Just The Baker Boy

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  • Published: 15 Aug 2012
  • Updated: 19 Jul 2013
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Camille Amaya has always loved the baker boy that worked with her. She worked at Holmes Chapel Bakery side by side every Saturday, until he decided to furfill his dream on becoming the next big singer. A couple years later she has seen the baker boy she'd loved, turn into the hearthrob in a boy band called One Direction. When he comes back home from his world tour and calls her to hang out like they used to would he be the same boy she fell in love with years before?

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18. Tour Day

My eyes opened when I felt a soft item hit my head. "Camille, babe! Time to get up. It's the first day on the tour and it's 7:30 am!" I hear a loud- yet serene girly voice over my head. Eleanor. I yawn as I sit up on the bed while my eyes begin to see the image of an already ready Eleanor taking a seat by my side on the matress. "Eleanor, there's so many other ways you could have woken me up and you chose to slam a pillow on my face?" I ask Eleanor with a questioning look. She gives a sweet laugh and replies "I had to take my chance. Now you better get up unless you want to be left behind alone in a beach house for two months." She looks up to the cealing, laughs, and looks back on me "That doesn't seem to bad, but come on!" Eleanor says pulling up my arms. Eleanor must be prettty excited for this.I lift myself while scrating my head and look at Eleanor "Okay Eleanor" I yawn as Eleanor gets off the bed making space to get off the bed aswell.

I stand up while strecthing my arms up to the sky feeling my muscles relax. I walk over to the closet grabbing the only outfit left, while the others sat in my luggage. I went into the bathroom and began getting ready for the day.


I was ready even though there was an extra half hour till 9am. Eleanor wasn't in the bedroom when I came out of the bathroom, so I'm guessing she's downstairs or with Louis. Maybe downstairs with Louis. I walk out of the room, with my hair still humid from my recent shower. I take the route I took only two days ago. I walk through doors and hallways until my still favourite room at one of the corners of the house.

I open the familiar door and take steps into the vacant room with the sleek black piano rests on the floor. I smile as I walk over to the instrument. The morning sunlight shines in through the window and gleams onto the sparkling wood tile floors. It was just like the first time I came in here.

I quickly pull the bench from underneath the keys of the piano and make my way onto the seat. I sit down and open the keys from its cover. I smile as I place my fingers on keys. I play a couple of chords and scales to loosten my fingers int o a song. I choose to play a simple song just for enjoyment of the instrument. I play "Bella's Lullaby" by Carter Burwell, quite a popular piece with all the Twilight fans. Truthfilly, I didn't really like the story behind the song since I really wasn't into romantic books. Or vampires that sparkle. I really did love the piece since, aside from the other pices I play this piece stays with a relaxed tone the whole time.

The beggining is a soft repition of patterns in the melody . Then my fingers ripple from different patterns of descending notes. It felt like I was playing water and creating a waterfall with notes. Later, the notes that everyone knew. I closed my eyes as I still play the notes. After, comes the part of the song that I really liked, group of notes that descend on the piano and ascend as the notes enlighten. My fingers continue to play as steps come toward me keeping my eyes closed. I felt its presence I just didn't know who it was. I waited until the last chord is played to look at the person listening to my playing.  

I open my eyes and see the same person who found me last time. Liam Payne. "I was walking the house and I heard the sounds of the piano again" he says giving off a bright smile. His shaggy hair touched his forehead and his thick eyebrows as he spoke. He wore a red, white, and blue plaid shirt with dark jeans on his legs. I gave a small laugh and replied "Yeah. I just wanted to do this before I left because I knew that it would be my last time n a long time before playing again." I touch the piano and look back down onto the black and white keys. "I'm pretty sure that it won't be the last time in a long time. We do have a keyboard going on tour with us" He said leaning against the insturment.

"I don't play infront of other people. Your just lucky you heard me the other day" I say looking up to his chocolate eyes. Liam sighed and looked at me again, the sunlight hitting his hair making it shine. "When you have a talent as great as this. You can't keep it locked inside. You don't know how many hearts you could touch by simply doing what you like to do. I love performing and making someone happy fro something I enjoy to do. It's an incredible feel" he says softly looking with his eyes. I nod and look down "Thank you, but I don't think I have the courage to play infront of people, yet." Liam put on not a fully accepted smile and looked at me while his hair shook "Nevertheless, I want to hear a song that isn't so emotional as the ones you've played before." I laugh and nod "Ofcourse Liam."

