Just The Baker Boy

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  • Published: 15 Aug 2012
  • Updated: 19 Jul 2013
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Camille Amaya has always loved the baker boy that worked with her. She worked at Holmes Chapel Bakery side by side every Saturday, until he decided to furfill his dream on becoming the next big singer. A couple years later she has seen the baker boy she'd loved, turn into the hearthrob in a boy band called One Direction. When he comes back home from his world tour and calls her to hang out like they used to would he be the same boy she fell in love with years before?

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2. The First Day

I sprung out of bed excited for the first day of work. I timed my alarm clock to wake me up at 7:00 am so I have enough time to get ready and to have more than enough time to walk to the bakery. I take a quick shower just to freshen up. I put on my dark blue jeans with a dark brown leather belt I borrowed from my mami. On my feet I was still wearing fuzzy socks since my boots were downstairs and my mom hated whenever I wore shoes on the carpet upstairs. I put on the polo while smiling looking in the mirror. I put on light black eyeliner and lipgloss. Also from my mami. I did a last check on my hair. I put it in a side braid hoping it would stay as neat as it is all day. I headed downstairs to the kitchen to check the time. 7:46am. I was on schedule.

I looked to the counter where I saw a bagel wrapped in paper towel in a small plastic bag. Next to it was a sticky note saying "Good luck princesa!- Mami and Papi". Aww. I smiled, took the note, and placed it in my small purse for luck. I unwrapped the bagel. Oooo. Still warm. I began to eat it while heading out the door.

~Arriving At The Cafe~

I walked up the steps before making my way to the door of the cafe. Mr. Wakefield texted me a little earlier that Harry was already inside and all I had to do is knock and he'll let me in. I've already finished my bagel and the extra paper towels were thrown into my small purse.

I turn to the glass door and gave two knocks. From my view, inside it was dark large room and it seemed that nobody was inside the shop. Harry was probaly back in the kitchen behind the wall, not visible to me. Harrry's head popped from behind the wall since there wasn't a door between the kitchen and the outside bakery. He gave a small cheeky smile and walked past the desk opening the small door that divides the display shelf and the table section. He walked toward the door and opened it with a smile.

"You must be Camille. I'm Harry! Harry Edward Syles to be exact." Harry said excitedly. He was so gorgeous up close. He had aubourn hair that waved at the ends. Sparkling amber green eyes. Adorable dimples that made me smile. No wonder so many people had a crush on him.

"Yeah I'm Camille. I'm the new employee here and Mr. Wakefield told me that you were going to train and help me" I replied. I still coudn't take my eyes off him. Harry nodded "Yep" he said emphasising the 'p'. "Let me show you what jobs you'll end up doing at the shop. You'll end up pretty much doing the same stuff I do. Managing the cash register, making orders, deliveries, and my least favorite cleaning after we close. I promise I'll help you out until you can do it on your own".

I nodded and followed him into the bakery. He was so kind to me and he barely even knew me. I was quite suprised when he stop and just sat down at a table. I gave a strange look on my face as Harrry looked at me sitting down. "Why did you sit down?" I ask confused. He replied saying "Before we begin want you to sit down and tell me about yourself since we are going to be spending quite some time together and I think we could be great friends." Why did he have to be so cute and modest? I guess maybe since I'm new and without breaking the ice it will just be another awkward co-worker to co-worker relationship. He looked at me with his green eyes once again and questioned me with his eyes to sit.

I gave a slight nod and sat down in the wooden seat infront. "Umm..well I'm Camille like you know. I'm 16 and I'm starting school in September." I felt kind of strange telling this to a stranger ,but at the end he did make it feel comtherable. "Really? I am to 16 and I am starting school in fall. That's also why I only work on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays." I smiled again and asked "What are you going to study?". Harry smiled, I'm guessing he's going to happily tell me. He looked to the ceiling as if his classes were written on the roof  "Law, sociology, buissness, and some other class I forget". Wow. Thats alot for a 16 year old. "Woah. Thats really cool. I hope you do well." For it being January I was suprised he's already got his school life down. I knew that I was starting in Spetember I'm just not sure what to do with my life.

"Thank you. What are you studying?" Harrry asked. "Oh I'm not sure yet ,but I got this scholarship so all I need to do is pick classes." Harry nodded and looked at is watch. "Oh! It's 8:53! I need to put up the cupcakes and cookies in display! Follow me Camille!" Harry said getting up from his seat and started speed walking to the back  of the bakery.

I quickly followed till he led me to a huge silver fridge next to a matching oven. He opened it revealing beautifuly decorateed cupckaes and cookies stacked in order on trays. Harry quickly grabbed trays and placed them on the silver table next to it. I started to do the same until the fridge was vacant. "Okay now grab a few trays and follow me. Be care ful not to drop any!" he grabbed as many trays as he could carry and started to carry them to the front. I did the same struggling since all the cupcakes wobbled on the edge of the trays.

He led me to the front of the display tables a carefully started placing them behind diplay glasses on display tray. Who knew there would be so many things for dessert display? Customers on the other side can see every detail and determine which dessrt is for them. I follow Harry's actions and do the same thing on the other side of the display table carefully placing them on cupcake pyramid displays. Harry looks at his clock again and his eyes widened. "9 o' clock exacly! I'm opening the shop. I'll tell you what to do when we get customers.".

Harry rushes to the front of the bakery and pulls out keys from his left pocket and opens the doors so customers can enter. He runs back to the back of the kicthen and lights up the shop brightening everything in it's sweet glory. I feel pretty bad just standing here like a lazy slob ,but I have no clue on what to do in the shop for opening. He comes back his hair a bit out of place from running around ,but in its own way it was still gorgeous.

For the rest of the day Harry taught me the different delicacies and to suggest the customers different cupcakes based on their taste. On my first couple of customers I was a bit nervous ,but Harry helped when neccesary. When we were alone I got to know him better since all we did was talk. I learned that he was in this band called White Eskimo and loves to sing. Harry told me that he wants to audition for the X-Factor in April since he has never bean eligable till now. I wish him good luck and he promises he'll show me his voice later on.

Today was the begining of a great friendship.

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