Just The Baker Boy

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  • Published: 15 Aug 2012
  • Updated: 19 Jul 2013
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Camille Amaya has always loved the baker boy that worked with her. She worked at Holmes Chapel Bakery side by side every Saturday, until he decided to furfill his dream on becoming the next big singer. A couple years later she has seen the baker boy she'd loved, turn into the hearthrob in a boy band called One Direction. When he comes back home from his world tour and calls her to hang out like they used to would he be the same boy she fell in love with years before?

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6. On My Way

My bags were packed for atleast two weeks of clothes and all I needed was a laundry to later re-use my clothes. I pretty much spent all night packing making sure on what clothes I wanted Harry to see me in ,so I pretty much spent an hour asleep and that was about an hour ago when I needed to get ready for a day of travel. I was wearing green sweats with matching green Toms on my feet ,but I had comtherable fuzzy socks in my carry-on bag for the plane ride. My hair was in a messy bun and for make-up I only wore a light bottom black eyeliner. The boys will eventually get used to me without make-up.

I was pretty tired so I was thinking of sleeping on the cab to London Heathrow Airport. The ride was 3 hours so it be would enough to atleast to not be so cranky when I meet One Direction. Wait. I'm meeting freaking One Direction in about three hours! I finally realized what was going on! I guess I was too tired to notice anything anyway.

I went downstairs where my mom and Conner were there waiting for me to say our goodbyes till the end of summer. I still pondered on the thought on Conner. I've only bean going out with him for about two weeks, we haven't kissed (truthfully I've actually never bean kissed!), and he still really bummed that I wasn't going to be with him in summer break. I guess he just likes me more than I liked him.

Harry had my heart. He was the first boy I've ever fell for. Who I felt cared for me even though it wasn't necessary on him. He was my baker boy.

Conner ran to me and took one of the luggages that I was struggling going down the stairs with. He smile at me with his twinkling blue eyes. Damn. Why did Conner have to be so handsome aswell? I placed the other luggage bag on the ground when it made it to the first floor. "Is there any more bags?" Conner asked me. I shook my head and replied "No, these are my only luggages and my carry-on for the plane is on my back" reffering to the small purple Jack Wills backpack resting on my back.

I look to Conner then to my mum and say "I'm so sorry that I coudn't spend holiday here." I open my arms to embrace them both. Conner on my left and mum on my right. We all seem to let go when we hear a couple of knocks coming from the door. "I'm here for Camille Amaya to London Heathrow Airport" was heard from the other side of the door. It sounded like it was from a middle aged man. Conner goes  open the door and we see a tall man wearing a coat with a badge and a name tag that read 'Paul'. He's wearing dark black glasses so his eyes can't be seen. Now I wonder, why did he look so familiar?

"That's me" I say raising my hand a bit like a Year 2 student. He walks in the apartment and points to my luggage "I'm just guessing that this is your luggage." I nod and Paul nods and grabbedd the top of one of my luggage bags "I'll start taking these to the cab. Let me now when your ready to leave." Conner grabs the other one and follows Paul outside. I look at my mum and I see that her eyes are already wet with tears.

"Mami.." I say while she takes me into a big hug. She kisses my cheek and says in my ear "I'm going to miss mi princesa. I've never bean so far away from mi hija for so long." I nod while still embracing her "I'll miss and call you everday untill I come back. Tell Papi the same thing." My father isn't ususally home because he normally works where works takes him, while working for construction since it always tends to be somewhere far away providing money for me and my mum.

She lets go of me when Conner walks back into the house. Conner walks up to me and puts his strong arms around me. I embrace him back while closing my eyes "I'll miss you, Camille" Conner said softly. I softly replied aswell saying "I'll miss you too." We let go of eachother and he looks ito my eyes while feeling my hand. He nods and let's go of my hand while I head to the door. "Bye Conner. Adios Mami. I'll misss you both." I look to my mum and say softly "Te quiero." I walk out the door and slowly shut it close. Ryan is already in the car with his hans on the wheel. The black car was quite small and the backseat could fit around three people.

I walk to the backseat and open the door of the sleek shiny car and sit down on the beige leather seat inside. "To London Heathrow Airport please." I look at my black watch on my left hand and see that it's 9 am and that the flight leaves at 5 in the eveing so were on schedule if it's a smooth ride. "Ofcourse" he starts the car and were off passing by familiar apartments and streets I've grown up on. As I start to leave Holmes Chapel, my hometown my tiredness begins to kick in and my eyes shut.


I wake up from my uncomtherable spot behind the driver's seat leaning against the window by the sound of teenage girls screaming from the outside of the auto. I look out the window and see that this definitly not an airport. We were drving past buildings on a large street where girls of all ages screamed carrying posters, wearing stripes with red pants (some of them), and eating carrots!

