Just The Baker Boy

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  • Published: 15 Aug 2012
  • Updated: 19 Jul 2013
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Camille Amaya has always loved the baker boy that worked with her. She worked at Holmes Chapel Bakery side by side every Saturday, until he decided to furfill his dream on becoming the next big singer. A couple years later she has seen the baker boy she'd loved, turn into the hearthrob in a boy band called One Direction. When he comes back home from his world tour and calls her to hang out like they used to would he be the same boy she fell in love with years before?

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19. Concert

I sat down in the front row for the third day in a row as I watched One Direction rehearse for tonight's show. It was 2pm and the show began at 7:30pm so we were on schedule. The boy's were in casual relaxed clothes as they sang into the cordless black mics with the band in back of them rocking out to the tune of the song. The vast room was dark, but all the lights were on the boys as they sweated and sang their hearts out. The girls normally at times of rehersals would go out and do whatever pleased them in the city limits. They others would always insist that I go with them to explore L.A., but I loved watching the boys practice with lights and testing show cameras. Yesterday, I actually went to the light control table which was in the middle of the ground floor and told the director of the lights and cameras that I was studying television production. He gladly showed me what all the camera buttons do, it was basically the same as doing a news broadcast, only with moving cameras at a concert.

Now the boys were rehersing the last number of the production which was "I Want" The piano riffs played from the left side of the stage that was elevated like the rest of the band. Behind the boys was a big screen that glowed with different colours and the boy's faces following with the 1D logo. The boys sing with their feet and motions according to the beat of the music. Sometimes Harry might turn to me and give me a wink in one of his solos. So cheeky!

When the famous Josh Devine finish his last beat of the drums the boys smile at the end of the last reherssal till tonight, the real thing. Liam flipped his and I was totally overwhelmed (no pun intended!), Niall wiped sweat from his forehead from the back of his hand, Zayn was laughing with Louis after the song ended, and Harry looked at me and gave me his legendary dimply smile while the director of the production called the boys to a huddle in the center of the black floored stage. He spoke words, but I coudn't hear them from my distance. Once they parted the lads turned to me and signaled me to get on stage to head backstage till the show begins. I smiled at the boys not forgetting about me just sitting down in a crowd of 1.

I get up and climb on the stage and look back at the thousands of chairs. I wondered how it looked as a full house. Niall came up to me and said "The view is quite incredible ain't it" His Irish accent wasn't as strong as I thought it was. Always being with the boys I guessed changed his speech. "It is" I reply looking out to the darkness of the arena. The stage was still in 'concert' so the lights weren't on. Harry comes up and places a hand around my waist. "Come on. Let's go backstage" I hear Harry tell Niall and I. We head toward the big screen and to our right and find stairs that lead to a black solid door. Harry pushes the metal bar in the middle of the door and it opens to a bright white hallway.

We walk in behind Zayn to our left into a room which labeled 'Dressing Room 1: One Direction' Liam who is front of our group opens the wood door that opens to a pretty big room. The right wall was covered with a big mirror with lights on top of them. A peach coloured counter was under the lights and  the big mirror. Zayn took a quickly  look in the mirror and smiled. I woudn't blame him if I was as pretty as him! On the left side of the mirror was the loo, but it was blocked with a cart holding the boy's outfits for tonight. At the end of the room was a simple beige couch with a matching round wooden table infront of it.All of us entered the room while Liam turns off the lights on top of the mirror. "It gets hot in here, with the lights on" Liam tells the lads.

For the next three hours we sat in the dressing room chatting, doing a twitcam staring Niall, and just hanging out with the boys, sitting on the couch. When the clock striked 5pm Paul popped his head inside the room while Niall was doing his Obama impression and told the lads to starts putting on the outfits on the rack. The boys obeyed when Paul left the room and without shame they all changed infront of eachother and I closed my eyes not because they didn't want me to see, just that I didn't want to see!

When Louis told me "The coast is clear, Camille." I open my eyes and I see the lads dressed in there typical clothing. Louis in his stripes and red skinny trousers, Liam with his blue plaid longsleeve shirt with light coloured jeans, Niall with a red polo and very light khakis, Harry with a white tee with a navy blue suit and off-white trousers, and Zayn with a red sports jersey and gray trousers. They definitly looked like One Direction. "Don't we look sexyfying, Camille?" Zayn asks while pulling up his collar. I laugh and nod "Very sexyfying, lads!" Niall laughs while the famous make-up artist Lou Teasdale walks in the room."Lou!" all the boys say as she smiles in the room. Lou laughs as her eyes land on me. "Hello love. What's your name?" she asks coming my way. She was very pretty in person, her blonde locks were in waves that reached a little below her shoulders. She wore heavy eyeliner, but it worked for her.

