Second Chances

What happens when everything you know is taken from you? Learn with Anthony and Leah as they face ups and downs as they search for that second chance.....


1. Prologue

The first bars of the song were heard throughout the dancefloor.

Find me here, and speak to me

I want to feel you, I need to hear you

You are the light that's leading me to the place

Where I find peace again

The boy wiped a dark brown curl from his face as he walked up to the long blond haired girl. "Shall I have this dance, my lady?" he grinned. "You shall!" the girl replied, laughing. They moved to the middle of the dancefloor.

You are the strength that keeps me walking

You are the hope that keeps me trusting

You are the life to my soul

You are my purpose

You're everything

"So.... why me Anthony?" she asked as they swayed to the music.

"Well........ I wanted to use your brain for scientific research for the martians so i would - Owww!!"

"Seriously, Ant?! martians?!"

"What?! They're kinda cute! Really though, you can't see why i have gone out with you for the past like year -

"Year and three months!"

"Okay then, year and three months! But the point is Leah Monroe is that you are the most beautiful, amazing, (sometimes REALLY annoying!) girl I have ever met!

"And you Anthony Butler are..... well you!"

You calm the storm and you give me rest

You hold me in your hands

You won't let me fall

You steal my heart and you take my breath away

Would you take me in, take me deeper now

Anthony leaned into Leah. As he was taller than her he had to bend down a bit to reach her face. Their lips touched and there was no one else in the room, just them and the song.

Cause you're all I want, you're all I need

You're everything, everything

You're all I want

You're all I need

You're everything


They only came up for air when they heard their friends, Sam Jackson and Sara Gellar calling their names.

"What?" Anthony sighed, still reeling from the kiss.

"The ball's over dude! That was the last song! Sara and I needed some "us" time so we slipped away, but you were a bit busy, eh?!" he chuckled.

"I actually was the one that reminded him by the way!" Sara exclaimed, winking.

Anthony grinned "Come on then guys, I'll drive!"

They all walked out to the car, Anthony driving, Leah in the passenger seat, Sara behind her and Sam beside Sara. They all were singing to the U2 song "With or Without You"

"Sam, word of advice: X Factor - not for you!" Sara laughed while Sam just rolled his eyes.

"You love me real -" "ANT!!!!!!!!" It all happened very quickly.

All they could see was the front of the car as it collided, causing the car to flip several times. Screaming was the only thing to be heard. Windows were smashing and names were called until there was pure quietness....

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