"Ummm... sir, where are we?" I ask getting up from the window and sitting upright. He answers front the seat "London!". I put a confused look on my face,even at the fact that he said the city's name too excitedly than usual, "Yes I can see ,but I'm heading to Heathrow, so why are we in the city?" I ask fixing some hairs that got lose during my nap. He stops at a red light, turns back to look at me, and takes off his glasses and reveals his identity. Now I know who he was! He was Paul Higgins! One Direction's babysit- bodygaurd! "Do you really think that Harry would just gat anyone to drive you here?" Paul replied with a chuckle. He turned his head back to the road smiling as the light turned back to green, the car moved once again. I can't believe that thee Paul Higgins just drove me 3 hours to London.

"Wow! Harry realy wanted to set everything for me didn't he? Okay, but you still haven't answered my question. Why aren't we at an airport?" I ask scooting over to middle of the backseat where I had Paul to my right ,his and my eyes on the road. "Harry's at a signing with the boys and he gave me instructions to  ride you to the airport and help you out ,but as his bodyguard I feel like that that's too much time away from the boys without proper security ,as so myself. So were heading to an HMV where the signing is taking place ,so I can keep them safe." I nodded and still wondered on what I was going to do during this. "Okay I see your point. You want to protect the boys, but not to be rude, I don't know what I'm going to do throughout this" I reply looking outside as girls with posters walk the direction were driving. Heheh the one direction were going. 

"I got a signing pass and you'll pretty much be waiting in line to see the boys" Paul says pulling out a lanyard with the 1D symbol on the card that hangs from it. I laugh and smile "Wow. You really wanted to suprise Harry didn't you?". I really liked his idea of suprising Harry and I really liked Paul! "Yes. So your up to it?" Paul asks turning back for my approval. I nod and say "Totally."

Paul drives up to the music store which is so full full that if it exploded girls would fly to all sides of London. He puts on his glasses and parks right infront of HMV where it said 'Security Parking' and got out the car. A couple of girls turned around to me till I got out. I guess they thought I was some sort of celebrity. 

Paul walks to the backseat and opens it for me. I nod and say "Thanks." Paul gives a light nod and goes to me and wispers in my ear "Enter and when they ask for identification say your Harry's suprise." I smile while giving a small nod "Got it. Now go do your job!". Paul nods and walks into the music shop. I keep walking at the same girls that saw me in my car looked dissapointed probally thinking I was one of the 1D girlfriends. Oh darn. I'm going to meet them aswell, aside from Eleanor.

I put on the pass Paul gave me in the car and walk from the car to the front door of the shop. From outside I thought the screams wern't so bad. Boy, was I wrong. The room was filled with boys and security guards. The signing started about 2 hours ago so it wasn't as packed as I thought it would ,but still that was alot of pussy for Harry!

A security guard with a headset and clipboard inturrupted my thoughts and said "Name?". I smiled and said exactly what Paul told me to say "I'm Harry's suprised." The woman security guard smiled and replied "Nice to meet you Camille. This way please" when she started another guard quickly replaced her. She led led me behind fans until we were on next to a door on the right of the shop. She takes out keys from her black pants and opens the door. I walk in after her revealing a small lounge with orange couches with green walls. At the end of the room was a coffee machine that rested on a matching green table ,but what suprised me were the people sitting on the couches. I saw three beautiful girls wearing gorgeous couture on their slim bodies. Oh my freakin' God. It was Perrie Edwards,  Danielle Peazer, and Eleanor J Calder.

Eleanor runs up to me and gives be an embrace. I return the embrace happy to see my old bestfriend. The hug lasts up to half a minute and while she lets go the security opens the door and leaves into the room of girls fan girling. "Love! I haven't seen in you in ever!" she says smiling wide showing her perfect white teeth. " Me either! But I see your with Louis now, I'm so happy for you!" I say taking her back into an embrace. I really missed her. I didn't have another friend that was a girl that I could tell all my boy problems to that wasn't my mom!

She takes my hand and walks me to the couch she and the other girls were just on. She let's go of my hand  and we sit down. "Girls, this is Camille. We've known eachother for like two years!"she says looking at the other girls. I looked over to Danielle who was stunning with her tan skin, chocolate eyes, and crazy but awesome looking hair. "Danielle. Lovely to meet you" she says giving me a sincere smile and giving me her hand. I shake the hand and Perrie from behind Danielle says "I'm Perrie. I'm hoping we'll be great friends" she nods with her blonde curls jumping with her head.  I nod aswell and to me Perrie didn't seem very friendly ,but I better not judge now.

We break the ice by talking about what girls normally talked about and when they gave us the warning signal that it was time to suprise the boys since they thought we were at the airport we began to fix eachother hair and make-up for the boys. Eleanor did my make-up, Danielle my make-up, and Perrie with my outfit to make it cuter with a few extra accessories.

We all turned when we saw the door knob turn and Niall walks into the room. I give a small shriek..well since... IT'S FREAKIN' NIALL HORAN!! After him the other boys enter the room and I'm totally fan girling out until I see the green eyes.

The green eyes I fell in love with at a bakery two years ago.

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