Just The Baker Boy

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  • Published: 15 Aug 2012
  • Updated: 19 Jul 2013
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Camille Amaya has always loved the baker boy that worked with her. She worked at Holmes Chapel Bakery side by side every Saturday, until he decided to furfill his dream on becoming the next big singer. A couple years later she has seen the baker boy she'd loved, turn into the hearthrob in a boy band called One Direction. When he comes back home from his world tour and calls her to hang out like they used to would he be the same boy she fell in love with years before?

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9. Golden Coast, Meeting Fans, and Great Advice

Me and Harry walk side by side getting off the terminal behind Niall and Paul. Harry takes out his iPhone and logs on Twitter posting "Finally in California!(: xxx." I smile and we finally make it to then end of the gray terminal making our way to the white airport. Blue chairs are lined up on the rug infront of different plane gates.

Once we get our immigration and luggage pick-up we head out the door where we hear the sounds of screams once again. It sounded the same of about 500 girls screaming just with a different accent! Harry smiles and waves to the crowds of girls behind fences and security guards. "You should take some pictures with fans!" I suggest wanting to see him in 'famous boy band hearthrob' mode. Before Harry was able to answer Paul assmebled us in a 10 person huddle. He starts tryinng to yell over the volume of the fans while saying "Okay! Welcome to Los Angeles!" Zayn does a 'woo' sound after Paul says that. "Our cab doesn't come till a half hour. Traffic is crazy here so it will run a little late. You have the option of saying hi to fans or going inside and sitting in there without the screams. Option is yours!" Paul says sending us out. Zayn, Perrie, Niall, and Danielle head inside for the option of just relaxing till the cab comes.

They left Liam, Louis, Eleanor, Paul, Harry and I to meet fans (and Paul to protect us from fans, obviously)  Did I even have fans? I'll find out now! I looked out to the semi circle of screaming girls around us crying and singing "What Makes You Beautiful." Liam, Louis, and Eleanor head to the right side while we begin to the left side. Harry gives smiles and laughs at the fans crazy fan girl actions. Some say that they saw me in the Twitcam. Some ask who I was. Atleast I was getting to know the fans. Most of the time the girls give me thier phones and ask to take pictures of them with Harry and some even ask if I could be in the pictures! Some fans complimet on me saying I'm beautiful and that I'm so lucky to be an old friend of Harry and think we would be a cute couple. They were all so kind!

When Harry and I crashed up with Louis, Eleanor and Liam we decided on doing the 'stop the traffic, let em' through' dance! Some fans screamed even louder, others laughed, others took out thier phones and started filiming us, and the funniest were the ones who did the dance with us! I could understand why Harry loved his fans and wanted to meet a many as possible. It was way too fun to give theese girls a smile on thier faces on just being themselves. I'm so blessed to be having this experience at least once.

The cab finally drove up to where the fenced fans were at. The others came out from the inside of the airport and waved at fans. Niall was eating a muffin, Zayn was wearing dark black glasses while waving at the crowd, I looked at the crowd and they screamed for Niall and Zayn for just being them selves! I turned around with my dark brown hair flipping to my face. Harry laughed as I pulled my long hair out of my face. I gave him a light as some fans laughed with him. He goes to my ear and says softly "I'm going to  hug you. The fans would love it." I shrug my shoulders and nod to his face. He quickly smiles and come toward me with open arms. Fans scream louder and take pictures as I hug back. From the distance I hear "Group hug!!!" Louis comes and tackled me and Harry almost knocking us to the floor ,but the fans just laughed so it was okay. We kept walking by fans until we reach a cab- wait not a cab. It was a full length black sheer limo.

My eyes widened and I looked to Harry and gives me a small wink. I blush while thinking of a moemnt two years at the bakery I actually told him that I've always had the dream of riding a full length black limo and being able to stick my head out in the sunroof and feel the wind in my hair. I can't believe he still remebered.

The driver walks out of the limo and opens the door for us to enter. They already took our luggage and was on its way to the beach house 

I jumped onto the limo right after Eleanor who gave me a smile of excitement and joy. The limo was nothing that I have expected. The seats were like small booths lined against the windows of the limo. The windows were closed, but all throught the roof and windows was a pattern of blue black that lit up. Loud house music played and the bass raged through my ear drums. Zayn and Liam were already dancing to the rhythym of the music/ I laughed as Liam accidently hits Zayn's head with his elbow and quickly gives him a man-hug to make it feel better.

On the limo I sat next to Louis and we began to talk. "So you really love your fans?" I ask. Louis nods seriously and replied "Without them, One Direction is nothing. They bring me reason to live. To be the best I can be." He flips his hair to the left and turns to Niall and Harry who are laughing about some video Niall was showing Harry on his iPhone. Louis turns back to me and says "You fancy Harry, don't you?" he says poking my shoulder.I give a giggle and blush "Can you keep a secret, Louis?"

Louis turns to me and gives a big nod. I reply quietly "Ever since school I saw him and thought he was just some cute boy ,but when he began to work at the bakery everything changed. I saw how kind and caring he could be. When he left for the X-Factor my boss hired another boy, Conner, and we were friends for about a year then he asked me out two weeks ago. I said yes, because I was sure Harry forgot about me, so I agreed to it. When Harry called me I coudn't resist a chance to rebuild our friendship again, but now I notice that I still have feelings for him." I give a sigh and looked at Louis for advice. He sighed aswell and wispered back "To fix this I'm for sure some feelings will be hurt, but you have to be honest Camille. Either tell Conner that it won't work out or clarify to Harry that you just want to be friends." He gives me a helping nod and I reply "Why would Harry be sad? He's always mentioning to become better 'friends'" Louis laughs and looks to me "Harry has talked about you since we met on the X-Factor! I gave him the balls to ask you to come on this trip! The longer he's bean away from you the more he's bean to miss you and begin to love you. You have no clue hoe exstatic he is to spend a whole summer with you. Don't lose faith, Camille." He wraps one arm around me and gives me a tight embrace. I smile and thought from now on Louis Tomlinson was my new guy- bestfriend if it works between me and Harry.


The limo ride takes about half an hour, but finally makes it to the beach house. Now, I'm ready for a summer of romance.

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