Just The Baker Boy

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  • Published: 15 Aug 2012
  • Updated: 19 Jul 2013
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Camille Amaya has always loved the baker boy that worked with her. She worked at Holmes Chapel Bakery side by side every Saturday, until he decided to furfill his dream on becoming the next big singer. A couple years later she has seen the baker boy she'd loved, turn into the hearthrob in a boy band called One Direction. When he comes back home from his world tour and calls her to hang out like they used to would he be the same boy she fell in love with years before?

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16. Feel Like Fame

Eleanor and I wondered why the boys would want to see us outside down the hill, but as we head down the hill with the hot afternoon sun hitting our faces it became clear. We saw both of the boys on the pavement leaning against an electric blue convertible, the sun roof opened. Inside we saw that the convertible had two rows so about 5 people would fit comtherably inside (and also outside since it was open!).

We finally make it to the bottom of the hill where Louis and Harry both smile at us. They both had a pinch of sweat on their foreheads, but so did we. “Okay. what crazy plan do you lads have” Eleanor asked while placing her arms over her chest.

Harry and Louis looked toward each other and nodded. Harry walked toward me, placed a hand over my waist and began talking "So basically, we liked the plan, but you both knowing us we can't just make our last day free of management be a waste." Harry looked me in the eyes and gave me that cheeky smile. Louis kept leaning against the blue automobile and began to speak "We wanted to take the both of you on a trip around Los Angeles in this sexy ride." Louis ended the sentence gesturing to the convertible.

Eleanor and I looked at each other knowing, this was trouble. How did they even get the car? I'm not even going to ask. "Ummm… well you know that you guys can't just go out in public without security. Girls would chase you everywhere!" I say to Harry and Louis. Louis gave a small laugh and jumped into the automobile taking out dark black sunglasses and hoodies out of the driver's seat.

This car was American. I could tell of the driver's seat being on the left. "Louis, you can't drive us around in that car. It's dangerous since you've never driven an American car." I say as Louis throws the hoodies and sunglasses back inside the car. "Camille, you’re saying this like, Harry and I have never escaped from security, driven an unfamiliar car, get trampled by screaming girls, and still make it back."

I look to Harry and he still has his cheeky smile implanted on his cheeks. He pushes my hair away and whispers softly "Trust us. We'll have a great time." Okay. I know what Harry was trying to do. Using his good looks and sexy slow voice to convince Eleanor and I to come on a dangerous afternoon with them.

How can I say no.

I look Harry and give him a cheeky smile back. "Fine, but make sure you make it back by 7pm." I look to my watch and see that it's 12:40pm.Plenty of time. Louis opens the back door which leads Eleanor and I to the back seats. Harry and Louis sit in the front of us. They look out of the glass that covers the front seats where they see they open road ahead of them. 

Louis pulls out the keys from his red skinny jeans and into the ignition. The car roars into power and small air conditioning holes begin to blow into our faces. Harry turns around to me and gives me a sweet wink. I blush as Louis reaches to the bottom of his seat. "Okay ladies, I need you put these on." Louis hands us two black aviator glasses. I take one and place it over my eyes. The world becomes darker and I open from my eyes from squinting. Eleanor places her on and looks at me smiling. "I'm excited!" she screams throwing her hands up. I laugh as Louis hands Harry a black hoodie with black sunglasses. He puts both on and pushes up the sleeves of the hoodie. Louis puts his on and warns us "Remember to never take these off. They hide your identity from other people. We can't have girls and paparazzi chasing us everywhere."

Louis turns around, places his hands on the wheel, and makes the car move forward. My hair flows in the wind as I look up to the sunny blue sky that rarely occurs back home. It was all so beautiful. The white clouds looked like sweet cotton candy that I could just reach up and eat it. On the ground there laid green grass that seem move to move as we drive, but I knew it was just from elevation changes. Power line poles were lined up against each other, against the sky. The wind was in my face and I felt it run through my hair and through my dress. Every so often I had to pull it down from the wind pulling it up! Totally understood Marilyn Monroe now!

