Just The Baker Boy

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  • Published: 15 Aug 2012
  • Updated: 19 Jul 2013
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Camille Amaya has always loved the baker boy that worked with her. She worked at Holmes Chapel Bakery side by side every Saturday, until he decided to furfill his dream on becoming the next big singer. A couple years later she has seen the baker boy she'd loved, turn into the hearthrob in a boy band called One Direction. When he comes back home from his world tour and calls her to hang out like they used to would he be the same boy she fell in love with years before?

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21. On The Radio

My eyes opened wide as I felt the bus come to a sudden stop. I rub my eyes with the back of my hand sitting upright almost hitting my head with the top of my bunk and the bottom of Perrie's. I hear speaking from the other side of the wall infront of me where the boys and Paul slept last night. Yesterday, after arriving our way onto the bus. Paul told us that One Direction will be hosting a radio interview with a popular radio station in San Fransisco. Oh crap. I forgot that our next stop was the famous San Fransisco. Known for its Golden Gate Bridge, Chinatown, and it's memorable cable car to ride, I knew that this week in this new city would fun! Really what I was most excited to see about this west coast city was the ex-prison island named Alcatraz that sat on the rough cold tides on the coast of San Fransisco. It held the most-wanted criminals back in the time of its operation

I yawn and climb out of my bunk and slowly make my way to open the scarlet red curtain which divided the bunks into the girls and boys side. I slide it open and see all five boys already ready for their interview. (Was there really a purpose for dressing up so great for a radio interview?)  I cross my arms quickly over my chest trying to remember if I did or did not take off my bra to sleep. Yes! My boobs were supported! "Good morning Camille!" I hear all five lads say in unison. "Good morning lads" I reply with less emotion, my mouth still a bit numb from waking up recently.

I see Paul from behind Niall who stands in the back with his red polo. "Good morning, Camille. I hope your doing well this morning" Paul says giving a wave. I nod while waving back at Paul. "Sorry about awaking you. The boys have an interview in an hour so if you want you can go back to bed or join us if your ready in time."  Liam turns to me and nods who was behind of Zayn "Come Camille! Radio stuff is fun." Harry smiles behind Liam giving a supportive smile. "Sure thing Paul, but I dont know where my luggage is at so I can change."

Paul laughs and says "We put it under your bunk. Be ready in about 10 minutes, we'll be outside." The boys begin to walk slowly out of the parked bus as I reach down under my bunk to find my luggage bag sitting there. I pull it out and dig in for the first thing I reach for.


I walk out of the bus leaving a note on my bunk saying 'Me and the lads are at a radio interview. Text Paul if you leave the bus or if anything happens!-Camille' That should help the girls who slept soundly in their bunks. I reach the door and make my out to the concrete which the bus is parked at. The boys are around me beaming a smile while Paul makes a call for a taxi. He looks my way and gives me a thumbs-up for approval of dressing up quickly in my sweats and messy bun. Harry comes towards me smiling and putting a hand around my waist. "Good morning, love. You look great today" he gives me a small kiss on the cheek welcoming me to the day. I smile while lightly brushing a few of my fingers through his brown curls.

He smiles and says softly "You dig the curls." I give a small laugh and smile "Curls are sexy, Harry." he smiles while turning his head to the ground. He grabs my hand which still strokes his curls and locks his fingers into mine. "You don't know how much you make me smile everyday" Harry says softly while blushing a bit.

"HARREH!!" I hear as Louis ruins the moment. You still gotta love Boo Bear. Harry realeses both of his hands and looks to Louis as he comes towards us witha cheeky smile. He knew exactly what he did. "I heard that San Fransisco has boys with lots of curls, Harry." Harry nods shyly while flipping his curls. "Really? I heard there's also lots of lads who dress like sailors!" Harry replies looking at Louis' sailor-like outfit. I'm laughing as Louis snaps his fingers and says "Oh no curls didn't!" Harry does a circle with his head and replies with Louis' same amount of sass. "Oh yes I di-id!" Harry says snapping his fingers aswell. I was giggleing like crazy, but they were too funny!

Louis sighs and says "I can't always be mad at you, Curls." Harry nods and shrugs his shoulders "Neither can I, Boo" Louis runs up to Harry and places his arms around his neck. Harry hug him back as I laugh. I loved their bromance.

A small taxi slowly parked by our bus and Paul went to speak to the driver. Louis let go of Harry and began making our way into the taxi. Never actually thought that celebrities would actually ride taxis, but I remember that they were just friends of my baker boy that had talent.