My fingers begin a trill on the black keys beggining the famous piece by Chopin "Minute Waltz." The song became more complicated as my fingers accelerated on to a faster case onto the chours of the song. I didn't close my eyes on this song from its pace. Liam's eyes widened as I played the song. He quickly smiled with a tear slowly appearing from his right eye. I finally make it to the middle of the song where my fingers rest from going at such a fast pace. The notes were still complicated, but way slower compared to the rest of the song. My fingers bouce from chord to chord as I return back to the trill between the notes. As I come out of the tril the notes deepen and it becomes a more complicated version of beggining including more reaching of the other keys and black notes. As the song finishes I laugh as I see Liam laughing aswell.

I finish the last chord as I press the pedal with my right foot. "That was incredible!" Liam exclaims. I laugh again and wipe a sweat off my forehead. Damn. That song is incredible, but exausting. "Thank you" I reply. "That was truly the best you've ever played. The song looked so complicated and it looked as if you played it with ease" Liam said brushing fingers through his long hair. "I promise you. That song is nothing, but ease" I reply my fingers still on the keys. Liam looks down as I hear a little ring coming from his pocket. He takes out his iPhone and puts a suprised look over his eyes. "The bus is here and everyone is already loaded!"

"Crap!" I quickly come off the bench pushing it to the ground making a slamming noise as Liam and I left the room. I run to my room to find my luggage not sitting against the wall. "Liam! My luggage isn't here!" I yelled from my room looking under the bed for clues. I grabbed my purse that sat on the bed which I layed out after my shower. I heard the fimiliar deep voice yelliung back "The boys already took all the luggage to the bus! Come on Camille!" I see him running in the room. I follow him back out the stairs and out the back door, with the wind hitting our faces, but we continued to run with the morning sun on our faces down the hills where the big One Direction Tour Bus sat with Pual outside impatiently waiting for us out the door.

We make it to the door of the bus and Pual pushes us inside as he hops behind us. The doors of the bus clase and we already start moving even though Liam, Paul and I shake at the moving vehicle were in. I took a deep breath relaxed at the fact that the running was over. I take my eyes off the road and look back into the inside of the tour bus. I see four familiar heads pop out from the bunk beds connedted to the walls. Two on each side. Niall in the top left, Louis in the bottom left, Harry in the top right and Zayn in the bottom right. 

From Louis' voice we hear "Camille!! Liam!! Where were you?" Liam quickly responds "Camille was showing me something on the other side of the house. Sorry mates for being late." I smiled and nodded and Liam's quick responded. Paul turns to us and says "Please don't be late. You know how people in buissness are." Paul places a firm hand on Liam's shoulder. I walk in the the hallway of the bus and see that there are three levels of the bunk beds. The bus continues and we see another group of bunks. I'll probally be with the girls over there.

Harry smiles at me when I stop at his bunk. "Good morning, Camille" Harry said touching my hand that was holding on to the side of his bunk. "Good morning, Harry" I reply smiling at his dimples. "Ready to tour?" he asks quietly. "Shut up, Harry" an Irish accent says from the other side from the bus. Harry laughs while his long hair shakes with him. From the front of the bus I hear Paul's loud voice saying "Camille head to the next group of bunks and you'll find he rest of the girls there." I look back and nod to Paul "Got it!" I take a quick glance at Harry who starts getting down from his bunk. When he touches the ground he grabs my hand goes infront of me leading me to the next group of beds. I see the girls laying on the bunks welcoming me as I say hello to them. Harry quickly pulls me until we head to a glass door. He opens the other door with his fre hand and pulls me inside.

"Camille, I want to give you a tour around the bus" Harry says smiling at me. Today, he's wearing a blue v-neck with blue jeans, on his feet he only had socks on. I smile and nod "Okay Harry. Show me." Harry smiles and shows me the kitchen, which we were currently at. There was a table next to the window where he said the boys would eat. In back of the table was the television with a black couch that was stuck on the same wall of the table. He later lead me to the room after the kitchen, which was the last room on the pretty big bus, where the boys played video games and hung out.

I smiled as I took a seat on the black couch in the video game room. The room was actually quite small, but it also seemed cozy. Harry plops right down next to me and places an arm around me. "I'm so excited to spend the summer with you" he says with his slow voice. I placed my head on his shoulder "Neither can I."


This definitly beat the view of the beach. On the stage that the boys were going to perform in two days, I saw the view that only few got to have an advantage to. I saw thousands of gray bland seats lined up against in rows. The boys were on stage warming up for practice. We arrived here around an hour after 9am and setting up took another hour, so it was an hour till mid-day. The girls asked me if I wanted to go shopping with them, but I refused since I really wanted to see how an empty arena would look like. I don't regret a thing.

As the boys began to do a runthrough through the whole show, I sat in the first row, watching them perform live. I still coudn't believe I was with One Direction for a whole summer. I just can't wait for what this adventure holds for me.

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