Harry places his hand on the radio and the car begins to jump from the beats of the bass. Harry changes the station until we hear the familiar 'Dum, da dum, da dum dum dum. Your insecure...' Louis laughs and looks at Harry with a 'seriously' look. Harry looks at me and says "You know this song?” I laugh and replied while some of my hair got in my mouth "Yes, it's from a boy band called One Direction. My favourite one is the curly haired one who is from Holmes Chapel." Harry gives me a peculiar look and says "I'm going out with his girlfriend. I hope he doesn't mind." The chorus of the songs begins and I begin to dance in my seat.   I laugh at Harry’s reply and poke his cheek. He blushes and turns back to the front and looks at the road again. Louis and Harry began to sing the chorus until Harry sang ‘That’s what makes you beautiful!’ His voice was loud, clear and just so beautiful.

I laid back closed my eyes and began to think about how fortunate I was. I was in a poisition that millions of girls would kill to be in. I was Harry Styles's girlfriend, I was going to travel the United States with One Direction, being able to to see and experience new places, and have the summer of my life.


Louis, Eleanor, Harry and I walked into a ramped Starbucks in the middle of the city. People sat on couches taking sips of thier drinks while socializing with people nearby. Smooth jazz played from a speaker above us, but the volume of people speaking made the sound of the soft music barely audible.

After the shaky 20 minute car ride from Louis, we finally arrived to the city part of Los Angeles where we found a parking space in back of this Starbucks. Luckily, nobody has noticed Louis or Harry since we got off the car, but the day was still young.

When we made it to the front of the line and we all agree that I would order our drinks (because I was the least famous out of the 4) that would be paid by the boys. Louis found a $30 on his back pocket so luckily we woudn't have to starve till we got back to the beach house.  I took off my sunglasses to order. Who were the odds that she was a big enough 1D fan to know about me? I shake my hair out and tell the small brunette behind the desk to order a green tea latte for me, then she looks at me and her eyes widened. "A-a-a-re you C-c-c-amille? Harry Styles's friend?" the young small brunette said studdering. I quickly shake my head and say "No. No! I'm..I'm Marie. I'm ordering for my friends." I look down to her green apron and see the small 1D button pinned on. Oh crap.

"No...you were on the Twitcam! I'm so sure!" She said pointing her finger. Harry comes to my shoulder and wispers "Okay Camille. Let me do this." I move out of the way while Harry takes the hood out of his head and takes off the sunglasses off his eyes and looks at the young women. Harry's mouth open, but the cashier already said it, "IT'S HARRY STYLES!!" The whole cafe turns to us and becomes silent. I stayed shocked as I see a mountain of people running up to Harry and attacking him. Louis quickly goes to Harry and helps him up from the floor with girls still piled on him. Eleanor looks at me with her sunglasses with a worried look on her lips. When Harry is off the floor Louis quickly screams "Run!!"

I take off running behind Eleanor and Louis. Harry with his hair messy runs behind me out of the Starbucks. My heart races faster and faster as more and more teenage girls scream when she sees Louis and Harry. As we run on the sidewalk I grab Harry's hand and run faster behind Louis and Eleanor. I heard Harry's heavy breathing behind me trying to not be mobbed by girls of all ages. I looked back at around 50 girls, chasing us. Mentally, I laughed at the mothers who tried to catch up to their fan girling daughters. This was so mad. I look back up and see Louis make a sharp turn on the sidewalk. I quickly run with Harry on my tail and make the turn to find Louis's head popping up from a glass shop door. He quickly gestures us and we run into the shop.

I finally stop and breath heavily with the others. We were so exausted from running that we didn't notice the shopkeeper saying "Hello, May I help you?" until she repeated.  I said softly "No, thank you." I'm glad that the middle aged women wasn't just an older directioner. She didn't have a clue on who we were.

After that thought reached my head I finally realized. I was somewhat famous. I caused us to having to run away from fans. The cashier knew who I was, but I never knew who was she. I felt fame.

Louis sighed as he took out his iPhone and dialed Paul to pick them up from the shop. I wondered what would happen to the blue automobile, but I perfered not to question. I hug Harry and apoligize for causing the mob. He also apoligizes for bringing Eleanor and I in this situation, but all I cared was that Harry was fine. 

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