"Camille. You must be Lou." I say getting up from the couch shaking her hand. She smiles and nods. Lou turns to the boys who sit on the couch "Okay lads. Time to get hair and make-up for the kick-off for the concert!" Lous says throwing her hands upward. The boys get off from the couch and follow her lead.


After an hour of glamming up for the boys (Zayn taking the longest since his hair must be perfect!) the boys were ready to make it on stage. From the outside of the room we hear conversations slowly getting louder since they opened the arena for people to start heading inside. We still had an hour and a half so Liam and I decided to host another twitcam. Niall went outside to look for a snack while Harry, Louis and Zayn were heading to the soundcheck to meet a couple of fans. Liam was going to go in a half an hour to soundcheck, but he really wanted to do this twitcam because the other twitcam ended too soon in his opinion.

Liam grabbed his laptop and quickly turned on. He quickly connected to the arena's wifi network and logged on to twitcam. "Hello there! It's Liam Payne and Camille!" He says waving at the laptop. I wave aswell giving a small shy smile. I read from the people tweeting us on who I was. "Oh sorry guys if you don't know me. I'm Camille, an old friend of Harry's " I wave once again at the camera. Liam laughs and looks again at the laptop "Okay. So I feel it's time to pick a track now." Liam opens a new tab on the window and finds youtube. "Okay Camille" he looks at me "Any request?" I shrug my shoulders and shake my head "Not at the moment!" I look to the laptop and say "Any request?" Liam and I keep the twitcam until the show is about to begin. He didn't even have the time to go to soundcheck! "Sorry but it's 15 minutes till the kick-off of our 2012 US in Los Angeles. If you live in the States come out to a signing a concert! See you later!" He clicks a button and the twitcam is over.

Liam waves goodbye to me after he puts his gray laptop on the peach counter. He walks out the room and I smile. Truthfully, I never thought that Liam and I would be such good friends in small time. I thought for the summer it would be Harry, Louis, and I as a closer circle, but I see that I have someone else to talk to.

I get up from the couch and head to the wooden door out to the hallway. I walk to the stage entrance door and see all the boys doing warm-up voice excersises together. All of them in unison sing a smooth "Ahhhhhh" in a C tune going up to a D. Yes. I would know that because of piano. They all wave at me as they continue the warm-up excersise. I smile at them and wave back as they head to the E note, but what really caught my ear was the sound outside the door. I hear the sounds of screams. The sounds of screaming girls outside excited to see the boys infront of me, who I spent my last couple of days with. After they warmed-up they told me that Paul was already outside, being the security Paul.

The screams from inside the beggining of an instrumental version of 'What Makes You beautiful' begins to play. Harry comes toward me smiling. "Wish me luck?" he asks me with his deep voice. I smile placing my hands on his waist. "Of course. Good luck, Hazza" I say softly coming closer to his face. He places a hand on my cheek and pulls me to a kiss. It only lasted about 5 secounds since they had to run on stage now. I smiled as I saw my baker boy run up the stairs with his mic in his hand.


"Thank you all! It's bean a great night with you fans!" I hear from downstairs in the dressing room. It was Niall's voie as I was using Liam's laptop that was on the counter. When they sang I hummed the tune and when they had Twitter questions I laughed at the boy's responses. It was a fun night even though I only heard the concert. On Liam's laptop I hacked his Twitter and that got me about12 5,000 followers. 5,000 freakin' followers just for hacking his Twitter.

I hear the door open and the five boys run inside sweaty from the performance. Liam looks at me with a strange look with my fingers on the keyboard of his laptop. Harry comes in back of me and wraps his arms around me. I smile and feel his wet curls on my forehead, but I didn't care. "You sounded great" I said looking in the mirror at Harry. He looked at the mirror to find my brown eyes. "Thank you, love" Harry kisses me on the cheek while I blush.

This was going to be how every Saturday or Friday was going to be for the next two months? I can't wait.  

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