Just The Baker Boy

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  • Published: 15 Aug 2012
  • Updated: 19 Jul 2013
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Camille Amaya has always loved the baker boy that worked with her. She worked at Holmes Chapel Bakery side by side every Saturday, until he decided to furfill his dream on becoming the next big singer. A couple years later she has seen the baker boy she'd loved, turn into the hearthrob in a boy band called One Direction. When he comes back home from his world tour and calls her to hang out like they used to would he be the same boy she fell in love with years before?

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7. Meeting the Lads

The green eyes were across and we both began to walk toward eachother minding the people in between us. I walk bumping into Zayn and Liam on the way, but we finally made it to eachother. He quickly puts his amrs around me, holding me tightly. "I missed so much, Camille" He said softly in my ear behind my hair. I closed my eyes and smiled widely "Me too, Harry. Me too,"

When  we parted I smiled at his eyes as he smiled into mine. "So I've seen that your dream of becoming a big singer has come true" I start. Harry nods with his hair nodding with his head like it used to "Yeah, it's bean amazing. I feel like this is all a dream." I give a small laugh and say "Well..will you introduce me to the lads?" Harry smiles with his dimples clearly showing. His look hasn't change very much, but his face was completely free of pimples and his hair looked a bit different I guess from all the styling. Heheh the Harry Styling.

I calmed down inside hoping I won't fan girl this time. Harry leads me to a Louis wearing a striped sweater with bright blue skinny jeans. His hair was up while talking to Eleanor. They were too cute. Eleanor stopped talking to Louis once he saw Harry behind him. "Louis, this is an old friend from the bakery I used to work at." Louis turns around and smiles widely when he sees me. Sooner than I thought Louis has me in a big tight hug. "CAMILLE!!" he screams into my ear. I barely payed attention on how he hurt my ear because of the fact that Harry has talked about me with his best mate.

I hug back tightly returning his action. I'm so glad that I wasn't fan girling. I also scream "LOUIS!!" back into his ear. He lets go of me and looks at me with a strange look "I like her Hazza!!" he screams at Harry. Harry laughs as Louis let's go of me. I knew Louis and I were going to be great friends.

Then Harrry leads me to the next member. As in the Irish one that I totally fan girled out when he entered the room. "Nialler, this is my friend Camille. Camille this is Niall." Harry says to Niall while he was stuffing his face with potato crisps. Niall smiles at me I guessing disregarding the fan-girl action I did a little earlier. He finish chewing with his mouth open and says "Hello Camille" he give me his hand and I shake it. "Sorry for my manners" he says chewing while eating. "No problem" I start "Who can resist a bag of crisps?". He laughs with his braces smiling at me. His blonde hair moves with his head and he goes back to eating.

Harry laughs and wispers in my ear after we leave Niall "So basically, he eats all the time on whatever he can get his mouth in. Especially if it's Nandos." I giggle and nodded at Harry "No problem at all ,just make sure he won't eat me!" Harry gives a laugh and he leads me to the next member. Liam Payne.

Liam is as gorgeous as his pictures are. I see him smiling and laughing with Danielle. Everyone says that he is the kindest and most mature one of the group. Let's see if it's true! He wears a blue suit top with a matching suit bottom and his dirty blonde hair is up. Harry goes in front of me leading me to them. He stops once were both infront of him. He was the same size as Harry. 5"10. "Liam, this is Camille. She's an old mate from my bakery job" Harry says to Liam. Liam smiles at me and gives me a side kiss on the cheek like my Hispanic culture did. "It's grand to meet you, love. Harry told me that you were Colombian and I thought that kissing on the cheek was common in the heritage. Is it ture?" Liam asks with his deep voice. "Completly true. Thanks for noticing!" I say give a slight nod. He was pretty kind and seemed alot more mature than Louis!

Liam goes back with his conversation with Danielle and Harry takes me to visit the last member, Zayn Malik. He was gorgeous in person aswell! His tan skin glowed and his chocolate eyes twinkled and he smiled with Perrie. All the taken boys were with thier girl friends! How cute! Zayn turns to me and Harry and Harry begins with an introduction for the fourth and last time unless theres more to meet. "Hey Zayn. Hey Perrie. This is Camille, she's coming with us-" Zayn stops Harry and ays "To the trip. You told us all about her!" I giggle and Harry's face turns a bit red. "Vas happenin' Camille!" Zayn says as I laugh. He was sweet and funny! "Vas happenin' Zayn!' I reply using my hands in gesture of exaggeration. He laughs and nods. "It's great to meet you, Camille. I hope that we'll be great friends" Zayn smiles at me and then turns back at Perrie who is just awkwardly there. I give a wave and Harry and I go off.

