Just The Baker Boy

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  • Published: 15 Aug 2012
  • Updated: 19 Jul 2013
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Camille Amaya has always loved the baker boy that worked with her. She worked at Holmes Chapel Bakery side by side every Saturday, until he decided to furfill his dream on becoming the next big singer. A couple years later she has seen the baker boy she'd loved, turn into the hearthrob in a boy band called One Direction. When he comes back home from his world tour and calls her to hang out like they used to would he be the same boy she fell in love with years before?

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22. Realizing Positives and Confessions

It's bean already two weeks since the broadcast and Harry still hasn't talked to me. Still hasn't looked at me with his charming green eyes and it's kelling me inside. I get a feeling in my gut whenever he walks by me or I hear his voice, but Eleanor, Dani, Louis, and Liam are helping me cope with this (Perrie unexpectadly had rehersals with Little Mix). I've bean getting closer to Niall and Zayn. Niall loves to eat, but is still just the adorable sweet boy. Zayn is pretty much in love with his perfect hair, but he his just so funny!

It's great to have great friends like this, but I still miss my baker boy.

"Camille! Can you please run over to Nandos and get me some chicken!" Niall yelled from the couch on the other side of the door of the moving bus. We were currently heading toward the bright city of Las Vegas for the next set of interviews, signing, and concerts. Nevertheless, Zayn, Louis, Niall and I have bean planning to sneak into a club and stay Up All Night (pun intended!). I rolled my eyes at Niall while giving a small laugh "Niall! There aren't Nandos anywhere around here!" I yelled back while grabbing a water bottle out of the refrigerator. "But I'm hungry!" Niall yelled back. I laugh again while opening the bottle and taking a sip. "Then get your lazy ass off the couch and get over here!" I responded as I hear foot steps of the Irish bandmember steps into the kicthen barefoot.

"You coudn't make me a sandwich atleast" Niall says while giving a chuckle. I turn to him rolling my eyes arcastically. "Niall, come on" I say taking a gulp of the water bottle. The bus shook a little making me feel off balance while drinking. Niall smiled with his braces showing and brushed his fingers through his half-brown, half-blonde hair. I saw him as he leaned against the counter as I reached over to a cabinet to grab a box of fresh Oreos. I tossed it over to Niall and he quickly grabs it nodding in approval. He gestures to me to follow him toward to where Niall, Zayn, and Liam were hanging out. I walk in and see Liam on Zayn's left shoulder as the watched TV. (The gayest straight people ever....)

I take a seat next to Niall who takes a seat next to Zayn. "So Camille, how are you feeling?" Liam says getting off of Zayn's shoulder loking at me seriously. We all knew what he was talking about. I sigh and think of the curls, the dimples, and the green eyes.  I sigh and responded "I've bean feeling better about it. I'm still a little down about it, but might as well look at the positive part about this." I look to Zayn and Niall. "I became closer to you guys." Niall blushes a little while Zayn reaches and gives a soft pat on the shoulder. They were like the brothers and friends that I've wanted my whole life. "I still get to travel for a whole summer with the best people ever and I'm having an experience that millions dream of" I say referring to the millions of fans that would love this oppurtunity that became my reality for a whole summer.

Liam gave me a smile and nodded "I'm glad that your being positive about this. Your strong and being optimistic and remember that we'll be here to help you for anything that pains you." My eyes begin to water from happiness of knowing that I was still loved and cared for. Niall places an arm over my shoulder and gives his signature Horan Hug. The rumors about his hugs were true. Loving, caring, and tight enought to feel secure. A tear rolled down my cheek as I place my arm around him hugging back.

My head turns around as I hear steps enter the room. I turn to see the one who made my heart jump. Harry. His curls moved as he looked the first time at me in two weeks. "Camille" I hear in his voice. Goosebumps begin to rise as I hear him say my name. "Uhh..yes?" I reply my voice being shaky. Harry looks to the ground and says "Can I talk to you?". He looks back up at me as he finishes his question. I look to Niall as he realeases his grip to my shoulder. "Okay" I say standing up following Harry to the next room which was the kithchen. He makes his was and sits down at the booth that leans against the wall of the bus.

I sit infront of him in the booth as I hear Harry take a deep breath and begins talking. "Louis has bean trying to get me to talk to you for these last couple of days." I owe that boy so much. "And he says that your really sorry about cheating." He takes a deep breath and looks down to his fingers on the table. "I just want to know why would do something like that." I give a slight nod, lick my lips, and begin. "I've loved you even before the bakery. You were that perfect boy that everyone had a crush on and when I met you at the bakery I just coudn't believe it." He looks up at me still with a serious.

I continue. "You left for X-Factor and I seriously thought I'd never see you again so I gave up my dream on being your girl." I push a lock of my hair behind my ear and continue "Even lesser when Harry Styles from, One Direction became every girls dream. So, when they replaced you with Conner and he asked me out to a date I think that he could make me forget about you, but it made me miss you even more." Harry licked his lips "Camille, I missed you aswell. You have no idea. That's pretty much why I tried to try to replace you with models and fans that I met, but none made me laugh like you did. None made me feel the way you made me feel, but when you cheated on me I just coudn't believe that you would have the capacity to do so. I woudn't."

I nod as I look down at the table "I told you. Conner didn't make me feel what I felt for you and I coudn't bare breaking his heart so I could be with you." I suddenly feel a finger lift my chin and I see his eyes around four inches away from me. He smiles at me with the craters on his cheeks that I missed so much to see. "Promise me something and we could pretend that this was just something we would get over together." I smile and nod.

Harry places his left hand on my right cheek and wispers "Promise me, that you'll never cheat on me. That I'll be your one and only." I quickly nod and wisper back "I promise." Little did I know that his lips crashed into mine and we were kissing. We both missed eachother, but both were scared to tell eachother. My lips move as his do aswell. I feel a tear rush down my cheek as Harry pulls away softly. I see a small tear from his cheek and ai get my thumb and wiped it away.

Strangely, the only thing that I thought was that thanks to Conner, my relationship with Harry was stronger. This was definitly ment to be.

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