Just The Baker Boy

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  • Published: 15 Aug 2012
  • Updated: 19 Jul 2013
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Camille Amaya has always loved the baker boy that worked with her. She worked at Holmes Chapel Bakery side by side every Saturday, until he decided to furfill his dream on becoming the next big singer. A couple years later she has seen the baker boy she'd loved, turn into the hearthrob in a boy band called One Direction. When he comes back home from his world tour and calls her to hang out like they used to would he be the same boy she fell in love with years before?

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13. First Night

After the kiss, Harry and I actually began walking the beach with the rain still dropping on us heavely. We talked about what should we do in California, how long as he liked me and I liked him, and just some other random stuff. It was so easy to talk Harry. He understood, asked questions, and really wanted to know everything about me.

"So basically, as time went on I missed you being there. Someonew to talk to who woudn't judge me. I missed you, Camille" Harry said looking into my eyes. The rain still fell on us and the breeze blew on his making us feel  a bit chilly. "This is going to sound strange, but I've liked you ever since school. You were that cute boy that everyone had a crush on, but you knew they were out of your league" I shivering and looking down. Harry quickly took off the purple Jack Wills sweater and gave it to me. I smiled and put it on even though it was wet aswell. Under the Jack Wills sweater Harry wore a white V-neck that showed off his chest. So sexy. When the rain stopped we went back to the house still wet.

Niall was on the couch eating another bag of crisps while watching soccer with Liam who sat in the couch across. Louis and Zayn were in the kitchen getting white bread and spreading jelly and peanut butter on it. None of the girls were downstairs as I saw. Louis turned his head and scram "Lovebirds are back from the rain!" I shiver from the air conditioning inside the house and I see that Harry does aswell. Our fingers were linked by our sides and both of our hands were shaking from the cold. Niall kept eating his crisps still focusing on the game on the screen on the wall. Liam turns to us and his eyes widened.

"You two are so soaked! Let me run upstairs and get towels!" Liam quickly bounces off the couch and runs upstairs. Liam really did have a big compassionate heart. I turn to Harry and put my arms around him still shivering. His body shook as well as he placed his big hands on my back. Little did I know it Liam comes back with two big fuzzy towels for the both of his. We both smile at Liam and thankk him for his generosity.

I put the towel around me like a blanket to warm my body up before I would head upstairs. I look to Harry who first uses the towel to dry his hair. His hair now looks wet, but the curls were still visible. Harry to my suprise unzips his trousers and slips it off. I block my eyes until he puts the towel around his waist. I look to Harry again with a strange face "You strip everywhere you go, don't you?" I question giving a giggle. Harry is about to answer until Niall with his mouth filled with food answers "You don't know that half of it!"

I laugh and Harry instead of putting an embarressed act, he points to Niall and says "He's actually very correct!" Zayn and Louis from the kitchen burst out laughing I guess from a memory of Harry's stripping. My body shivers as I run to the stairs and climb them up with Harry at my tail. We finally reach to the secound floor and look at eachother. I blush as he comes closer to my face. "When you finish getting ready for bed, come to my room. We could have a movie night" he points at a door which is two rooms away from mine. I nod and smile.

"Wait... I thought you and Louis were sharing a room?" I say hugging the red towel to my now warmer body. "We are" Harry says putting a hand on my waist. "Well what about him-" I begin to say until he kisses me again. I kiss back placing both of my hands on his neck while dropping my towel on the floor. From the door next to us I hear it open and I hear Eleanor's soft voice saying "Camille! Come!" Harry takes his lips away from mine and looks at Eleanor with a cheeky smile. "Eleanor were busy!" Harry says with a voice of a plaeding 5 year old.

Eleanor sarcastically rolls her eyes and looks at me. "Come on, Camille. You'll have plenty of time to play when you have your movie time" Eleanor says laughing. She was just like Louis in a way. I put my arms by my side and look back at Harry who takes his hands off my waist. "See you later, Camille" Harry says walking away still holding his jeans he took off downstairs. "See you later Harry" I say softly back. I see him walking into the door and shutting it close.

I look back at Eleanor who is laughing at me. I go up to her and give her a dissaproving look. She shrugs her shoulders and leads me into the room. On my bed I see Danielle sitting on her phone and on Eleanor's I see Perrie inspecting her blonde hair. They both seem to be wearing clothes for bed while Eleanor and I are still in our beach clothes, the only difference is that I'm so much more wet!

I quickly run into the walk in closet and find the first pajamas my hands reach on and head on to the shower.


I walk out of the bathroom feeling so much more refreshed. My hair was still wet from the shower, but I felt better and warmer. The other girls thurn their head at me and smile. Perrie begins while saying "Eleanor told us that you'll be heading to Harry's now." Oh that Eleanor. I blush and look down to see my pink plaid pajama pants (try saying that 5 times fast!). "Yeah.." I say softly heading to the bed Danielle layed on. I sit on the bed and run my fingers through my humid dark hair. Danielle turned to me and placed a hand on my shoulder "Have fun!" she said excidently.

I laugh and Eleanor who sat on the feet of her bed nods. "Harry's a doll and we just wanted to give you good luck" Eleanor said. I smiled at thier approval and I get up from the bed toward the door and into the hallway.


I walk over to the door where Harry pointed at earlier and give two light knocks. The door opens and I see Harry's dimples smiling at me. He wears a dry white v-neck with blue pajama shorts. I actually thought he would answer the door naked. "Hello beautiful" he said letting me into the room. It was alot like mine just alot messier. Clothes were on the floor and a sandwich sat on the nightstand. I loved how comtherable Harry was with me.

Harry grabs my hands and hold them up to his lips. "Harry...I thought we were having a movie night" I say as he comes closer to me his green sparkling eyes. "We are!" Harry let's go of my hands and jumps on the bed. I laugh while following his actions. I felt pretty nervous since it has bean only bean about 2 hours since he's kissed and we were both already on a bed. What I noticed was that this room included a flat screen. How unfair!

Harry grabs the remote from the side of his bed and clicks on a button which makes the TV light up.

We spend the next two hours watching "Get Smart" both of us cracking up the whole time. As the credit rolls on the screen my eyes begin to close from sleepyness. I did only sleep 3 hours last night on the plane. Little did I know that I fell asleep on the shoulder of my baker boy.


***Note from the author- Personally I really didn't like this chapter since it was a let down from the ones I've written recently. I also wanted to ask a question! I feel as in my writng is really slow so I just wanted to ask if you wanted me to continue adding discription and write slow, or you just want me to hit key points in the plot and skip the not really important parts. Please let me know in the comments!

Thank for reading and supporting me,

Ana D.**

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