I stood in the box standing infront of a huge mixing board that consisted of buttons, swicthers, and levers. I had headphones over my ears as so did Paul and the person who sat in front of the switcher controlling it. We were in a dark room next to the rooms were the boys were with the radio interviewers. The boys sat in a round table with the people who worked at the station. Black mics were places infront of every person who sat on the table and everyone wore headphonesover their ears as they listened to the two DJs. One was a spunky young brunette while the other was a bit older man, but they both had enthusiam.

"Good morning San Fransisco! This is Roxana and Max and we are here with the world famous band One Direction!" Roxana said into the mic excidently. Her American accent was something I've never heard before. Max next to her continued "Thank you for being here with us, boys." All the boys say into the mics either "Our pleasure" or "No problem" or "Great to be here." Max shuffles some papers infront of him and begins "So boys, how does it feel to be back in the US?". Liam shrugs his shoulders and says to the mic "It's absolutely exciting to be here. We are ready to tour all summer long and meet our fans." Niall continues with his jumpy Irish accent flowing in "It's great to be here since it's a new experience since it is alot different than London where we live." 

Roxana nods and says "That's great. So a little bird told me that" she turns to Harry "Harry, you have a new, well... a new love interest'". My eyes widened when she asked this question. I'm just praying that Harry won't say anything too revealing. Harry blushes and looks down to his hands which were holding eachother. He looks to me through the glass, gives a small smile, and turns back to Roxana. "So basically, before I auditioned on the X-Factor I worked at a small bakery at my hometown Holmes Chapel." I crossed my arms infront of my chest shaking on what Harry was saying.

"At the bakery we pretty much did every job so it was all good. Then, my boss tells me that there is someone new coming to work at the bakery and that I have to train her." He licks his lips and continues "On the first dayshe was lost, but I helped her though it. Also, I knew from that day we would be great friends. She's funny, smart and beautiful." He turns to me and winks again as I blush. I loved what he said, but yet he was saying it on public radio.

"Two months later, I left for the X-factor and everyday I missed her presense. She was there everyday and all the sudden she wasn't and that's when I realized that I actually loved her more than just a great friend." Harry finishess. Roxana smiles and nods and says into the mic "Who is this special girl?". Harry looks to me and says "Camille Amaya."

I covered my hands over my mouth to hide my emotions from Harry. From the window I look to Louis who is looking at me with a face as scared as mine, but I look back at Harry with a smile I try to pull off, but the muscles in my cheeks shows my true objections. I look back at Roxana who is now speaking on taking calls and questions from the public. A couple go by with different questions to different members and I begin to relax until one specific caller rings the radio.

"Hello your live with One Direction." Roxana says to the mic. From the headphones on my ears I hear a manly crying sound and it begins to speak. "Hi I'm Conner. I'm from Holmes Chapel aswell and I know the Camille Harry speaks of." Harry from the other side of the table speaks up "Really?". Harry looks at me and my face is shocked. Harry words with his lips 'You know him?'.  I nod immediatly and I feel my cheeks burning from whatever emotion I can't describe now.

Max gives a strange look and says "So why did you call?". I hear a deep breath from the other side of the line as he begins "I am Harry's replacement at the shop and I worked with Camille as well. I can agree with Harry on all those qualities because that is Camille." I just stood here stunned on what was going on. How did he know I was with One Direction? How did he have access to hear the radio back home? Millions of confused questions flew in my head, but I knew I was getting no answers soon.

"Two weeks ago I asked her out. We went on a couple of dates and then she told me she had to leave to work at a TV station in Los Angeles. Now I know she went to California to hook up with a boy band member and cheat on the both of us! She's a lying little slut!" I hear from the headphones. Tears begin to run down my cheeks and I look at Harry as his face turns serious. Harry runs his fingers through his curls and purses his lips. I can't believe this was happening.

I see all the members to turn to me with different emotions planted on their face. It was mostly just a suprised speechless face. Roxana and Max are speechless aswell and Max quickly says "Thanks for calling!" and quickly cuts the call. I bet Conner wasn't even done with expressing the way he felt. "Umm.. well One Direction will be going now. After the breaks we'll be playing the latest tunes by this band. Their album 'Up All Night' is available on the iTunes online!" The boys began to stand up and head to the door as I follow Paul out of the sound control. Louis immedialy comes up to me and places an arm over me trying to comfot me.

Louis slowly wispers in my ear "I'm so sorry. I never thought that would happen." I place both of my arms at Louis' waist and walk to the back of the building where a taxi awaits us. I try to look at Harry, but he always looks away and talks to another band member or checks his phone. I got a feeling in my gut with pain of being ignored by my baker boy. I kept hugging Louis until we got back to the bus and he was there for comfort.

I just wish that Harry would let me explain and not ignore me like he did back at the beach house. But for now, I have Louis, Liam, and the girls by my side.

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