple years later she has seen the baker boy she'd loved, turn into the hearthrob in a boy band called One Direction. When he comes back home from his world tour and calls her to hang out like they used to would he be the same boy she fell in love with years before?

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8. Two Hours Left

I woke up by the morning light that glistened through the window. I rub my eyes with my hands and give a low yawn for the morning until I hear a voice from above. Oh God no. I slept on Harry's shoulder for who knew how long. "Good morning" Harry says from above my head. I quickly get up and looked at a sleepy Harry. I guess he woke up before me. How embarrasing.

"Oh. I'm sorry for my head being on your shoulder. My mistake!" I say closing the plane window to my right halfway. Harry gets from his slumped position to an upright sitting. "No it's fine" he puts his fingers through his brown curls "If you were fine, so was I" he responds with a cheeky smile. I give a small giggle while checking my watch. I didn't change it to California just to keep track of my rest. My eyes widen to show when I read from my watch that it was 1 am in England. I remeber falling alseep by 10pm so that means we only slept 3 hours! I really thought I was going to be tired enough to sleep till the plane landed. I guess I was wrong.

I saw from the corner of my eyes that Harry, still utterly gorgeous even in the morning, has a confused look on his face. "Are you okay? You look quite troubled" Harry said turning his body toward me. I loved the way that he had a concern for me at whatever situation. "Nothing big, it's just that we only slept for 3 hours and we still have 2 hours till the plane makes it to L.A." I say also turning my body toward him. Harry smiles and looks at me. "I heard there's wi-fi on the plane. We could do something fun now" he says with his killer cheeky smile.

I looked puzzle and scratched my uber messy hair that I really don't care about now and respond "Like what?" Harry unlocks his seatbelt, walks over to where Niall and Paul were sleeping sound, and goes to there carry-on department over their heads. He slowly grabs a brown leather flat laptop bag from the department careful not to wake anyone up. He slowly walks over to his seat, opens the tray infront of his seat, and carefully places the bag on the tray. Harry sits back down and makes a 'shhhh' noise while placing a pointer finger to his pink lips.

I smile and give a small giggle. Harry was way too cheeky for stealing Naill's laptop without him noticing. "One last step left. Get the wifi!" he says while pressing the flight attendant button above his head. In little less than a minute a small young woman turns our way. Hers eyes widened and gives a light shriek hoping none of the other passengers would wake. "Y-y-y-y-your H-h-h-a-arry St-t-t-tyles!" she said covering her mouth. Harry laughed and gave his to-die-for smile to the small blonde attendant. "Yes, that's me. Earlier in the flight I read that this flight offers wireless internet? I'm intrested" Harry says charming the attendant with his smile.

The attendant nodded with her mouth open. "Ugh.. yess! Of course Harry!" she says putting a hand on his shoulder. "I saw that it was 5 pounds. I'll pay right now-" Harry started while getting inturrupted by the blonde. "No! It's on me! I mean f-f-first class p-p-p-passengers get free internet!" she insists. I felt invisible to the flight attendant especially with her red manicured hand on Harry. "Oh very thank you! Any way to repay you?" Harry says winking to the flight attendant. The flight attendant blushed. I rolled my eyes, but I guess this was Harry's plan for free wi-fi. What a cheeky boy!

The flight attendant nodded after the blush and said "Can I get a picture?" Harry quickly nodded and gave a suggestion. "Do you have a Twitter?" The flight attendant quickly nods again her bangs getting a bit messy. "Then we can take a picture with my laptop and post it on Twitter. You'll get a shoutout from your truly" he said placing his hand on his chest. "That would be amazing!" she screamed like a teenage directioner. I laugh and put my face in my hands thinking on how mischevious Harry has gotten!

The flight attendant turns on the Appl laptop and quickly links us to the Internet. Harry quickly logs Niall out of his Twitter on the computer and Harry logs in. Using the webcam the flight attendant took the picture and Harry posted it. In ten secounds from the upload she already had 2000 new followers! The flight attendant got a hug from Harry and she left alot more cheery than she came. I nudge Harry and he looks at me saying "I got us wi-fi. Now my plan was to do a Twitcam! My fans can learn to meet you and not assume as if we fancied eachother or anything." I nodded a bit dissapointed from him not saying to be with me.

He quickly Tweets saying "Twitcam about to happen! I want you all to meet a friend! :)" Out of all the retweets, favorites, and replies he got from the Tweet I don't understand how the computer didn't explode. Harry turns away fromt the screen and looks at me "Do you have a Twitter so I can follow you?" I nod and say the username to him. Little did I know it that thee Harry Styles just followed me on Twitter. Harry goes on the Twitcam site and he looks at me again "Ready?" I quickly shook my head shyly. "I look terrible. I just woke up and I'm just nervous about this." I look down nervous for the Twitcam. What if the fans didn't like me? What if they got jelous and start bullying Harry about it? I million of concerns crossed my mind until Harry lifted my head with his finger. He looked straight into my eyes and softly said "You are being yourself, which is enough for me and any other fan out watching us. Relax. I'll be here to help you." His green eyes twinkled with the light coming from the window and his smile looked innocent as ever. I nod as he slowly  takes his finger off my chin.

He nods and turns back to the screen and press 'Begin' and my and Harry's face are seen from the screen. I actually didn't look too bad. The number of views quickly elevated and it stabalized at around 200,000 people wondering who this girls was.

"Hello fellow earthlings! Harry here 30,000 feet above the ground with a friend I want all of you to meet." I wave at the camera and smile. "This is Camille. I used to work with her at a bakery before the X-Factor." He turned to me  with eyes telling me to say something. I smile again and face the camera "Hello. I'm Camille like Harry said" I point to Harry when I mentioned his name "It's great to meet you all and I hope you all can get to know me!" I say to the camera. Harry turns to me and gives a slight nod "Okay. So basically this is how it's going to work. Camille and I are going to start answering some question made here and on Twitter! Camille has a Twitter so follow her. It's @hey_im_Camille so it's pretty simple!" We start answering questions and laugh as we read Tweets. Some ask if were together ,but we clearly say were just old friends re-uniting.

As a dare from a Tweet it asks me and harry to wake up Louis. We both agree on it and we do exacly that. He was snoring on the chair while Eleanor slept on the closed window. We start poking his face until Louis does this weird jolt with his body and he wakes up. Harry and I laugh as softly as we can ,but it's just too hard to laugh out loud! Louis is mad at first and slaps Harry's cheek. I read Tweets that ask questions about me. Aww they want to know about me!


An hour and a half we started the Twitcam Niall wakes and takes his laptop and finishes off the Twitcam, but it didn't matter because Harry and I had a great time doing it. We didn't notice how quickly time has gone by and realize it's landing. Everyone in our crew is awake and ready for landing.


The plane lands and I know this is the beggining of a great summer.

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