"What do you think of the lads?" Harry asks me. I smile and nod "Louis is crazy. Niall eats like a pig. Liam is wierdly smart and Zayn likes saying 'Vas Happenin'." Harry's smile slowly goes down. I guess he thought he didn't like them. "But I love them!" I scream out making Liam and Danielle to turn to us. Harry laughs and says "I guess we should be heading to Heathrow now. I'm going to ask Paul. Wanna come?" I give a small chuckle and say "No shit, Syles." Harry sarcastly rolls his eyes and we walk to the door where Paul is. He smiles when he sees me with Harry.

.Harry goes up to Paul and asks in a serious tone "When are we going to the airport?" Paul looks to his watch "Now." Harry nods and Paul yells "Were going to the airport now! Start heading out the door ,but remember were going through the back way since fans were still in the front door!" Paul opens the door and me and Harry go outside. Fans looking through the windows start screaming "Harry! Harry!!" ,but they notice me "Who is she!?! Is she a new girlfriend!?!" As the other band members enter the room fans start taking attention off us and on them, but some took out there phones and started taking pictures of me and Harry. "Harry! Come on! We have to go to the back now so they don't spread rumors about us!" I start to run while harry comes behind me. Security leads us to a door behind the cash register. The others follow us into the gray concrete room filled with old music posters and boxes. I look over to see Harry's smiling dimply face, his hair longer than now,and his hands are in his dark blue jeans on a poster. I laugh and turn to Harry who shakes his head. "You have no idea how hard modeling is" Harry says while nudging me.

"Ofcourse it is, Harry" I say sarcastically. He laughs while Louis in the background giggles. A security guard leads all of us through small hallways and doors. Damn, HMV was bigger than I thought! We finally make it to an emergency exit where we all walk out of to make it outside. We quickly load on to the car which took a while becase Louis would refuse to sit next to anyone that wasn't Eleanor, Harry or me. Were in a large black van with four rows. The driver's row. The row after where Me, Harry, Louis, and Eleanor sat. The next row where Zayn and Perrie sat. And the last where Liam, Danielle, and Niall sat. Poor Niall was a ninth wheel!


The ride to the airport wasn't very long and along the way Harry pointed out the window to show me spots of London ,which I thought was sweet since this is my actual first time in London.

One section of Heathrow was fenced out because of One Direction's coming to the airport. The sounds of girls screams fill the air as I look out the window. We drove by a fence where girls were pressed against each other holding posters and screaming "LOVE YOU HARRY!" or "NIALL YOU COULD EAT ME!!" I laughed at the fans screams as the car parked beside a pavement under an awning at the airport. I looked to Harry and asked about if he knew where my luggage was. He answered saying that it was already loaded on the plane with the thier luggage aswell.

We load off the car and the fans are going crazy. They scream once they see Harry, Louis, Eleanor, and the others, but all of them had a puzzled face asked eachother who I was.

We enter the airport and it's not completely empty ,but it seemed so much more peaceful than the outside screaming. Some people looked at the boys with looks knowing that they've seen them somewhere. I go next to Harry who walks behind Paul and ask "Do you ever get tired of the attention?" Harry chuckles and looks at me "Sometimes I do ,but then I realize all the people look at me aupport me and what I do and I don't want to dissapoint them at all." I nod at the mature and came to the solution that Harry really cared about his fans.


Little did I know that all of us were on the plane sitting in first class. This was my first time ever on a plane and even lesser on first class! We sat on large beige leather seats with cup holders in the middle. There is a screen which is for what I'm guessing ,entertainment. We were that last ones on the plane to Sacramento, California so not much attention from other passengers would be drawn.

In seating order, in the front row of the plane sat Zayn and Perrie on the left, Niall and Paul on the right. Louis and Eleanor on our left as I sat by the small window with Hary by my side. Liam and Danielle sat in back of us giggling and wispering.


The flight left at 5pm and we were only 5 hours into the flight. We still had another 5 hours to go. Harry and I talked through the all this time catching up, recalling memories, him talking about his career and life now until we got tired and wanted to go to sleep. I sigh as I look out my window to the floating clouds by my side. As I begin to drift off into sleep I lean my head against Harry's shoulder.

I hope he enjoys the feeling as I did.

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