Just The Baker Boy

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  • Published: 15 Aug 2012
  • Updated: 19 Jul 2013
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Camille Amaya has always loved the baker boy that worked with her. She worked at Holmes Chapel Bakery side by side every Saturday, until he decided to furfill his dream on becoming the next big singer. A couple years later she has seen the baker boy she'd loved, turn into the hearthrob in a boy band called One Direction. When he comes back home from his world tour and calls her to hang out like they used to would he be the same boy she fell in love with years before?

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10. A Summer Home

I'm last to jump off the limo and walk on  pavement where the limo stopped by. The view was absolutely incredible. It was 10am in the California coast so the sun was brightly shining (it never seems to be as bright in England), the sky is blue with a few spots of white with the birds flying and chirping, palm trees are planted all over the freshly cut grass, but what really caught my attention was the large white home that stood on top of a hill nearby. It looked completely modern and contemporary with its rectangle windows and boxy figure. It was incredible.

Paul begins to speak and points to the home I was admiring saying that the modern beach house was ours for this summer. My eyes widen at the fact that I'm going to live there for about two months with One Direction. My smile is wide open and Harry comes behind me and wispers in my ear "In front of the beach house, if you go down that hill on the other side you find the beach on where we filmed "What Makes You Beautiful" I have to show you later." I turn to Harry and give a nod as I sweat still wearing my sweats from yesterday. Ew.

Paul directs all of us back into the limo so we can drive up the hill to the entrance to the home. We drive up the limo rocking back and front from the dirty road to make it to the top. When we make it to the top I rush to be the first out of the limo. I even forgot to ask if I can go on the sunroof.

Harry comes quickly behind my tail to be behind me as I look at the ocean he was speaking of. This view was even better. From the front of the the house I see a small pathway where it leads down to the beach below. The waves crash against rocks at the shore and the yellow sand. The sounds of the ocean were so serene, I had the smell of light salf in my nose, and the wind blew that pulled my hair with it, but I didn't care because the momet was perfect. The others stopped and looked at the ocean which glistened with the early sun. They were as charmed as I was by the view.

I look behind me where Harry smiles with his hair out of place, but it made him look sexy anyway. I walk  over to where the glass door to enter the house was. We were standing under a balcony that hung on the secound floor for shade as we looked into the ocean. I looked down to the knob on the door and slowly opened the door. Luckily, it wasn't locked. I walk into a white room with flat modern couches facing a large Plasma. behind the couches, in the back of the room was a large metallic dining table, where plates and utensils are already placed on the tap. On the high roof was a crystal chandelier that shown white light to light up the room.

To the right of the table I saw a divided where from my view I saw was a small kitchen which had a stove, microwave, and a fridge matching eachother in metallic. Around and under I saw white cabinets ready to be used. On th other side of the kitchen were stairs to the secound onto where I guessed were the bed rooms.

I walked into the room and jumped on a couch happy as ever. I heard footseps and saw Paul walk into the room. "Getting comtherable?" Paul asked with a laugh. "You have no idea. This is incredible!" I yell strecthing my arms up. Paul heads back outside and calls everyone inside as I lay on this couch. The others walk in and run inside filled with excitement. I heard the other girls laugh at eachothers impressions of the beautiful summer home. Niall and Zayn are already in the kitchen munching on Oreos they found in a cabinet. Liam sits in one of the solo couches next to me and is about to take a nap and Louis walked out the toilet screaming "I WAS FIRST TO USE THE TOILET!" I laugh until Paul calls everyone to a meeting about the house and rooms till we see that Harry wasn't present. I looked around and coudn't find him in the room. Paul asks me to go down to the beach and bring him into home. I nod as Niall screams to me "You know he wants you!"

I walk out the door and close it behind me. I look to the beach and see a boy sitting on the sand looking out to the ocean with his wavy hair going with the window. I slowly go to my right to find a concrete pathway and start walking slowly hoping I won't fall toward the sand. I finally make it down and go next Harry and sit next to him admiring the view. The water was a few feet away and I saw how it wet the sand and returned to it's sourse.

I turn to my left where I saw Harry's face looking to the ocean. "Hey" I start. Harry looks at me with his hazel eyes and smiles "Hey." I lick my lips and begin "Paul wants everyone inside so we can disscuss about the house." He nods and replies "Okay, but can I enjoy the view for one more minute?" I smile and nod "Sure. So what's on your mind?" I ask. "Not alot. It's bean so long that I can think of nothing. I just want to enjoy it a little longer" Harry says sofly over the sounds of the crashing waves into the waves. I put a confused face on "What do you mean?" He looks back at me "When your famous you have alot to think about. Alot of people to please. Alot of things to do. There's no time to stop and just enjoy the sound of waves crashing into a shore." I nod understanding. His mind has bean going crazy and full until this moment and I could understand that he would just want a rest. "I get it" I reply I say look at him with my hands hugging my knees to my chest.

Harry looks at me, smiles, and starts to move closer to me to where our lips are an inch apart. I felt his breath as he felt mine. Our foreheads touched until we heard Louis in the background screaming "HARRY AND CAMILLE TO THE HOUSE FOR A MEETING! HARRY AND CAMILLE TO THE HOUSE FOR A MEETING NOW!" I laugh as Harry's cheeks flushed to a scarlet red. He almost kissed me. The baker boy I loved almost kissed me.

"Uhh.. let's head to the house now" I suggest getting up from the ground wipind sand from my sweats. Harry nods shyly and follows me to up to the house again. He enters the room after me taking an empty spot between Zayn and Niall as I sit next to Eleanor giggling with Danielle. I look to Harry's eyes for a secound and he quickly turns his head to Paul speaking about the rooms upstairs. He turns back to see my eyes and turns his head again to talk to Zayn about who knows.

Was he going to start ignoring me?

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