Just The Baker Boy

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  • Published: 15 Aug 2012
  • Updated: 19 Jul 2013
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Camille Amaya has always loved the baker boy that worked with her. She worked at Holmes Chapel Bakery side by side every Saturday, until he decided to furfill his dream on becoming the next big singer. A couple years later she has seen the baker boy she'd loved, turn into the hearthrob in a boy band called One Direction. When he comes back home from his world tour and calls her to hang out like they used to would he be the same boy she fell in love with years before?

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33. Bayside

Two Weeks Later

We've finally made it to Miami, Florida. May I say one of the most gorgeous cities with its beautiful beaches, sky scrapers, and it's sun. This is the last stop of the tour and soonly after the concert ends Paul is going to drive all of us. The boys will stay behind to do more signings and interviews until they come back to England. I sit on the tour bus couch as we pull up to the American Airlines Arena. It's almost 7am and I stretch my arms out as the numbness of the nights sleep fades away. I look out the window next to my bunk and see the grand arena of Miami. I wonder what the last day of the tour awaits for me.

I look to the inside of the bus and see Eleanor waking up with her bland morning face. She stretches her arms as well.

In a faint voice she says, "Good morning, Camille." She pushes a strand of dark hair behind her ear.

I smile and give a slight nod, "Good morning, Eleanor." In the background, the ambiance of the boys' snore was obvious and I gave a small giggle at the tiresome boys.

Eventually the boys woke up even if there mood wasn't adjusted to bright day. They had their four hour rehearsal routine as Eleanor and I sat backstage talking and DMing some fans. When the boys finally were done Paul decided to take us to a last-stop-of-the-tour-treat and took us to a popular tourist site in Miami. Bayside.

We all rode on a bright yellow taxi to Bayside. The ride was fun there since we were cracking jokes and Niall was still on his phone like he has been the past two weeks talking to that Starbucks girl we met. Niall phoned her the same night that they met and spent nearly 6 hours talking (talk about keeping the whole bus awake all night!). Niall genuinely fancies this girl.

Stupidly, Paul actually allowed us all to go into Bayside publicly. He told us to call him if any mobbing occurs, which doesn't count as one fan wanting a pictures. The main rule was that we be back at this spot two hours before the concert which would mean being back at half-five. We all disperse to different part of Bayside and Harry and I take our own path.

We walk into a solarium like shed  and walk past small venders with small stores. We stop at a couple shops to look around, try out some sun specks and just laugh. We take an escalator up to the second floor of the shed. Here lays a food court with still plenty of shops. We walked across the tie floors as various people behind glass displays of food offered various tiny chickens on tooth pick. I thank them and tried one. Pretty good!

"Are you hungry?" Harry asks me as we walk around.

I nod my head, I was quite hungry actually. "Definitely".  We walk over to a stand selling B-B-Q chicken and rice sold by a small Oriental woman and what seemed to be her husband. We grab our orders, walk over to a table which has a view of the boardwalk and the ocean.

I look out to the wall-to-ground window and see various sites. A chubby boy next to his mother begging her to get ice cream and she tries to pull him away as she continues to beg. An old man sitting with an old grey dog sitting on a bench next to a palm tree. A family looking out unto the ocean throwing what seemed to be breadcrumbs to what I'm guessing ducks on the blue coloured sea.

I hear Harry's laugh in front of me as I observe the outside. I turn to him and say jokily, "What?"

He places two fingers on his forehead and turns to me. "You're doing it again." He grabs his plastic fork and takes a bite of his chicken.

I shrug my shoulders in confusion. "What am I 'doing again'?," I say while using quotations with my fingers.

He led a breath out and looked as if he was going to begin an explanation, "You do this thing where you observe an area until you know exactly what it's about and everything around. You took a look outside and observed the boardwalk. You also seem to do that in different occasions. When uhh....what' her name.. you met Charlie something in your eyes knew that when Niall looked into her eyes you knew he would fall in love with her. And when like you went on stage to kiss me in front of the crowd-" I touched his hand stopping his speech.

He smiles at me with both dimples and his eyes glimmering. Damn he was beautiful.

"Don't strain yourself, Harry. You must pretty observant to notice that of me." I smile back. I begin my explanation as well,  "You're also sweet and kind and everything a girl wants from a guy. You're so talented and great with your fans I just-" He touches my hand.

"Don't strain yourself, Camille," He says while rubbing his thumb against my hand.

"C-c-c-an I-I-I g-g-get a p-p-pic-t-ture?," I heard

I heard behind my head. I turn to see a young teenage girl with her mother behind her, her eyes glimmering at the sight of Harry. She wore a tour shirt and One Direction sweat pants. "I'm g-g-going t-t-to your c-c-concert," she studderd. She must be fangirling inside. I know it.

"Sure thing!," Harry exclaimed. Harry got up from his seat as I stayed sitting down smiling at her mother taking out her iPhone and taking a picture as he places his hand around her. Suddenly, the girl turns to me. "You too Camille!," she smiled.

Surprised, I got up and walked to other side of the girl as the mother took the picture. They thanked us and walked away as we sat down.

Harry started, "I'm actually surprised that that's the only fan I've seen. Normally, we have fans mobbing us."

I smile and giggle, "Maybe they know not to disturb us." Harry smiles at me.


Back at the venue, the boys are nearly about to go on stage ready for the States' last tour date. Eleanor and I are backstage excited with the boys, but sad to know that after this I'm heading back to Cheshire.

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